StellarTerm is an open-source trading client and decentralized exchange (DEX) built on top of the Stellar Network. StellarTerm is developed by Ultra Stellar, the same company that developed the LOBSTR wallet.[2]


StellarTerm is open-source software that signs transactions locally and helps a user publish them on the Stellar Network. The secret key of a user's Stellar account is stored in an encrypted form on the device (inside a browser) and never leaves it. In both the web and desktop versions, the user's secret keys are never sent to any server. StellarTerm also features the full support of Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets.  [1]
With direct access to the StellarTerm decentralized exchange (DEX), users can trade market pairs using StellarTerm's interface.  It is free of charge to create a Stellar account with StellarTerm. Using StellarTerm does not add any additional fees for the end-user as well. The regular Stellar network transaction fees still apply and the fee amount depends on the Stellar network load.[3]
StellarTerm fully supports the multisignature layer of the Stellar protocol, through the integration with a LOBSTR Vault transaction signer app or it also works with other multisig solutions, providing special drawing rights for external signing.[4]
StellarTerm offers a desktop app available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Among the supported assets available for deposit/withdrawal on StellarTerm are fiat (BRL, EURT, SMX, CAD, ARS, etc.) and (, BAT, KIN, LINK, etc.) tokens.
StellarTerm is not an exchange. StellarTerm is only a user interface to Stellar and does not operate the Stellar network. StellarTerm is unable to control the actions of others on the Stellar network. When using StellarTerm, you are directly communicating with the Horizon Stellar API operated by Stellar Development Foundation. Transactions on the Stellar network are irreversible. StellarTerm is not a custodian of your assets. We do not store any tokens, cryptoassets or private keys on your behalf.

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