Uwucrew is a generative collection of 9670 avatars inspired by anime and pop culture, aiming to be both inclusive and expressive. Every uwucrew NFT is completely unique and features up to 9 traits with 120+ assets.[1][2]


uwucrew is a generative collection of 9670 avatars inspired by Anime and Pop culture, aiming to be both inclusive and expressive. Every uwucrew  is completely unique and features up to 9 traits with 140+ assets.

An interesting property of uwucrew is the teams unique asset generation which involves over 25 layers of hand-drawn art! In order to support various kinds of outfits and expressions, the uwucrew collection also supports multiple arm poses (even with sleeved clothes) to let them incorporate several kinds of hand accessories!

uwucrew launched on September 5th 2021 5:30 PM EST at the cost of 0.06 ETH each, featuring a re-imagined minting process which aims to prevent gas wars and make minting a painless and accessible experience.

uwucrew holders are free to do anything with their uwus under a non-exclusive license.[1][3][4]

uwucrew Primary Sale Split

  • Team: 50% of sales will be split among the uwuLabs team
  • Future Development: 27.5% will be used to fund future roadmap development, collaborations, and future drops
  • DAO Treasury: 15% will be used for community grants and any future investments voted on by the community
  • Charity: 7.5% will be donated to a charity voted on by the community
  • Secondary Fees: Secondary fee on  will be set at 2.5% and will be split between the above categories.[5]


  • uwucrew Official Merch Shop for WET
  • Additional Prizes in Waifusion Dungeon
  • Built-in HODL stats for uwucrew NFT s (future rewards for longest holders!)
  • Metaverse[6]

Future Drops

  • Mixed type drops (including airdrops) for Waifusion holders, uwucrew holders, biggest holders, burn
  • Semi-realistic 1/1 Art drops by Laur
  • Generative Art Collection(s) by Kiwi
  • Various Artist Collaborations planned
  • uwuLoot

Team Members

Laur (Artist )

Laur (@fungibleartist) is an amazing female artist behind all of the uwucrew designs and art! She specializes in character concept design and Digital illustration, and plans to drop semi-realistic 1/1 derivatives based on uwucrew at least once a month, along with other personal artwork.

Kiwi (Solidity Dev)

Kiwi is a long time  developer who has been involved in ETH 2.0,  and several other projects. He’s recently taken an interest in collecting and creating generative art and plans on starting his own generative collection to reward our holders.


Defi, shitcoin, NFT enthusiast (gambler) and collector of anime-inspired art.

Doesn't really have a real role but helps out with art, task planning, socials, and shitposting for uwucrew.

Chase (Front End Dev eloper)

Chase is a Front End Web3 dev who has a passion for Defi and NFT s. He developed the original Waifusion Dungeon, the new Waifusion site, and the uwucrew site.

CatInKleins (R&D)

ETH maxi and NFT gambler, he's generally happy to get paid for looking at anime cleavages all day. Cat helps with art, socials and uwuniverse creation.

0xWave (Math-wiz, waifu sommelier )

Software engineer and data wizard pretending to not be as degenerate as your average jpeg collector. Community builder deeply interested in Defi, NFT s, and their intersection.[1][5]

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