Volodymyr Nosov

Volodymyr Nosov is the founder and CEO of , a centralized exchange (CEX) founded in his hometown, Kharkiv, Ukraine. [1]

Early Life

Volodymyr Nosov was raised in challenging circumstances, which fueled his determination to succeed. He embraced a hardworking mindset, stating that he would work up to 20 hours a day, aiming to build an honest and transparent business. [2]

"From the very beginning, I wanted to build a white, clear business. At the start of the cryptocurrency market, the industry was oversaturated with closed, as they say, " shady" affairs."


In November 2018, he founded and has working as the CEO ever since. As the CEO of Whitebit, he has spearheaded the integration of solutions, emphasizing their ability to revolutionize various industries. [3]

Nosov strongly believed in creating and offering a transparent and honest product, using the term "white" to represent purity and avoid any dubious activities. His focus on transparency gained trust among stakeholders and Whitebit was recognized as a reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform. [3]


Throughout his career, Volodymyr Nosov displayed a profound dedication to philanthropy, with a particular focus on supporting Ukraine, his country of origin. He perceives philanthropy as vital for Ukraine's survival, extending beyond the mere social responsibility of businesses. [4]

“helping Ukraine is not just a matter of social responsibility of business, but a matter of survival”

Nosov's philanthropic efforts focus on enhancing Ukraine's welfare through substantial donations across various sectors, including education, healthcare, and social welfare. He particularly prioritizes advancing education by making significant contributions to educational institutions and scholarship programs, aiming to empower the younger generation for progress and innovation. Additionally, he supports healthcare initiatives by contributing to medical facilities, research programs, and infrastructure development, ultimately improving healthcare outcomes for Ukrainian citizens. [4]

"We helped those who needed it the most – people who lost a roof over their heads in one day, those who lost children or parents. It is difficult to remember old people who were left alone and lost their families. We bought the most necessary food and medicine, sent it by passenger trains, and delivered it by bicycles"

“It’s really not just about the systematic donating. Ukraine is being rebuilt and it can be said that it has already become the digital hub of Europe. After the victory, these rates will increase. Understanding how important digital skills are, we are actively involved into crypto-literacy and blockchain educational projects."

Nosov has also stated that WhiteBIT has donated around $11 million to aid Ukraine during the war. [4]

“I think we have transferred about $11 million of our own funds during the full-scale invasion. The aid was provided to volunteers, defenders, and Ukrainians directly.”

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Volodymyr Nosov

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