Nick Sullo (xsullo) popularly known as xsullo, is a veteran digital artist with over 10 (ten) year of experience working with some of the biggest commercial brands and movie studio. He has been experimenting in the crypto art and  (NFT) space, and his vibrant work has been making waves so far across the community.[1][2]  

Xsullo has experience in film, TV, commercials, and video games. His recent projects include Stranger Things on Netflix, Gotham, and the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film.[3] 

Personal Life

Nick Sullo was born and raised in California. He came from a fine art and VFX (Visual effects) background.

Xsullo is a chill, easy-going, soft-spoken guy. At a young age his parents tried to define him as being shy but since then he have always tried to prove them wrong. His favorite book is "The Tribe" by Sebastian Junger.

Early Life

Nick Sullo started out as a fine artist since he was a kid. He was doing illustrations, paintings, printmaking. He started experimenting in digital when he was 12. He normally got his hands on a wacom and a copy of Photoshop that his neighbor had in his music studio.

He enjoys both digital and acrylic painting. Xsullo don’t really have a particular favorite medium.

Xsullo started out using 3D software and 3D kit bash with human figures and objects. He do color, and light the scene, hit render then draw over the image in Manga Studio. If an illustration strikes a deep chord with him, He will then re-create it on canvas with acrylic and spray paint.

Xsullo hope to achieve Satisfaction, but he is never satisfied with his work.


Nick Sullo went to art school at the Academy of Fine Art in San Francisco.


Nick Sullo (xsullo) started his career in visual effects for film. He has been working as a digital artist within the film industry for close to a decade, undertaking jobs in San Francisco, Vancouver BC, Los Angeles, California, & Portland, Oregon.

His aesthetic has been focused on vivid colors and surrealism since he was in high school. It’s only recent that he have been attempting at molding these two together in his illustrations.

In the 90’s, xsullo started experimenting with traditional mediums; oil paints, pen & ink, printmaking, and photography. Then in the early 2000’s, he began gravitating more towards digital work, with a growing passion for film. Since then, he’s been motivated by the future of technology and how it can help push the craft for clients and his personal creative endeavors. [6]

xsullo’s personal artworks explores both issues close to home and those happening in the world at large. He injects these inspirations into a visual aesthetic which combines surrealism with cyberpunk and techno-dystopian signifiers, all rendered with confident lines and fantastically vivid colour palettes.

xsullo utilizes his skills in both traditional and digital domains, often taking digital pieces that resonate with him deeply and bringing them to life in the real world through the use of acrylics and spray paint on canvas.

Within the field of visual effects, he has contributed to projects such as Taboo featuring Tom Hardy, Netflix original Stranger Things, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, San Andreas and Iron Man 3.  [4][5]

“Art plays a major role in my life, it puts food on the table, and pays the bills as well as being very enriching and allowing me to personally grow and progress through my life and help me get past things. Artwork in general, especially when seeing others, helps open up my world to see things differently and it reminds me to be open-minded and to never corner my style or creativity.”

– xsullo

High Art 2019


Adjoin was inspired by growing up in Northern California. Xsullo was surrounded by artist, cannabis growers, and the interest in technology. His neighbor who grew cannabis for a living had a music studio where he gave him access to Photoshop, Autodesk Maya, and a wacom tablet. Since then it sparked his passion for digital art. After his neighbor passed away, he formed xsullo with his wife. Adjoin is dedicated in the memory of his neighbor.

Interview with Allships

During his interview with Allships [7], Xsullos had this to say

I think people are drawn to how art is made, whether it's to spectate or to learn. I think it adds more to the artwork and people appreciate that.

My concepts always start with an image or a word that pops into my head. This could be inspired by what's happening in the world or what's happening internally. Overall, I don't get inspired by individual people, instead, I'm inspired by things that affect either the world or worlds within myself.

When I was younger I got really into MC Escher, Dali, Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira Toriyama, Alex Grey, Jean Giraud. So i see their impact they had on me as a kid influence my style even to this day.

Concerning NFT world, Nick Sullos said:

The NFT community has been supportive of both the artists and collectors. There's a concern of over flooding the market with artists though. I believe the focus will shift more towards gathering more collectors into the space. I would encourage artists to join, though it's getting more difficult to get listed on SuperRare and Nifty because of the ratio of artists to collectors.

But there's been word that more and more collectors are joining the space because of the growing interest. Nowadays artists that are able to join Nifty or SuperRare tend to have a large social media presence, and/or have a selling history with their art.


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Film Credits

Every Breath You Take13 Films / Generalist 3D environments
iSolveSenior VFX Artist
2 HeartsConcept Design / Generalist | CloudVFX
I Still See YouConcept Design / Generalist | CloudVFX
The Haunting of Sharon TateVFX artist
StickmanLead Matte Painter
NeverknockLead Matte Painter
Perfect (2018)Head of VFX | xsullo
ZeroDigital Compositor
Cloudboy (Sweedish)Digital Compositor
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (2017)Sr. Matte Painter/Compositor | CoSA VFX
Un AngeSenior Compositor
Yamasong: March of the HallowsSr Matte Painter/3D Environments/Comp
San AndreasSenior Matte Painter | Atomic Fiction
Amityville: The AwakeningSenior Matte Painter | Scarecrow FX
Brilliant (short)Concept Design | Jordan Freda Company
Mandorla3D Matte Painter | Jordan Freda Company
Beyond the Mask3D Matte Painter / Comp
Winter's Tale3D Environments | The Molecule FX
Iron Man 33D Environments | Digital Domain
Jack the Giant Slayer3D Matte Painter | Digital Domain
Escape from Planet EarthMatte Painter/ Concept Design
Dear ElenaorMatte painter
TouchbackMatte Painter | Spy Post, SF
InsidiousMatte Painter | Spy Post, SF
Amityville: The AwakeningConcept Design | Spy Post, SF
Dust (short)Matte Painter

TV | Commercial

LOVE DEATH + ROBOTSPromo Art | Netflix Marketing
Nike 2018 World Cup
Stranger ThingsSenior Matte Painter Concept art / Comp
JuünaConcept Designer
Haters Back Off! S02Generalist | VFX Cloud
The Ranch
PitchSenior Matte Painter | Comp | CoSA VFX
Untitled Paranormal FilmSenior Matte Painter | Comp | CoSA VFX
Senior Matte Painter | Comp | CoSA VFX
Shut Eyes HuluSenior Compositor | Wicked Liquid
The ThundermansSenior Compositor | Wicked Liquid
School of Rock TV seriesSenior Compositor | Wicked Liquid
Senior Compositor | Wicked Liquid
I am Elizabeth SmartSenior Matte Painter | Senior Compositor
CommercialSenior Matte Painter | Bent Image Lab
CommercialGeneralist | Bent Image Lab
AT&T CommercialGeneralist | Bent Image Lab
CommercialSenior Matte Painter | Brand New School
New England CreamerySenior Matte Painter | PSYOP LA
Crocs AdMatte Painter | Adult Swim
Your Pretty Face is Going to HellMatte Painter | PSYOP LA
Recovery RoadCG Generlist
AdvertisementConcept Design | ScarecrowFX
COSMOS: A Space Time OdysseySenior Matte Painter | MOE
UndsiclosedMatte Painter |
Paradise TV pitchConcept Design | Encore Hollywood
ArrowMatte Painter | Zoic Studio
GMC Sierra Commercial3D Matte Painter | MOE
Ford 2013 F-Series CommercialConcept Design | BrandNewSchool
Under the DomeMatte Painter | Encore Hollywood
Star-CrossedConcept Design | BrandNewSchool
Ford Mustang CommercialMatte Painter
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIMatte Painter / TD | The Mill LA
Target CommercialMatte Painter/Concept Design | A52
Beauty & The Beast (2012)Matte Painter | Encore, Hollywood
TNT AdMatte Painter/Design | Delicate Machine
Switched at BirthMatte Painter / Generalist

VG Cinematics

NBA2K212k Games / Concept art / Environments
Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the ScalpelSenior Matte Painter | Digic Pictures
Xbox One: RecoreSenior Matte Painter /Concept Art | PSYOP LA
Devil May Cry 5Matte Painter / Concept Design |Rhythm & Hues
Star Wars KinectMatte Painter |Rhythm & Hues, LA
Fbale The JourneyMatte Painter | Rhythm & Hues, LA
Skylander: Spyro's AdventureMatte Painter | Panda Panther, NY


Disney's Into the Woods PromoConcept/Set Design |
Project ReelCG Generalist | ScarecrowFX
GMC Ipad AppEnvironment Artist | Mind Over Eye
New York Media InstallationMatte Painter | Alien Kung Fu
Undisclosed ProjectSenior Matte Painter | Mind Over Eye


  • 2019 Reel: A collection of 2 special project worked on between 2016 - 2019 as a Matte Painter & 3D environment artist. Projects include TV series Taboo, Produced by Ridley Scott, starring Tom Hardy, and CGI trailer for Rainbow Six Siege The Hammer and the Scalpel by Ubisoft.
  • Taboo Reel: Is in collaboration with BlueBolt VFX. Xsullo had the pleasure in supplying the matte paintings, 3d environments, and compositing for season 01.
  • 2017 Reel: Is a collection of Compositing, Matte Painting, 3D environments, lighting, modeling and texturing work that he helped with between 2014-2016.


Nick Sullo (xsullo) likes cycling, hiking, and anything that gets him outside.

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