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IQ Monthly News - January 2023


Tue Feb 07 2023

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It’s time for the January edition of IQ Monthly News which covers IQ token news, growth, partnerships, and more. BrainDAO stakes 1000 ETH and IQ Bonds go live on Bond Protocol. Keep reading to stay up-to-date with IQ token progress.

BrainDAO stakes 1000 ETH with Frax Ether

BrainDAO has staked 1000 ETH (~$1.5 million as of writing) through Frax Finance’s liquid staking system Frax Ether. This allows BrainDAO to earn yield on its Ethereum holdings in support of the mission to build a more intelligent future through the $IQ token with dapps like IQ.wiki. The BrainDAO treasury continues to exponentially grow its war chest as it now has over $9 million in total assets as of writing. The IQ token is backed by the BrainDAO treasury and the treasury is fully governed by IQ token stakers. BrainDAO holds a diversified portfolio of IQ tokens, ethereum, stablecoins, blue chip NFTs, and other assets.

IQ.wiki puts out the most in-depth thread on Tetranode

In Chapter 2 of IQ.wiki’s ‘People in Crypto’ series, where we aim to educate people about famous figures in crypto, the team covered Tetranode, a pseudonymous cryptocurrency, DeFi investor, and influencer. The thread was retweeted by Tetranode to his 175,000 followers on Twitter.


IQ Bonds are now live on Bond Protocol

IQ Bonds went live on the Bond Protocol. Bond Protocol launched following the success of Olympus Pro, enabling it to establish a standalone entity. Bond Protocol aims to be a credibly neutral platform, focused on providing Bonds-as-a-service to meet the needs of DeFi with innovative ideas. We decided to migrate from Olympus Pro to Bond Protocol because they are permissionless, composable, and modular. BrainDAO is able to self-serve the creation and launch of the Bond Market.

To get IQ Bonds, IQ holders supply WETH and then bond those on Bond Protocol. In return for giving a discounted price of IQ, the IQ Bonds will distribute IQ to bondholders over a 5-day vesting period. IQ Bonds also allow the IQ protocol to acquire WETH for the BrainDAO treasury.

IQ.wiki is listed on Alchemy

In January, IQ.wiki was listed on the Alchemy platform, which currently powers several leading projects in the crypto space such as CryptoKitties, Aave, and dYdX. Alchemy is a comprehensive web3 development platform that provides developers with a wide range of APIs and tools to create different types of web3 solutions in one place. You can read more about Alchemy on IQ.wiki.

About IQ

The IQ token powers a knowledge ecosystem including applications such as IQ.wiki, the world's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain encyclopedia. The token is governed by BrainDAO which also includes BrainDAO's treasury of digital assets.

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