ALPACADABRAZ is a rare alpaca subspecies that have spent their lives in a previously unknown paradise.[2] Alpacas are without a doubt one of the cutest animals around, and that’s something that everyone can get behind.


The Alpacadabraz collection launched in October 2021 at just 0.069 each, and the floor price is now well over 1.2ETH as of May 2022. The Genesis NFT collection yielded a total of 9,669 Alpacadabraz, which are all available for viewing on .[3]
With over 49,000 users on Discord and 3,621 distinct Alpacadabraz Genesis NFT holders, the Alpacadabraz Genesis NFT Community is thriving today.

The Story

The ALPACADABRAZ family was no longer useful to the wealthy farmers who had abused their power. The gates have been opened, and the ALPACADABRAZ are free to roam without any owners, fearful of wolves and monsters.
The ALPACADABRAZ are currently walking around in terror, unsure of what to do. Let's aid the ALPACADABRAZ before it's too late by deciding how many new safe houses you'd like to offer at the minting date.
The ALPACADABRAZ is a creation of a talented in-house Artist Chuckchee. He is a professional pixelated artist that has worked with series of pixelated NFT projects.


ALPACADABRAZ is putting a lot of money into the Metaverse and going all out. Purchasing a Genesis Alpaca or a 3D Alpaca provides you with valuable exposure to the rapidly expanding Metaverse environment.
Owning both a Genesis and a 3D Alpaca provides you with a long-term utility on our vast , but we also provide real-world utility such as NBA/Champions League tickets.
The 3D ALPACADABRAZ has a drop of 19,969 NFT. Sandbox will be loved by millions of individuals who are looking for a thrilling journey, competitive games, or a chance to win money!

Who Is Behind the Genesis Collection by Alpacadabraz?

A nine-person team of NFT and blockchain veterans created the Alpacadabraz Genesis NFT collection.
Brainy, Apefan, and Kidd0x started the project together, but rapidly added more alpacas to the farm to ensure that the Alpacadabraz Genesis NFT collection was the best it could be - and boy, has it paid off.
A creative master, art gen and coding expert, a UI legend, a lead sandbox developer, a Social media strategist, and a dedicated Asian marketing manager now make up the nine-person team.
These nine NFT heroes collaborated to produce and launch the Alpacadabraz Genesis NFT collection.

Alpacadabraz Genesis Collection Traits

Every NFT set includes a slew of qualities for you to delve into as well as gather. The Alpacadabraz Genesis NFT collection is no exception, and there are some incredible qualities to gather.
Indeed, the Alpacadabraz Genesis NFT line epitomizes edginess, and we adore it! Any given Alpacadabraz Genesis NFT can have up to nine different types of characteristics, each with its own rarity level.
The fewer Alpacadabraz Genesis NFTs with a given trait, the rarer the trait is, making that specific Alpacadabraz more expensive. The traits available are as follows.[1]

Ass Effect9
Body Color43

Notable Sales

On January 31, 2022, ALPACADABRA #9073 sold for 22.69 ETH (~$61,000 as of the time of sale) on OpenSea.[4][5]

On January 30, 2022, ALPACADABRA #926 sold for 15 ETH (~$40,000 as of the time of sale).[8][9]

On February 11, 2022, ALPACADABRA #4440 sold for 15.69 ETH (~$46,000 at the time of sale).[6][7]


  • BRAINY @0xbrainbrain - Chief
  • CHUCKCHEE @chuckch99 - Artist
  • APEFAN @ApefanNFT - Development
  • KIDDO @Kidd0xNFT - Creative Guru
  • HICEN @0xHicen - Art generations & Coding
  • BARCELLA @BarcellaPunk - Chief financial officer & advisor
  • MARK @markdtoth - UI Design & Coding
  • WILLIE @handsomewillie - Head of Asian Marketing & Community Management
  • REZNICK @reznick88 - Head of Sandbox Development
  • ASKEW - Content Writer
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