Amrit Kumar

Amrit Kumar is the Co-Chief Investment Officer at Zilliqa Capital. With an extensive track record in research as both a scholar and a university fellow, he eventually moved on to become the co-founder of Zilliqa. He also serves as the Chairperson of Binarii Labs, and the Chief Operating Officer of Alt Research.[1]


Amrit Kumar started his career as a research intern at Inria, a national research institute for digital science and techonology in France. He worked there for a total of seven months over two summers. He continued his academics in the following years, and worked as a research scholar for the University of Calgary for 4 months in 2016 after obtaining his Ph.D. He then spent around 4 years as a research fellow at the National University of Singapore from 2016 to 2020.[2]

It was during this time as a research fellow that he decided to co-found Zilliqa in Singapore. During his tenure at Zilliqa, which lasted for five years between June 2017 and May 2022, he moved on to become the Co-Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Zilliqa Capital.

As he continues to hold the Co-CIO role at Zilliqa Capital, he also moved on to become the Chairperson of Binarii Labs, and the Chief Operating Officer at Alt Research.[2]

Binarii Labs

Binarii Labs is a expert who creates data security software products. Their products can facilitate a range of , including Zilliqa. They also can work with , , , , , and more.


Their main product, Cyqur, serves to protect patented access credentials. It will be launched in March 2024, and is currently open for presales. Cyqur's patent password protection encrypts, fragments, and distributes the user's data to wherever they want and records provenance to the blockchain for security. It can serve as a tool to prevent money loss due to stole and lost crypto.[4]

"Storage and management of secret data is key to both Web2 and Web3. Moreover, it is just as critical to retail end users as it is to institutional clients that manage billions in assets. Binarii Labs is building a suite of solutions centered around secret data storage and management that range from passwords in the Web2 world to private keys in the exponentially growing space of Web3. These solutions will be critical to securing what is almost USD $2 trillion in Digital Assets held globally, including what is now close to over USD $200 billion in assets locked across decentralized financial applications. Excited to be a part of this ambitious project!" -Amrit Kumar[3]


Zilliqa was launched in 2017 as a high-throughput public blockchain platform designed to scale thousands of transactions per second. Their efforts are focused on streamlining the efficiency, trust, and transparency of . At the time of the ZWAP launch, the Zilliqa blockchain had processed almost 12 million transactions since launching its  in January 2019. It has a global community of over 150,000 users, more than 780,000 wallet holders, and a growing network of over 1000+ developers. Adoption-wise, Zilliqa has an ecosystem of over 80 projects from 20+ countries building on the platform. Corporations use the Zilliqa platform for services like open and decentralized finance, asset securitization, service tokenization, and incentivized marketing.[5]

It is housed under the Zilliqa Group, which also owns and helps grow key products such as MetaMinds, Roll1ng Thund3rz and TokenTraxx, which are all powered by the Zilliqa blockchain.

Regarding Zilliqa's future, Amrit Kumar's plan for the company is to identify key industries that involve high-value transactions. This includes financial services, gaming, advertising, and payments. The company aims to bring blockchain to mainstream audiences within these industries.[6]

At this point in time, the blockchain industry is now at a turning point with more mainstream players looking to implement decentralized solutions. For the most part, we, as an industry, will need to learn to better address that demand strategically. From better technological infrastructures that are designed for long-term enterprise use, to front-end systems that can be easily learned and understood by the average person, there are still many critical steps that need to be achieved to bring blockchain to the masses. - Amrit Kumar[6]

Education & Personal Life

Amrit graduated from Presidency College in 2009 after completing a bachelor's degree in Mathematics. He then went on to get a diploma in Computer Science from École Polytechnique between 2009 and 2013. Amrit did his masters in Cryptography at the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble between 2012 and 2013. He later got his Ph.D. in Computer Science after studying at Université Grenoble Alpes from 2013 to 2016.[2]

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Amrit Kumar


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