Anonymice (launched September 16, 2021) is a 100% on-chain, generative, PFP  that is free to mint. There is no centralization, no cash grab.

Every single mouse is free to mint and the first 2,000 are totally free (just pay the gas to mint.)


The Anonymice had an initial supply of 10,000 mice, but with a major change. The first 2000 mice were free to mint, only the gas fees were to be paid to the network. With no web UI, the users interacted with the smart contract directly.

The remaining 8,000 was where things got really interesting. Each of these mice minted came with the ability to earn the token $CHEETH. This utility token could only be acquired by staking mice into a smart contract. Once staked, users started earning their $CHEETH and had the tools to claim another one of the 8,000 mice.

Through a tiered system, the remaining mice were then able to be claimed by the amount of $CHEETH required for the next tier until sold out.

At another level, holders had the ability to burn their mice in hopes of getting one with rarer traits. Not only did this give users another chance to get a super rare mouse but it also decreased the total supply making the mice more scarce. 

How To Mint A Free Anonymouse Through Smart Contract

  • Click the Contract tab and then the Write Contract button.

  • Click the Connect to Web3 button and connect wallet.

  • Expand the mintMouse function and click the Write button.

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet and the anonymouse will get minted.

How To Claim Anonymice #2000-#9999

The first 2,000 Anonymice are totally free to mint. After that, users have to earn and spend the $CHEETH token to mint the remaining mice.

Users earn $CHEETH by staking their mice (1 CHEETH per staked mouse per day)

Here is the CHEETH cost for all tiers:

#0–1999: Free to mint

#2000–3999: 1 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

#4000–5999: 2 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

#6000–7999: 3 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

#8000-#9999: 4 $CHEETH to mint 1 mouse

How To Stake Your Anonymice To Start Earning $CHEETH

  • Open the Anonymice contract on Etherscan:

  • Open the Contract tab, click the Write Contract button and then click “Connect to Web3”

  • Approve the $CHEETH contract

  • Find the function called “setApprovalForAll”, open it and set these values exactly!

  • operator: 0x5f7BA84c7984Aa5ef329B66E313498F0aEd6d23A

  • approved: true

  • Then click Write. You will have to pay a gas fee for this, the CHEETH contract is now approved.

  • Second, we need to stake our mice into the CHEETH contract. CHEETH Contract:

  • Step 1: Open the CHEETH Contract > Write Contract and connect wallet. Follow the same steps as above.

  • Step 2: Expand the function called stakeByIds.

  • Enter mice IDs into the tokenIds field. You can enter up to 10 different IDs, comma separated.

  • So if you own Anonymice #353 and #1745 you would enter:

  • 353,1745

  • Then click the Write button. 


The Anonymice team created an  Contract token called $CHEETH that is used as a utility token in the project.

$CHEETH Smart Contract:

Currently, the only use for $CHEETH is to mint mice 2k-8k.

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