Artvatars is an project that revolutionizes how collectors buy and collect NFTs.[1] It is created with the collaboration of over sixty of the world's best CryptoArtists, Artvatars represent a rare work of art.[2]

  • Big Idea

The idea is to create unique 1/1 NFTs designed by the best CryptoArtists and then to use AI technology in order to splice the artworks and recompose them to create a unique composition—a one-of-a-kind idea, unique to the industry.[3]


Artvatars are composed of the artwork of each artist, which is spliced into various components. Artvatars bring the next generation of exclusive Digital Art Collectibles to users.[4]

As of September 2022, the NFT project has seen 723 in trading volume on . The collection debuted with 20,000 NFT collectibles with the first 5,000 selling for 0.15 ETH the following 5,000 for 0.3 ETH, the third batch for 0.45 ETH, and the final lot for 0.6 ETH.[9]

The Artvatars project was launched on layer-2 solution in a bid to circumnavigate gas fees and offer users overall better efficiency and value. The project is pretty high profile because of the artists involved. Among them are NFT artists like , Kitty Bast, , and , who have been responsible for millions of dollars in NFT trading combined.[5]

Project Similarity

Artvatars is in many ways similar to the Ethereum project , another character-based art project that combined works of different artists. As of September 2022, there are more than 4,000 wallets holding one or more Hashmasks and during February 2021, some of these Hashmasks sold for more than $1 million.[6]

To buy an Artvatar, collectors need to transfer to the  . The platform has prepared an easy-to-follow guide using .[7][8]

Immortalize On-chain

User Artvatar is forever imprinted on the Polygon blockchain. With the project running on an Ethereum layer-2 solution, Artvatar makes the experience of generating users Artvatar convenient by facilitating a speedy process with zero gas costs. Immortalizing themself is as easy as can be.[10]

The NFTs are tradeable on . Another cool feature is that collectors can be able to search for the individual components that make up the Artvatars by the artist’s name.[11]

Notable Sales

On February 2022, Artvatars #3257 sold for 8 ETH (~$11,000 at the time of sale) on OpenSea.[12][13]

On April 27, 2021, Artvatars #4998 sold for 5.2 ETH (~$7,000 at the time of sale).[14][15]

On September 18, 2021, Artvatars #337 was sold by TheEconomistNFT for 3.5 ETH (~$5,000 at the time of sale) on OpenSea.[16][17]

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