Bee Token

Bee Token is a  utility token for a  peer-to-peer housing exchange platform. The platform, known as <strong>Beenest</strong>, attempts to create a home-sharing economy powered by  .[1][2]

The platform aims to Decentralize Short-Term Housing Rentals and also provide a Blockchain Powered Platform With 0% Commissions, Network Effects, Bank-Level Security, and Immutable Reviews.[9]


The Bee Token was created with the thought of the home-sharing economy in mind. The founding team believed that systems in which assets or services are being shared - such as Airbnb and Uber- are embedded with misaligned incentives that ultimately leave companies' user bases dissatisfied.

They believe there is still more room to solve the problem of high demand for real estate space, a low supply of available options, and high rates charged by landlords and hotels. They also note that, as platforms on centralized servers like Airbnb increase, so does the likelihood of security breaches and scams.[3][10]

Using the Bee Token, Beenest will lower transaction fees more than other online marketplaces and hospitality services like Airbnb. Eliminating fees such as overhead through automation (via employees) and third-party payment processor charges (via credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard) will be reduced from 5-15% to 2-3%.[4]


The $BEE is the that fuels Beenest and provides an ever-growing value to users. It operates on the platform and has a total supply of 500,000,000 $BEE.[7][8]

Team Members

The Bee Token consists of a team from Google, Facebook, Uber, and Civic taking on the mission of decentralized short term housing on the blockchain.

  • Jonathan Chou - Co-founder & CEO, Former Lead @Uber
  • Tony Tran - Co-founder & CTO
  • Jordan Ong - Head of Product
  • Ali Ayyash - Lead Engineer
  • Michael Pak - Technical Project Manager
  • David Peterson - Head of Marketing
  • Coco Liu - Lead Designer
  • Andy Chou - Lead Marketing
  • Rob Peterson - Smart Contract Engineer
  • Kevin Van - Front End Engineer
  • Miao Yu - Smart Contract Engineer
  • Bonnie Qin - Backend Engineer
  • Guocheng Xie - Smart Contract Engineer
  • Bonnie Qin - Backend Engineer
  • George Perez - Designer
  • Toshi Masubuchi - Finance Counsel
  • Sean Moran (Neas) - Marketing[5]



Q3 2017 — pre-ICO

  • Initial Whitepaper
  • Private Alpha Prototype

Q4 2017 — ICO

  • Public Beta Prototype
  • Beta Testing in SF Payment and payout in Bee Tokens
  • Begin Voting and Consensus for Conflict Resolution
  • Inhouse KYC Identity Verification System

Q1 2018

  • Release of MVP
  • Fully Operational in SF
  • Payment options include ETH and BTC
  • State Channel/Side Chain Integration
  • Testnet Integrate Voting and Consensus for Conflict Resolution

Q2 2018

  • Operational in SF, NYC, and LA
  • Payout options include ETH and BTC
  • Fully supporting LTC
  • In the initial iOS/Android Support
  • 10K Operational Swaps on Beenest Platform

Q3-Q4 2018

  • Operational in the top 10 US cities and the UK
  • Payment and payout options include USD and EUR
  • Real-time Decentralized Exchange Integration Alpha
  • State Channel/Side Chain Integration Mainnet


  • Operational in Southeast Asia and major European cities
  • Implement Governance Model for Future Development
  • Real-time Decentralized Exchange Integration for Production


  • Release Protocol for All Sharing Economies as Ethereum's second layer[6]
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Bee Token

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