Bread is a simple and secure  and  wallet. The BRD app connects directly to the cryptocurrency networks it supports. There are no accounts or usernames with the BRD app. Instead, there is a “wallet” where users will store their money[1][2].

BRD designs, develops, and markets financial software. It offers a platform that delivers crypto purchasing, commercial register, credit rating information, management, figures, contact and news, trading, and merchant services.


Bread technology intends to reinvent and revolutionize banking. By building a blockchain-synced, Bitcoin-based wallet, the idea is to decentralize banking and make it accessible to everyone[3][4].

This may sound like Bitcoin’s original goal, but Bread intends to accelerate this vision, and in fact, uses Bitcoin to do this.

The Bread uses the BRD token to accomplish its operations, while the token itself serves multiple other purposes with a blockchain-connected, easy-to-use Bitcoin wallet, Bread makes it easy for users to transition to a truly decentralized banking service. It also provides portfolio management tools to offer a comprehensive banking experience. Purchases made using its BRD token attract loyalty points and rewards, giving customers another lucrative reason to use the Bread wallet app. At the center of the Bread technology is its wallet app - called the Bread wallet

The Bread wallet app works both as banking service app and as a portfolio management tool that also manages user’s loyalty and rewards programs. Since the app is connected to the blockchain, it is in theory, a tamper-proof bank. With its decentralized, blockchain-connected app, Bread hopes to usher in a new way of banking[5].


Few of the team members of BRD are;

  1. Adam Traidman - CEO and Co-Founder
  2. Aaron Voisine - President and Co-Founder
  3. Samuel Sutch - Chief technology officer
  4. James MacWhyte - Chief product officer
  5. Adam Zadikoff - Chief operating officer
  6. Spencer Chen - Chief marketing officer
  7. Aaron Lasher - Chief strategy officer
  8. Brent Traidman - Chief revenue officer

Partnership & Investors

  • Changelly
  • Coinfy
  • Simplex
  • Wyre
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