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CryptoNinja Partners is an collection that consists of 22,222 NFTs with generative profile pictures stored on the blockchain. The NFT serves as a "membership card" that grants access to the benefits generated by NinjaDAO, which is a community consisting of more than 100,000 individuals. The pre-sale mint of the collection began on May 15, 2022 and all of the items were sold out within 80 minutes. [1][2][3]


Initially, the original artwork consisted of four primary characters: Leelee the panda, Mitama the ghost, Narukami the bird, and Orochi the snake. However, a new character named Luna the bunny was introduced at the end of July 2022, and a sixth character called Yama the imp was also introduced. [3]

The purpose of creating CNP was to enhance and solidify the Ninja DAO community. As the primary collection of the community, CryptoNinja has a limited number of NFT releases, with only thirty-three available as of now. In order to make the collection accessible to all investors, the DAO decided to develop a generative collection that was affordable with a mint price of 0.001ETH. [3]


  • LeeLee the panda, is the partner of another character called Xiaolan, a ninja from Koka. Whenever Xiaolan calls upon her, Leelee can transform into a giant panda. Within the CNP, Leelee has taken on 71 distinct forms, and since its release, has gained popularity for its cute and charming appearance. [4]


  • Mitama the ghost, is the partner of Saika’s ninja Seori. Within the CNP, Mitama has the ability to transform into 71 distinct forms. [5]


  • Narukami the hawk, is the partner of the Iga ninja Hayate.Within the CNP, Narukami has the ability to transform into 72 unique forms. Currently, a CNP Manga featuring Narukami as the primary character is under development. [6]


  • The white snake Orochi is the partner of the Fuma ninja Janome. Orochi has the ability to transform into 74 distinct forms within the CNP. [7]


  • Luna is the partner of Oto, a ninja from Koka. She is a rabbit that can transform into 36 unique forms. Luna made its first appearance in CNP rather than CryptoNinja, and its name was chosen by the CNP owners through a voting process. [8]


  • Yama is the partner of the Fuma ninja Ibuki. In CNP, it transforms into 36 forms. Yama was unveiled before his master Ninja Ibuki. [9]

wikiCNP Toys

A new NFT collection was launched under the popular CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) project on LINE's NFT marketplace on January 21, 2023, as announced by its Japan-based distributor Bucket. [11]

The collection, called "CNP Toys," went on sale at noon on February 21, featuring three characters: "LeeLee" the panda, "Mitama" the ghost, and "Orochi" the white snake. The sales period lasted until February 22. [11]

After the sale period was over, items in the new series could be transacted. The second batch was scheduled for release on February 22. [11]


The team behind CryptoNinja Partners is NinjaDAO, which is composed of the following members: [10]

  • Komesuke (Head Designer): Creator and cartoonist - winner of illustration competitions, Elf Masters and Flower Lolita @comes_k_NFT
  • Ikehaya (Lead Marketer): Business and NFT influencer (450k followers). The founder of NinjaDAO and Ikehaya Cryptocurrency Lab(ICL) @IHayato
  • Road (Founder): Entrepreneur and business developer. The founder of web marketing company Bucket Ltd @road_ninjart
  • Syou (Engineer): A Web3 software engineer. Joint Representative of the Pixel Heroes NFT collection @nft_syou
  • CryptoBox (Publicist): Assistant Project Manager. Responsible for PR and media publications @cryptobox_jp


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CryptoNinja Partners

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