Cryptopay (CPAY) is a  wallet, debit card service, and simple bitcoin exchange for UK and EU clients. CPAY is a simple solution for first-time users, offering local payment options and fast settlement[1][3]


Cryptopay service is a kind of Bitcoin wallet that offers the user a wide range of functionality and the ability to operate both  and conventional means. Simple operation and a full set of options make it convenient to use in real life and to work on the cryptocurrency market[4][5].

CPAY is a central entry point to a decentralized world. Cryptopay was founded in late 2013. The company has started operations in February 2014. It allows its users to receive additional income by participating in the bounty program of the project.

To get CPAY tokens, users need to register in the system as a partner and invite new users of the Cryptopay network, for which a reward in the form of tokens will be paid. Also, users can get rewards for the active promotion of Cryptopay on social networks if the result is a user joining the community[2]

CPAY Features

The Cryptopay project offer to its users:

Flex account: Cryptopay provides the opportunity to make buying, selling, and storing Bitcoin tokens in conditions of high security and privacy. In addition, the wallet supports working with a standard currency in euros, pounds sterling, and US dollars.

Cryptopay debit card by MasterCard: work with the Cryptopay card provides an alternative and incredibly convenient way to operate funds. At the same time, the user can both replenish the account and withdraw funds to the card.

Virtual card Cryptopay: this prepaid card is used to work in conditions of virtual time and space. Its convenience lies in the possibility of online payments, replenishment of Bitcoin accounts, making purchases over the Internet. If a user expects to receive a plastic card, the virtual card is instantly created, and they can immediately use it.

Transfers: the Cryptopay service also offers money transfer services worldwide. At the same time, the transaction is carried out instantly, and the Commission for the services of the portal is minimal;

Partnership: b2b-cooperation opens up new horizons and opportunities for users of the service to receive additional income. The service is ready to provide favorable conditions for cooperation, as well as considering proposals for optimizing the .

Prepaid Card: users don’t need to wait for funds to arrive at your bank account. Users’ can also use the card to make purchases both online and offline.

Free deposits and withdrawals: Deposits and withdrawals from Cryptopay are simple, fast, and free. Users can send money from any of the 26 countries within the SEPA zone. With Cryptopay users see money in their account by the next business day, and all for free[6]

Cryptopay Debit Card

The Cryptopay debit card is a full-featured card that can be used for instant replenishment by filling in funds from the Cryptopay PTS account and converting them into euros, us dollars, or pounds sterling. It allows the user to pay wherever they accept standard cards for cashless payments. CRYPTOPAY debit cards come in two kinds: plastic and virtual.

Plastic card Cryptopay is used to perform offline purchases through the POS and to withdraw money from ATMs. Cryptopay cards can be ordered in any of the listed Fiat currencies. The cost of the card is 15 conventional units for each card, respectively. Cryptopay digital card is optimal for making payments via the Internet, as well as for monitoring cash accounts[7]

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