Daniel Lv

Daniel Lv is a software engineer and co-founder of the , a structured to prioritize decentralization and offer minimalism, flexibility, and security. [1]


Lv graduated from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2004. [1]


Lv started his tech career as a software engineer at RED Digital Cinema, a manufacturer of digital cameras and accessories. From 2007 to 2014, he worked as a software engineer for ELC, Factual Inc., and Intridea. In February 2014, he became CTO of Yunbi, a Chinese , and held the position until April 2015, when he co-founded Baoquan, a one-stop service platform for e-data attestation and development, with . In April 2016, Lv co-founded imToken, the first mobile wallet in China, and served as CTO until December 2016. Two years later, he co-founded the with , , , and . [1]


Nervos Keynote

Lv presented the platform's goals and structure in his keynote speech at SmartCon 2021. is designed to address the limitations of earlier like and , particularly focusing on interoperability and scalability. It employs a layered architecture, with Layer 1 ensuring security and decentralization, while enhances speed and flexibility. The platform uses a cell model for smart contracts inspired by model, which improves scalability and security. aims to support developers with familiar programming environments and streamline user interactions across , ultimately fostering a more integrated and user-friendly decentralized ecosystem. [2]

Multi-Chain and Web3

On October 29, 2020, Lv addressed the Conference, focusing on the evolution and future of a decentralized internet facilitated by multiple . He discussed architecture, designed for interoperability, allowing seamless connection of assets across different blockchains without altering protocols. He emphasized the role of the Rust programming language in enhancing security and efficiency, referencing its pivotal contribution during the 2016 DoS attack. He introduced the concept of Interoperability 2.0, which aims to simplify cross-chain operations for users and developers, envisioning a future where interconnected provide broad accessibility and opportunities. [3]

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Daniel Lv

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