David Vorick

David Vorick is an American software developer who is one of the co-founders and former CEO of , a decentralized cloud storage platform that utilizes technology for security.  He later became the CEO of Skynet Labs, a decentralized cloud storage and app hosting platform. [1]

He is the CEO of Glow International, the company developing the Glow protocol that rewards solar tokens with carbon credits. [1]

Education & Early Career

David Vorick pursued a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, graduating in 2014. [1]

After graduation, Vorick worked as a software developer at IBM, a multinational technology company in New York. During his tenure, he was responsible for upgrading the TPF Operating System. However, after nine months, he shifted his focus to blockchain technology. [1]


Nebulous Inc

In 2014, Vorick co-founded Nebulous with . It was a blockchain hardware and software infrastructure builder based in Boston, Massachusetts, for the decentralized internet. Vorick was the CEO and lead developer of Nebulous Inc. Nebulous oversaw two main blockchain projects: , a cloud storage platform, and Obelisk, manufacturing hardware. [1][2]

Later, in 2021, the company was forced to split into Skynet Labs and The Sia Foundation. Vorick became CEO of Skynet Labs, while Champine became head of the Sia Foundation. However, Skynet Labs shut down the following year due to a lack of funding. [3]


In December 2023, Vorick met with a friend who helped him develop the idea for Glow, a crypto-economic system designed to efficiently generate carbon credits through solar farms. Participating solar farms must allocate their gross electricity revenue to the Glow incentive pool to ensure additionality. The system promotes cost-effectiveness by fostering reward competition, mimicking proof-of-work incentives. [4]

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David Vorick

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