DENT is a  that aims to build a global marketplace where everyone gets an opportunity to purchase and sell units of mobile data[1][4]


DENT Wireless was originally established in 2014 as Commando Coder LTD by Tero Katajainen. The blockchain is based in Hong Kong. Much of the “automated market system with built-in risk management functions” that Commando Coder was founded on are woven into the DENT Marketplace. DENT is now the leading telco blockchain project with over 18.7 million users worldwide[5].

  • In the year 2017, more founders, namely, Mikko Linnamäki and Andreas Vollmer, invested in the company and joined Tero to develop and bring DENT marketplace.

  • The DENT team has launched the mobile application for Android in 2018 after the launch of its iOS application in December 2017

DENT blockchain uses the DENT token on its network[2]

  • The coin aims to be a major currency all around the world for mobile data amidst the users and Telcos.
  • DENT also enables the automated buying capability of data packages for users and IoT devices.


DENT Wireless is based on the Ethereum blockchain and DENT tokens can be purchased inside the mobile app via leading  like , ETH, BNB, and PayPal (where available). DENT tokens (once purchased) can be used inside the app to buy credits for making voice calls to over 60+ supported countries. DENT also has an internal exchange where you can trade mobile data packages or the DENT token against BTC, ETH, or BNB[3]


  • Tero Katajainen – CEO & Founder : Tero is originally from Finland and graduated from University of Tampere in Finland with a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. He has co-founded several startups in his twenty year career and was on the cutting edge of developing and implementing “direct mobile operator payment systems to consumer applications”.
  • Mikko Linnamaki – co-Founder: Mikko began founding successful Internet businesses in 1994 and is the co-founder of DOVECOT (the world’s most popular IMAP server).
  • Andreas Vollmer – Co-Founder : Andreas has twelve years of experience developing mobile apps from the early days of Symbian to iOS and Android. He is the co-founder of TDSoftware, which is one of the leading German mobile app development companies.
  • Henrik Erkkonen – CTO: Henrik brings a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering to DENT as well as 10+ years of development and CTO experience.
  • Ramon Greep – Senior Vice President of Operations : Ramon calls The Netherlands his home country and has been working in the mobile industry since 1997. His twenty years of experience have allowed him to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running a successful mobile telecom company.
  • Michael Wirth – Director Payment Systems : Michael was Director of Products and Services at eNett International and has twenty years of experience in transaction projects on a large scale.
  • Ville Sundell – Smartcontract Specialist : Ville is a smart contract developer from Finland who pioneered creating companies on the Ethereum blockchain without human interaction via Etherprises LLC.
  • Mark Xu – Country Manager (Japan & China): Based in Tokyo, Mark is working on business development and collaboration in the Japan and China markets.
  • Minho Kang – Country Manager (Korea): Minho is in charge of the Korean market where one of his current tasks is organizing the beta test for select users. He is also the architect of one of the largest DENT communities worldwide[2]

DENT Mobile Application

  • The DENT mobile app is a very simplified version of the web app
  • It also enables a view of the present portfolio and the DENT balance[6]
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