Devcon Improvement Proposals

Devcon Improvement Proposals (DIPs) is a way for the community to collectively provide input on the content to be included in the upcoming event. [1]

DIPs is an experimental initiative, and the Devcon team holds the authority to approve proposals. It aims to encourage collaboration in the ecosystem among different projects. The Devcon team also issues Requests for Proposals (RFPs), specifying ideas they hope to see realized in the next Devcon edition. [1][2][3]


Examples of proposals include making Devcon carbon neutral, a Crypto-Onboarding Escape Room, hosting Devcon Archive Videos on Swarm via Etherna, Designing a Community Hub at Devcon Bogota, among others. [1][2]

Div 5 - Keycard at Devcon

The first DIP proposed to distribute Keycard based smartcards to Devcon attendees, first published in August 2020. [4]

Div - Devcon Satellites

Devcon Satellites DIP proposed the use of different types of Satellite events. A small one might mean watching recorded talks and chatting over drinks, while a medium event could condense a day's highlights like keynotes and updates. Bigger Satellites might stream mainstage talks, possibly in cities with similar time zones. These events might happen after Devcon, with some being free and others possibly needing tickets to cover costs. [5]

DIP-11: A Crypto-onboarding Escape Room

DIP-11 proposed an escape room experience at Devcon6. The intention was to create a crypto-focused escape room. Teams are required to put up a minimum stake, primarily as collateral for valuable items in the room, which they can regain by solving increasingly difficult puzzles. Optionally, players may choose to add an extra 'boasting' bet based on their performance within the room. If all puzzles are solved, teams could potentially receive a return greater than their initial stake, or contribute additional funds to a suitable charitable cause. [6]

DIP-10: Status as Communication Layer for Devcon

The proposal suggests utilizing Status as the primary communication layer for Devcon, both at the main event and satellite gatherings. By integrating various projects into Status, attendees can access a wide range of functionalities seamlessly. Currently, communication during Ethereum events occurs through centralized platforms like Telegram and WhatsApp, limiting accessibility. With Status, attendees can navigate through different Devcon-related channels, such as local tips, language assistance, restaurant recommendations, side events, and updates on satellite gatherings. This integration aims to enhance attendee experience and foster a more decentralized communication environment during Devcon. [7]

Permissionless Perks Proposal for Devcon VI

The proposal suggests leveraging a permissionless system for Devcon VI and extending "Permissionless Perks" to the wider Devcon community. This initiative enables any project, protocol, organization, or service provider to offer tailored content, products, or offers to over 6000 Devcon attendees, whether through on-chain, off-chain, online, or in-person means. Interested parties can participate at no cost by integrating ticket attestation recognition into their websites and apps using a straightforward integration of an NPM package. [8]

DIP Status Terms

The following are the terms used to describe the DIP status: [3]

  • Draft - a DIP that is undergoing rapid iteration and changes.

  • Accepted - The Devcon(nect) Organisers have Accepted the DIP.

  • Postponed - The DIP won’t be possible for the following edition.

  • Not implemented - The DIP won’t be implemented.

  • Changes Requested - The DIP needs modifications conditional to its validation.

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Devcon Improvement Proposals


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