DexCheck is a platform for analyzing and , utilizing artificial intelligence to offer real-time insights, alerts, and market analysis. [1]


DexCheck uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for its crypto/NFT analytics. Key features include InsightsGPT, an AI model offering intelligent alerts, and upcoming additions such as SmartFolio, an AI-driven portfolio with on-chain insights, and the AI-Arbitrage Scanner for detecting real-time arbitrage opportunities on DEXs. [1]


The CheckBoard is a platform that offers real-time data on cryptocurrencies, DEXs, and NFTs, along with key metrics and trends. It includes the following features: [2]

  • Top Volume Tokens: This section provides information on tokens with the highest trading volume in the last 24 hours, including details about their swaps and most recent transactions.
  • GPTBoard: The GPTBoard functions as an AI Trading assistant, consolidating data from all of DexCheck's free features and presenting it in a manner that translates into actionable and comprehensible insights.
  • Trending Tokens: The page provides details about tokens that have been trending in the past 24 hours. The algorithm identifies these tokens based on searches and purchases, presenting the information in a clear and understandable format.
  • ATH Discovery: This feature on the CheckBoard enables users to identify tokens that have recently reached an all-time high. Additionally, it presents the exact date of the achievement and the subsequent price decrease since the all-time high.
  • Top Gainers & Top Losers: These features provide information on tokens with the most gains and losses during the last 24 hours.
  • New Pairs: This feature enables users to review the tokens that have been recently created.
  • News Aggregator: Through this feature, users can stay informed with real-time cryptocurrency news sourced from numerous portals, available in over 9+ languages.
  • IDO Calendar: This feature collects data from over 10 reputable Launchpads, providing users with alerts about upcoming Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) and their listing dates.

Token Analytics

The Token Analytics & Charts feature provides users with analyses and visualizations of token-specific data, including price history, trading volumes, market capitalization, and circulating supply. Customizable timeframes and chart types are available for users to identify trends and patterns, aiding in making informed investment decisions. The Token Analytics section also offers a contract audit in collaboration with GoPlus+ Labs to enhance user security. [3]

Whales Tracker

The Crypto Whales Tracker facilitates monitoring the activities of influential investors in the cryptocurrency market. By tracking these investors, users can gain insights into their transactions and holdings, potentially identifying trends and opportunities. [4]

The NFT Whales Tracker provides users with information about key participants in the non-fungible token market. Through monitoring their purchases, sales, and collections, users can discern trends, patterns, and notable digital collectibles. [4]

Token Unlocks

The Token Unlocks Dashboard provides users with information about upcoming token unlock events and vesting schedules. [5]

Address Analyzer

The Address Analyzer is a tool that enables users to analyze the Profit and Loss (PnL) of any submitted cryptocurrency address. It provides a breakdown of traded tokens and a trading history for users to assess the performance of the chosen address. [6]

DCK Token

DCK is the native token of DexCheck. DCK offers users various benefits and utilities to encourage them to hold DCK tokens, contribute to token liquidity, and participate in platform governance. [7]

Holding DCK tokens provides access to DexCheck PRO, offering advanced data analytics tools not available to regular users. Users can unlock exclusive features, including the Smart Money Dashboards and InsightsGPT, by staking their tokens. DCK token holders can participate in the platform's governance by voting on proposals related to various aspects such as upgrades, fees, and token burns. [8]

Users can stake DCK tokens to earn rewards, which can be in the form of additional DCK tokens or other digital assets. Staking 100,000 $DCK allows users to qualify for the Oracle Tier and access the Initial Private Sale Offering (IPSO) Launchpad. [8]


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