Early Retired Cats Club NFT

Early Retired Cats Club (ERCC)  is a collection comprising 1,930 cats from the Starry Cat Village. It is owned by the South Korean game developer, . [1][2]



Early Retired Cats Club (ERCCs) launched on January 24, 2024, originated from the popular mobile game "Cats & Soup", boasting over 50 million downloads. With a collection of 1,930 cats from the Starry Cat Village spread across 192 countries, this ERCC PFP (profile picture) project brings these unique NFTs to the . Each cat possesses distinct characteristics, making them stand out even with a separation of over six degrees. [1][2][6]

"A collection of 1,930 travel-ready cats from the Starry Cat Village in the outer reaches of our universe, ERCC has supported their journey to Earth and stationed them in 192 countries plus one special feline kingdom" - the website states[1]



, the South Korean video game developer and publisher, collaborated with the  gaming platform  for this release. The ERCC NFTs are powered by [4], an advanced  gaming platform on the  network. This platform not only supports NFT transactions but also includes features like a  (DEX). [3]

The Early Retired Cultured Cats (E.R.C.C) are in collaboration with the likes of;

The ERCC gives access to the community whereby holders will automatically join the "comeownity of the meows, by the meows, and for the meows". Holders will be given exclusive chances of rewards (WLs, , etc) from all the collaborations, access to worldwide events, hidden missions, and actual usable coupons for the original Web2 Game: Cats & Soup periodically. [5]

The revenue generated from products sold in the  will be stacked up in the Treasury pool. Governance polls will be conducted by the hodlers to decide when distribution will take place. Holders are also informed to expect various presents from ERCC partners. [5]

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Early Retired Cats Club NFT

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