Josh Lee

Josh Lee is the Co-Founder of Osmosis Labs, the team behind a on the . He is also the Co-Founder of the Osmosis Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and development of the Osmosis ecosystem. [1]


Josh Lee graduated from Anderson University in 2015. He started his career in 2014 as a Production Intern at Innovative, a creative marketing agency. [1]

His journey began in 2017 when he served as a blockchain researcher & editor at BlockinPress. As a founding employee, Josh led content strategy, editorial direction, and technical review of articles published by Block in Press. In its first 6 months of going live Block in Press became the ranked #1 in Alexa ranking amongst Korean blockchain media outlets. Alongside content publication, Josh oversaw the video production process of Deconomy 2018 interviews with , Joseph Poon, Roger Ver, and other influential individuals in the industry. [1]

From 2018 to 2019, he worked as a Project Manager at Lunamint[4]. Here, he oversaw the operational aspect of the company starting from company name, branding, design, product ideation, and content marketing. He also oversaw the development cycle of Lunagram, the first wallet built natively into Telegram messenger. In 2019, Josh worked as an Ecosystem Development Analyst at Tendermint[5] conducting an in-depth analysis of the Cosmos ecosystem and forming a cohesive strategy and roadmap. [1]

Josh Lee co-founded Chainapsis[6] in May 2020 and serves as the CEO of the company. Chainapsis is the company building Keplr Wallet, a versatile wallet service for the Cosmos ecosystem blockchain. [7]


was created by Singapore-based , founded in January 2021 by Josh Lee and . Osmosis Labs is the company behind the Osmosis. The leading founders Josh & Sunny both built the  engine technology, which governs the platform. Osmosis Labs is responsible for the protocol’s initial code development. However, a decentralized validator set runs Osmosis. [2][3]

Osmosis (OSMO) is a  and multi-chain (AMM) protocol built for the ecosystem. The platform offers interoperability between  using Inter-blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) and . The Osmosis AMM allows users to create new and unique liquidity pools that are controlled and voted on by participants. Users can natively trade assets from more than 47 different chains within Cosmos. [8]

"For challenges & opportunites within Osmosis in terms of interoperability, we have features like inter-chain accounts and we also have a goal to standardize aspects of the multi-chain interchange ecosystem. I'm also excited about Osmosis' growth and ongoing projects. Initiatives like Quicksilver Liquid Staking and the Axelar bridge to Dogecoin are being made to contribute to the thriving Cosmos community" - Josh Lee in an interview[10]

OSMO Token

OSMO is the native token of the . The OSMO token is a governance token that allows staked token holders to decide the future of the protocol. OSMO is primarily used for voting on protocol upgrades, setting the swap fee for the base network, and allocating the  rewards for . [9]

"As a DPoS blockchain, it is important to have a liquid democracy option for governance decisions. There is a need for individuals with various skills, such as financial engineering or community building, to be involved in decision-making processes." - Josh Lee on Osmosis governance[10]

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Josh Lee

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