Jungle Freaks

Jungle Freaks is a (NFT) collection of 100% hand-drawn freaks by the Hustler magazine cartoonist George Trosley.  [1][9]

The collection was sold out in 5 minutes after the official release.


Jungle Freaks is a collection of 100% hand-drawn freaks on the Ethereum . Every Freak and trait has been 100% hand-drawn in Trosley's studio (with no assistance from artificial intelligence or computers). There are more than 200 traits featured in the collection.[1]

Once sketched, the trait was inked and then colored with markers, color pencils, etc. The physical pieces were then scanned, white space removed, and formatting optimized.  [1]

10,000 Zombies and Gorillas in total were sold at 0.07 ETH. The price did not increase/decrease during the course of the sale to remain fair. There was a whitelist available for early supporters before the main sale.

The collection was released on October 16, 2021, and sold out in 5 minutes.


The Jungle Freaks Ecosystem's token is called $JUNGLE. When staked into the staking contract, the Genesis Jungle Freaks Collection and the JF Legendary Vault assets will generate $JUNGLE. Owning and staking a Genesis Jungle Freaks Collection NFT and/or JF Legendary Vault NFT is now the ONLY method to earn $JUNGLE.
Jungle Freaks Genesis Collection: &
JF Legendary Vault Collection: OpenSea

$JUNGLE Use Cases

Assets from the JF Legendary Vault and the Genesis Jungle Freaks Collection have the potential to generate $JUNGLE, which may be redeemed for assets in the JF ecosystem. Genesis Jungle Freaks are required for any upcoming $JUNGLE mint transactions. Future interactions with the ecosystem can be facilitated by the use of the token $JUNGLE, including but not restricted to:

  • JCB Mint Jungle Freaks Motor Clvb
  • Mint Gen 2
  • Mint JF Vox Models
  • Mint JF 3D Crypto Avatars
  • 2.0 JF Token Dashboard
  • Wearables plus Metaverse Assets
  • serve as a voting token for governance in the JF Social DAO

It's vital to remember that 70% of all $JUNGLE will be used to buy assets, with the remaining 30% going into the DAO vault.

$JUNGLE Staking per NFT

  • Genesis Jungle Freaks Collection: Generates 10 $JUNGLE
  • JF Legendary Vault: Mt. Freakmore will generate 15 $JUNGLE
  • JF Legendary Vault: Creation of The Freak will generate 35 $JUNGLE
  • $JUNGLE staking accumulation deposits are every twenty (24) hours.
  • $JUNGLE accumulates for a period of five (5) years.

$JUNGLE Allocation

<strong>Total Supply</strong>: 295,000,000
The $JUNGLE token allocation is as follows:
<strong>Staking Rewards</strong>: 63%
<strong>Community Rewards</strong>: 20%
<strong>DAO</strong>: 9%
<strong>Team</strong>: 8%


  • 25% sold - 5 NFT giveaway contests were held between 25% and completion.
  • 50% sold - Rare, limited edition pieces began to be airdropped to randomly selected holders.
  • 75% sold - 5 ETH were deposited into the Freak Fund and dispersed to randomly selected Freaks for their valued support in the community.
  • 100% sold - The team began working on a free generative drop for all holders, to be released a few months from the sale end. [1]

Notable Sales

On October 17, 2021, Jungle Freak 9386 with a bloody blindfold sold for 10 ETH ($38,466) on OpenSea. [2] On October 18, 2021, Jungle Freak 7489 with waterfall background and gold robot fur sold for 9.99 ETH ($37,438). [3] The same day, Jungle Freak 5075 with black devil wings and red & white headband sold for 9 ETH ($33,621) on OpenSea. [4]

On October 22, 2021, an NFT collector bought Freaks #6294 (with Diamond Robot Fur and Angel Wings) and 1097 (with Gold Robot Fur and Tie Dye Tank clothing) for 24 and 21 ETH correspondingly.  [7][8]

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Jungle Freaks

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