LemoChain is a decentralized, open source platform for companies of all sizes to monetize and exchange their structured business data.[1][2]


LemoChain is the future data value transfer solution for applications and businesses alike. It is an ecosystem powered by blockchain technology. The Lemo Foundation is aims at integrating blockchain technology into a range of industries, such as: social networks, gaming, education and recruitment.


Lemo aims to create a decentralized data rights and circulation platform; the safe storage, encrypted transmission, and copyright attribution of participant data are crucial to the success of such a platform.

Lemo’s smart contract supports Java, C/C++, Python and a range of other coding languages. All smart contract source code is compiled into bytecode to run in the virtual machine. Lemo's smart contract virtual machine is built on a LLVM (Low Level Virtual machine)- based compiler architecture.

LemoChain is developed on a decentralized blockchain network with a platform capable of supporting tens of millions of active users daily.[3]

LemoChain Token

LemoChain created LEMO token based on Ethereum. LEMO is the digital currency based on the smart contracts and published on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain.

The total published amount is 1.6 billion before “mining”, and will annually publish no more than 25 million. The new Lemo based on the main chain of LemoChain adopts a D-PoVP mining mechanism, on the backbone of LemoChain, with contributions to data, storage space and power, community contributions and more.

The Lemo Token is a vehicle for the transmission of data values. It has the property of quantifying the value of data within the Lemo Ecosystem, but it does not participate in the circulation outside the Lemo Ecosystem in any way.

Lemo Foundation

Lemo Foundation LTD (Lemo Foundation) is a Nonprofit organization registered in Singapore responsible for overseeing the fairness and productivity of the ecosystem.

Lemo Foundation also provide transparent financial management, comprehensive code management, technology research and development, marketing, security research and development management, and help LemoChain commercial promotion.

The Lemo Foundation promote the transition of the entire ecosystem to a fully decentralized and autonomous network. Lemo Foundation LTD cooperate with partners to integrate resources such as government, enterprises,technology, business, and universities, maximize resources sharing, use resources efficiently, and realize social collaborative development.


LemoChain collaborates with Xiao Jingling, the mainstream education management platform in China. In August 2018, XiaoJingling, an online educational application based on LemoChain, was launched to enhance secure and accessible educational resource distribution services for hundreds of educational institutions and nearly one million parents in China.

LemoChain and Chengdu Metropolitan Technology Co., Ltd. reach strategic co-operation. July 2018, business social APP Lemon VCard was published based on the LemoChain, using blockchain technology to solve business transactional trust issues. LemoChain and US social networking company Inspiration Tech LLC form strategic partnership to create a DApp that would be accessible by 6 million users.[4][5]

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