Luke Arliss

Luke Arliss is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of , a fiat-backed  issued by Edgecoin Bank, a UK-based company. [1][2]

Early Life & Experience

Luke Arliss has been in the field since 2013 where he used quantitative trading methods and algorithmic programs to reduce risk and maximize profits & returns within the crypto space. [6]

Luke's early experience involved collaborating with banking institutions in Switzerland, with a particular focus on . In a significant career shift, Luke Arliss departed from the banking sector and joined forces with Chris Johnston and Charles Douglas. Together, they established a black box mechanism and escrow service specifically tailored to the Bitcoin asset since 2019. [6]

Luke has established connections and partnerships with institutional banks, hedge funds, and wealth management companies. He has been recognized for his expertise and dedication throughout his career in the cryptocurrency industry.[6]


is a USD-backed  that serves as the native utility token within the Edgecoin Bank ecosystem. As a stablecoin, Edgecoin represents a progression in digital assets by leveraging the established infrastructure, regulatory oversight, and currency stability of the traditional financial system. [3]

Edgecoin Bank is a  banking platform that emphasizes transparency and security in its payment services. It operates globally, providing assistance to customers in over 120 countries for managing both  and traditional payments.[3]

Luke Arliss described it as “a solution to the problems within the banking system of the prohibitive cost".

"We have literally just scratched the surface, within technology which is well and truly become recognized as one of the most significant technologies of our time just as the internet was some 20 years ago. It will fundamentally change the world as we know it”[4]

On what was the inspiration behind the launch of , Luke stated:

There was a need for a payment system in the educational sector that everyone affiliated with the system cannot only utilize for payments but equally trust in making these payments. Edgecoin was equally introduced to not only benefit the educational institutions but also to reward the average hardworking student in the area of reducing his cost and also providing ways through which these students can earn. This is made possible through the “Earn while you learn” feature that comes as a result of the automatic mining of Gradecoin, a fluctuating token. [4]

Luke Arliss believes that is a better alternative to centralized payments:

The current payment system employed by institutions usually involves a middle man or intermediary such as banks which charge additional rates for processing transactions. Since Edgecoin eliminates the need for an intermediary, the additional cost is therefore eliminated, greatly reducing the cost.

Centralized payments equally have concerns over the security of the payment data. These concerns are, however, eliminated with the use of Edgecoin’s blockchain solution. Transactions done on the blockchain are transparent and cannot be compromised and they are equally kept secure through smart contracts built directly into the platform. [4]


Gradecoin is a  fluctuating coin created as a reward coin for Edgecoin. The Gradecoin tokens are distributed to holders of Edgecoins according to their proportion of holdings in relation to all other holders of Edgecoin. The more Edgecoin one holds the more Gradecoin one will receive as a  reward. [5]

"Gradecoin (GRTC) is a fluctuating token that is automatically mined when you hold Edgecoin. This will allow students and educational institutions to “Earn while you learn”"- Luke Arliss on benefits of Gradecoin.[4]

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Luke Arliss


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