Myoo is the founder of , an  collection of 1,000 randomly generated 2D and 3D avatars of gorillas released in March 2021. [1]


Prior to founding , Myoo was a tattoo artist for around 10 years. He closed down his tattoo shop during the COVID pandemic and began making art for after 1 and a half years of hiatus. [2]

"when I made Kongz at the time, the NFT space looked completely different than it is now. I saw that there was a little gap in something else that can be done and I started making animal pictures just for fun and then it kicked off within a few days" - Myoo, in a fireside chat with the CyberKongz team[2]

Myoo, like his co-founding team members - Lxxy, Seb, Sventar, Coco_Bear, Clumsier, Owl, Metal, Wallace, and Inverted is anonymous and does not have a social media presence. However, when asked how present the founders are on Discord, Wallace the head of marketing for Cyberkongz responded:

“The founders are extremely active within Discord and very approachable... They are hanging out with the community often and helping in many different ways. They feel the community and like to chat with other Kongz in their free time" - Head of CyberKongz Marketing, Wallace[3]


 is an  collection of 1,000 profile pictures randomly generated 2D and 3D avatars of gorillas and it was launched in March 2021. The CyberKongz ecosystem is categorized into 4 NFT types: Genesis CyberKongz[1], Baby Kongz[5], CyberKongz VX[6], and CyberKongz - Play & Kollect[4]

“CyberKongz are gamified collectibles with utility, they are intended to be avatars for both the two-dimensional space as well as playable avatars on platforms such as The Sandbox.” - the project notes on its website

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