Myro is a project named after the dog of , who is a co-founder of . It is a community-driven project that focuses on the popular theme of dog-based narratives in . [1][2][3]


Myro was launched in December 2023 and listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges shortly after its launch. Positioned as a community-driven project and a memecoin on the , Myro seeks to make cryptocurrency accessible and enjoyable for a broad audience. Myro is characterized by a revolutionary spirit, emphasizing simplicity, security, and accessibility, going beyond the traditional concept of and positioning itself as a movement with the potential for positive global impact. [1][4]

"With Myro, we have created a revolutionary digital currency that is designed for simplicity, security, and accessibility. Our goal is to provide a seamless crypto experience for everyone. Whether you are an experienced trader or a curious beginner, Myro is here to meet your needs and assist you in exploring the world of digital currencies." - the website stated[1]


$MYRO, despite being a memecoin, aims to strike a balance between entertainment and utility by creating practical products, tools, and services for ecosystem investors. These utilities, forming the basis of MYRONOMICS, offer avenues for $MYRO to generate passive revenue. [7]

In response to a notable gap in the Solana ecosystem, particularly on the widely-used social app Telegram, "MYRONOMICS" was introduced. Addressing the need for features such as the "BuyBot" and an accessible "Trending" sector, MYRONOMICS introduces the "MyroBot." [7]

The "MyroBot" serves as Solana's first comprehensive and public BuyBot, available to any Solana-native project on Telegram[6]. By utilizing the BuyBot, users can explore cross-pollination and partnership opportunities while gaining access to "MYRO Trending," a channel spotlighting the hottest Solana projects. As the bot gains widespread adoption, the team plans to introduce a small fee for projects to pay for trending, with the possibility of attaining it for free based on meeting specific criteria. [7]

The generated revenue from these activities is collected in the Myro Treasury, known as the "Treat Jar." This utility aids buyers in checking the prices of trending coins, identifying new investment opportunities, and gaining exposure to well-performing Solana projects. Ultimately, these utilities contribute to the ongoing improvement and growth of the ecosystem. [5][7]

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