Node AI is a platform that provides access to GPU and AI resources. Node AI harnesses the power of technology to create a transparent and secure ecosystem. Users can effortlessly rent AI nodes, leverage GPU power, stake tokens for revenue, and seamlessly integrate AI functionalities into their operations.[1][2][3]


NodeAI is a platform that develops decentralized computing solutions that leverage the power of technology. Launched in 2023, Node AI's decentralized approach opens up many opportunities for individuals and businesses. AI developers, researchers, and companies can utilize the platform's immediate access to robust processing resources to address complex tasks. This results in efficient training of sophisticated machine learning models, exploration of state-of-the-art AI algorithms, and expedited research and development processes.[4]

The artistic domain also benefits from Node AI. Content creators can utilize the platform's AI-driven tools for tasks like video editing, animation rendering, and image processing, all supported by the extensive processing capabilities that are easily accessible on the platform. Scientific computations and simulations are also prominent, empowering researchers to conduct intricate simulations and analyze vast datasets across various domains, from life sciences to engineering and big data analysis.[4]

The Node AI team, comprised of individuals with rich backgrounds in tech, finance, and AI research, who left prominent roles to spearhead this decentralized platform for GPU lending, fueled by a shared vision for innovation, accessibility, and efficiency within AI computational resources.[5]

The CEO speaking in an interview said:

With Node AI, you're not just part of a platform; you're part of a movement. We are revolutionizing the landscape of GPU lending, and we invite everyone to join us on this exhilarating journey.[5]


Revenue Sharing

Users can participate in the earnings generated within the Node AI ecosystem by staking $GPU, the platform's dedicated token. This feature promotes active engagement and investment, offering users rewards for their involvement.[6]

AI Nodes Rental

Node AI caters to individuals and businesses by providing the option to rent AI servers with high-caliber GPU capabilities on a transparent monthly fee basis. This service expands access to AI resources, ensuring availability tailored to users' needs.[6]

GPU Power Lending

Node AI offers GPU hardware owners the opportunity to lend their unused resources, earning $GPU tokens based on usage. This concept transforms dormant assets into a means of generating passive income.[6]

On-Demand Nodes

To meet the requirements of users with sporadic or one-time AI processing needs, Node AI offers on-demand AI servers available on an hourly basis, optimizing resource utilization effectively.[6]

AI API Endpoints

Node AI offers a comprehensive range of API endpoints designed specifically for various AI applications like image and video processing. These endpoints are developed for seamless integration, simplifying the incorporation of AI functionalities across different systems.[6]

Staking for ETH Rewards

In addition to earning $GPU tokens, users can stake their assets and receive rewards in , offering an extra avenue for financial gains.[6]

Use Cases

  • AI Model Training and Development
  • Graphics Rendering and Animation
  • Scientific Research and Simulation
  • Gaming and Virtual Reality
  • Financial Modeling and Analysis
  • Healthcare and Medical Imaging
  • Edge Computing and IoT
  • Content Creation and Media[7]

$GPU Token

The GPU token serves as the native token within the ecosystem, fulfilling diverse roles such as enabling transactions, encouraging engagement, and enhancing the overall vitality of the Node AI ecosystem.[8]

GPU tokens play a crucial role as the primary currency for availing a range of resources within Node AI. Whether as an AI developer in search of processing power for rent or a GPU owner aiming to leverage their unused hardware for profit, GPU tokens serve as the essential mechanism for accessing these capabilities. Users utilize GPU tokens for:

  • Rent AI nodes (monthly subscriptions)
  • Access on-demand processing power (hourly)[8]


There is a fixed total supply of 100 million GPU tokens. The majority (90%) of the tokens were earmarked for liquidity purposes to ensure seamless trading and price stability for $GPU on exchanges. The remaining 10% was designated for distribution on , making the token more easily accessible to a broader audience.[9]

It is essential to highlight that Node AI did not allocate any tokens for the team. Instead, the team operates based on actual revenue generated by the platform, showcasing a dedication to long-term project success. A 4% tax is applied to both the purchase and sale transactions of GPU tokens, with the breakdown as follows: GPU expansion & maintenance (2%), marketing (1%), and revenue sharing pool (1%).[9]


Phase 1: Foundation and Community Building​

  • Launch NodeAI Website &
  • $GPU Fair Launch
  • Stake to Earn Rewards
  • Build & Grow Community
  • Referral Program

Phase 2: Expansion and Partnerships​

  • Rent GPU Nodes
  • Lend GPU Nodes for Passive Income
  • Launch Enterprise Nodes
  • Expanding GPU Network
  • Strategic Partnerships

Phase 3: Scaling and Innovation​

  • Deep Learning Benchmark for Nodes
  • Blockchain Nodes
  • Scalable AI Endpoints
  • 7 Fig Revenue Target
  • GPU Aggregators[10]
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