Primal Cypher

Primal Cypher is a gifted  artist, designer, oil painter, writer and consultant with a distinct and individual design. His animated, comic-like bits of futuristic characters painted with neon-heavy color choices are available on sites like SuperRare, , and MakersPlace. [1]


In Innsbruck and Vienna, PR1MAL CYPHER studied Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychoanalysis, and Poetry.[2]

Primal Cypher name; Origin and Significance

In response to a question about the origins of his name, the artist said that the name PRIMAL CYPHER was born out of necessity when he wanted to enter the CryptoArt scene. He was quickly taken with the tone. In terms of its significance, Cypher found two fundamental components during the course of his research. As he comes from the Visionary Art scene, philosophy, and the concept of the larger picture are very important to him. PRIMAL CYPHER stands for the "primal" term or "primordial light"; the eternal cipher and the development of life on the one side. [3]

On the other hand, he has always had a strong interest in cultural criticism and thoughts on man and the oppressive institutions he has developed. Strength, manipulation, sovereignty and human rights, democracy, and the fight for a freer and healthier world are all topics that he considers important. PRIMAL CYPHER is a term used to describe rebel groups and organizations that advocate for the welfare of the people through their politics. He has also expressed his admiration for the Cypherpunks or Anonymous, which is evident in some of his works. Being action-oriented would be essential in the future. [4]


He started out in his artistic endeavors with works mostly in the realm of oil painting. He reinvented himself at the beginning of 2020, forcing himself into the digital world, especially the Crypto Art and scene, where he rapidly flourished and acquired wider recognition. The PR1MAL CYPHER was developed.[5]

His work is heavily influenced by Vaporwave and Outrun art, as CYBERPUNK has been his obsession since he was a child.He sees more than just a graceful aesthetic in it.  Cyberpunk is even more – it's a link between the present and its technological advances and goals, as well as various scenarios of humanity's future, which will be heavily affected by technology. Cyberpunk, he believes, is a melting pot with a variety of socially important subjects. Cyberpunk is socially critical, political, and rebellious. His works specifically embody and are crucially important references to the Cypherpunk, Anonymous, and  movements.[6][7]

Involvement with the Crypto-space

Cypher's friendship with the universe began in 2017, when he purchased his first coins just before the major run. It was obvious to him right away that Bitcoin (BTC) has a bright future ahead of it, and that its core philosophy reflects a significant breakthrough that has the potential to upend old corrupt regimes. However, he was also interested in Ethereum (ETH) as a potential addition.[8]

There weren't many ventures that persuaded him as he went down the "rabbit hole" of the  universe, but a few of them piqued his interest. [9]

The artist claims to have been deeply involved in  ventures, especially in the areas of marketing and media, much of which took place before the present time and under various pseudonyms. [10]

Primal Cypher on NFT

Primal Cyphers artworks convey a multifaceted area that encompasses benevolent social criticism as well as epistemological, psychoanalytical,metaphysical, and theological approaches at a time where the borders of art appear to be blurring more and more.[11]  He incorporates emerging developments into his work after being inspired by new methods of communicating art. "The desire for the inner self," "the pleasure of the artistic process," and the unspoken responsibility of human society's view not to stop at the obvious" are at the core of his work. [12]

The symbolism, theme, and mantras of Primal Cyphers encapsulate the cryptoculture. Economic inequality, elitism, and oppressive institutions are all topics that appear often in his writing. As people become more mindful of their past and what they have been led to believe, centralized authority is under pressure. Crypto-art is one way to articulate this consciousness, and Primal Cyphers' work brilliantly captures the movement. An incredible, insightful artist whose talent will be remembered for generations. [13]

Choose your pill, Primal's First artwork published on SuperRare

Choose Your Pill was created with the intention of being used as a poster. The animation is kept deliberately simple and includes certain parallels to his work that are really significant to me. He wanted to include the crucial scene between Morpheus and Neo, as well as the pill option, because he is a major fan of the cyberpunk genre, especially the Matrix trilogy. Morpheus, the god of visions, wore a Guy Fawkes mask and attempted to awaken the counterpart from the illusion of the patriarchal financial system as an unknown leader of the Cypherpunk revolution. His red pill: Bitcoin (BTC), and with it, a measure of autonomy. [14]

Other Works

Some of his other works are briefly spoken about in the session below;

The Great Satoshi (unique Satoshi Tribute Edition)

THE GREAT DESIRE was released as a programmable art piece on ASYNCart, and an animated series was also in the works.[16]  The first one-of-a-kind item was given away at the auction. This is the Satoshi Tribute Edition, which is one-of-a-kind. On Medium, you can read more about this piece[15]

The Great Desire is a tribute to the entire blockchain scene, with all of its metaphors and memes, with Bitcoin and Satoshi as avant-garde features in the foreground, as well as Vitalik Buterin, the inventor of the Ethereum . “The Great Need” depicts a mass movement in which “the hope for liberation and independence” and “the need to become wealthy and financially independent” are keeping each other in check and are in sight, in remembrance of the great mania of the ICO bubble of 2017 and with a glimpse into the future to future highs yet to come. Herein lies, and always lies, pleasure and unhappiness, for one person's benefit is another's loss.

And if this work contains a little wit and humour, it is also meant to draw attention to some sensitive topics, which, in addition to the positive aspects of technology, still examines the negative aspects. Despite the fact that the digital transition has increased people's confidence, anonymity, protection against coercion, and even decentralization, it has also posed a challenge that can be viewed as another factor in the base for a future "1984."

To be profitable, speculative transactions are needed. The aim of cryptonauts is to travel to the moon and beyond. However, the mentioned possibility of a "brave new future" will easily bring people back to earth. In the year 2020, and in light of the global pandemic scare, a cashless world, which has been a long-held aspiration of some interest groups, seems to be within control. The individual, the user, and the voter on the ; digital identification procedures; “certified” identity. And what point will the general public be exposed? To what point would there be a sense of lack of privacy, given that there used to be a chance of regaining it? (Minimization of trust)

There is light brings about shadows, but it is unclear how far the shadow can rise over the people. One thing is certain: dreams must be carefully directed because they will come true, but not necessarily in the manner that people have hoped.

But we must put an end to these dystopian visions and avoid looking into the future. And this is just a portion of the project. It's still about passion, the pleasure of being artistic, culture, and what people can achieve together if they have the same fundamental interests.

Silver NFT coins

In June 2021, Primal collaborated with Crypto Imperator to release NFT pure Silver coins. They created only 200 pieces and it represented NFTcoin and CryptoArt in a physical form. These coins were auctioned on bitcointalk forum with a starting bid of 0.01 BTC.[21][22]

Encode Graphics

He is founder of Encode Graphics, a web3 company that publishes comics about depths of cryptocurrencies and cryptoArt, It is committed to consistency and sustainability, conveying the myths of the crypto world and the metaverse in the story form and various artistic illustrations. Encode Graphics launched in April 2021.[18][19][20]

COVID the end ? A Whisper of Death (Creators: José Delbo and PRIMAL CYPHER)


For many years, it has seemed as though there is a crackling in the breeze, a sense that something is going to happen that will enrage the global community. 2020 and the Coronavirus appears to be the end of this operation. The world community's perspective has shifted. The finiteness and fragility of human life have become much more apparent as a result of multiple crises, especially the danger of a pandemic. DEATH - as the catalyst for a variety of events that have profoundly moved and set the human race in motion.

Human independence has been restricted, whether as a result of social exclusion and mobility limitations, or as a result of increased monitoring and surveillance. All indications suggest that this ban would be enforced in a variety of ways, ostensibly for the sake of defense. Many citizens would reject this and they will not embrace the dishonest side of this manufactured defense in an insecure world. They value freedom too highly and human life, like love, can only be fully lived in freedom (even if it bows to necessity). What will be considered in exchange for this?

THE LIVING ARE ADMONISHED BY DEATH. Death has an eye on what's going on. Death does not often strike without warning; it is often invoked by man himself, and he has followers who gladly call him back to life. The lovers are disgusted when they hear a WHISPER OF DEATH in the sky. [17]

Rest in Power

REST IN POWER is the first piece in the "Riot Days Series," which was inspired by George Floyd's tragic death and its aftermath.

The piece of art shows the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American from Minneapolis. The reason is a cruel and aggressive detention by a police officer who refused to stop kneeling on the accused man's neck after repeated pleas from him and indications that he couldn't breathe. Within a brief period of time, George Floyd loses consciousness and dies as a result of the apparent police brutality. Passers-by record the unfolding events, which then go viral on the internet.

The Internet, as a space that links people all around the world and the openness that comes with it, demonstrates to people in an unfiltered manner in a video that inequality and police brutality remain volatile problems in society. The ramifications will be felt too. People demonstrate their support and rally, taking to the streets to demand justice for Floyd, because the police can never be free.

Censored President

CENSORED PR3SIDENT is the third installment of the "Riot Days Series," which was inspired by George Floyd's tragic death and its ramifications. The series views itself as a testament to the modern past, and hence to the enthralling start of the twenty-first century. RIOT DAYS - fragmentary retrospectives and memories is a SuperRare Editorial post that takes a closer glance at some of the incidents and viewpoints. Aside from this 9/9 variant version, an exclusive original 1/1 edition was also released.

This project focuses on a President of the United States who, based on his short Twitter tweets, seems to be “close” to the people. Donald Trump adores Twitter; it's where he blasts his trumpet and continues to astound the world with his remarks. It is his primary means of contact. However, Twitter now tags a tweet from Trump with a note, indicating that this affection is not reciprocal. The explanation is that brutality is glorified. An affront and censorship in Trump's eyes.

The irony is that Trump has threatened the American people with military action if they rob and refuse to stop firing. His language is degrading, threatening, and abrasive.There is no question of censorship because Twitter made the tweet public and just added a warning to alert people to the rhetoric listed.


THE HERMIT is a testament to the alienation that can overtake humans (artists) as they spend time in the digital realm, even though they are distracted or conversing with others. It is plain and vibrant how he longs for a genuine experience, a simple and urgent communication that touches his innermost depths.

Cryptoart Galleries

His cryptoart galleries can be found in the below outlined websites;

Website nameWeb Link

Excerpt from a Primal Cypher interview by Crypto_Northerner

What do you do other than NFTs, digital art? Is your life mostly involved around art circles?

Art definitely takes a big place in my life. Due to a firm commitment to some projects, my current focus is mainly on digital art and writing texts, but I have been drawn back to oil painting for a few weeks now. I have not yet taken this path, as I have to prepare some things for the projects for 2021, but it should only be a few more weeks until I am sitting in front of the easel again and increasingly associate analog art with digital art.

Apart from that I’m taking time for myself, sports, yoga, reading, nature and friends and family.

Your art work has elements of revolution or against the current system – the riot days artwork, Bitcoin, the Molotov cocktails and the justice for Floyd – could you speak to these themes and what they mean to you?

Basically, this theme is by far the most important one for me, even if it is not expressed in all works. For me, art means the opening of spaces for reflection on certain issues as well as the current zeitgeist with all its phenomena – the behavior of people and especially the grievances of our global society. Already during my studies I have intensively dealt with these topics. I am thinking of Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward L. Bernays, who systematized the manipulation of the masses by means of third independent parties and the so-called expertise and drove it to perfection. But also writings by Erich Fromm such as “To Have or to Be?”, Huxley “Brave New World” and Orwell’s “1984” have influenced me a lot. There are some other authors to mention…

In essence, I find it exciting how the masses and the individual are subtly indoctrinated through media and propaganda to exercise a certain form of power and control that determines consumer behavior, drives the economy and actually influences all our thinking, acting, feeling and will, in favor of a ruling elite that decisively controls the financial world.

Let me be understood correctly; I have nothing against hierarchical systems, because in my humble opinion the whole universe is built up in a certain hierarchy, but it makes me sad to see to what extent in our systems human dignity is undermined, freedom is restricted, our environment is treated carelessly and the gap between rich and poor is getting wider and wider. My scale of values is simply different from that which is imminent in many systems.

Much could be said here about technology, and in general about the psychological mechanisms in relation to advertising, politics and the media. However, it would go beyond the scope of this article to go into all this in detail.

A revolution? Yes, a revolution would really be a necessity to bring people more into a consciousness where they are looking for long-term happiness; for inner fulfillment and the essential things… but this revolution will never be an “outer” revolution, but must take place within. It would have to start especially with a critical examination of our own consumer behavior and of course with a questioning of our values in general.

But the human being does not tick like that in the masses and prefers to go the way of an external revolution in scenarios of obvious injustice or in his need, which we had to experience again in the uprisings in 2020. I do not want to condemn this at all. On the contrary, I have the fullest understanding for it, because the experienced powerlessness and the perception of an asymmetrical balance of power wanted to make people act. With my works I wanted to capture this and share it visually.

What is your favorite artwork – a 1/1 or Edition series, and why?

It’s really difficult to decide on a single image… it’s actually impossible, but one of my favorites is for sure: “Architecture of Oppression I.” – The title is based on a mention of Edward Snowden and visualizes the above mentioned theme of indoctrination and manipulation in a way that I still particularly like.

Are you looking at collabs with any other artists? Who stands out as an artist who could complement your style?

At the moment this is a bit difficult because I am preparing two bigger projects, but there are already some artists I would like to work with. Comics have always been something that attracted me, so I want to continue working with Jose Delbo. It’s uncomplicated, his reliability makes it easy to work with him and on the whole it’s a pleasure!When it comes to oil painting, I would really like to be able to do something with Trevor Jones and also VESA, because they make a very important contribution to the scene and through their work they bring out the relevance of physical works. Personally, I still find the physical component particularly important, despite all the innovations in the digital field and the possibilities of the .

In terms of the cyberpunk genre and also in terms of puzzles, I would really like to do something with Marguerite de Courcelle (aka coin_artist). Hopefully the time will come soon.

In general, it would be important to me to create works in the sense of the above mentioned themes and to produce more works that have to do with the ideology of Bitcoin, Crypto-Anarchy and the Cypherpunks in general, but also with the themes of revolution, manipulation, indoctrination and social criticism. Of course I immediately think of Josephine Bellini, with whom I share some thoughts on real “CryptoArt” and in whom I also see a fighter for a more just society. I have great respect for her and would be happy if this would happen in the future. The same goes for Lucho Poletti when it comes to Bitcoin and the financial systems.

What’s your thoughts on programmable, layered art and are you considering any large pieces that are structured this way?

Besides two collaborations I published my solo work “The Great Desire” on ASYNC in August. The remaining animated versions will be released very soon on SuperRare. Async Art and in general the possibility of programmable art with exchangeable layers immediately excited me. I see it as a small art revolution that has arisen from the possibilities of . However, nothing concrete is planned for the near future.

Could you share a bit about yourself, your upbringing, where you grew up and where you have now found yourself?

I don’t want to say much about it, because most of it is not relevant for others. I grew up in Austria and studied philosophy, linguistics, psychoanalysis and art in Innsbruck and Vienna. I am a child of the 80’s, who witnessed the rise of the mechanized society through computers and the internet. I am me and I try to live in the moment. Fame, power and all the hedonistic pleasures are not important to me… I want to grow inwardly and leave this journey in this 3D world with a fulfilled consciousness.


In his leisure time, the art Virtuoso doesn't have interest in sports which involve competition or measuring strength. He regularly engages in strength training and yoga for himself.Other than that he enjoys traveling, and has plans to visit the United States with all its national parks. Since he will exhibit at the Bitcoin CON 2021 ,he would also like to go to LA. Apart from that, there are an incredible number of places on this planet that he claims are worth visiting ( Italy, Greece, the North of India).

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Primal Cypher


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