Pyxis Wallet

Pyxis Wallet is a chain-agnostic, multi-layer solution that reimagines the to prioritize simplicity, intelligence, and security. PyxelChain, a and integration-focused company, is developing the Pyxis Wallet. [1]


Pyxis Wallet is a solution that offers security, simplicity, and flexibility. It supports multiple and tokens, allowing users to manage their digital assets efficiently. Notable features include capabilities and compatibility with legacy smart contracts. Pyxis Wallet also introduces Human Readable Smart Contracts, enabling users to create dynamic and verifiable documents directly on the . The wallet prioritizes security with customizable levels of wallet security and supports Airgapped Hardware Wallets for enhanced protection. Additionally, it includes a multisend capability, enabling users to send cryptocurrency to multiple recipients simultaneously. Pyxis Wallet aims to provide users with a user-friendly and secure platform for managing their assets and interacting with networks. [1] wiki


Human-Readable Smart Contracts

Pyxis Human Readable Smart Contracts offer versatility for various applications, from basic agreements to intricate financial instruments. They provide a user-friendly way to utilize smart contracts without requiring an in-depth understanding of complex terms commonly used in transaction communication. The empowers users to generate dynamic, verifiable documents using Human-Readable Smart Contracts. These contracts can adapt and develop like written agreements. Users can create legally binding documents like wills, trusts, and loans securely stored on the . [1]

Security Bridge

The Security Bridge (patent pending) and the Multi-signature Security Suite enable distributed security in the Web2 landscape. Posting on social media could pose security risks. This technology functions on any EVM network, adjusting security measures and smart contract decisions as needed. [1][2][3]

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Pyxis Wallet

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