Ragnarok Meta NFT

Ragnarok Meta NFT is an -based collection of 7,777 Ronin Zero that will act as the holders' PFP and identity in the Ragnarok metaverse. Each Ronin NFT comes with a range of accessories including weapons, X-ray glasses, VR headsets, and others.[1][2][3]

Ragnarok Meta has attracted high volume, with over 13.6k ETH ($57.4 million) in secondary trade and an OpenSea floor price of 2.8 ETH as of the time of this writing.


The Ragnarok Meta NFTs- Ronin Zero will grant holders access to the Ragnarok metaverse, which is a browser-based, Web 3 Multiplayer Online role-playing game.

On April 27, 2022, the Genesis collection of the Ronin Zero NFTs was released. However, not all Ronin NFTs are created equal; some have rarer qualities than others. Some features are just cosmetic, such as a cool flex for holders' PFP, while others provide additional in-game utility.

Ragnarok Meta includes a vast and experienced NFT team of 27 people who worked to create the NFT project and game, led by Fanfaron, a three-time startup founder and crypto enthusiast since 2016.
Speaking on the Ronin Zero NFTs, the team said:

We wanted to take the humble PFP further. In the Ragnarök metaverse, your profile picture is no mere static digital image, it’s an animated playable in-game character, which one day you’ll even be able to take into all the other metaverses. It will have abilities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, accessories, friends. Our hope is that it will represent you in a much more holistic sense.

Minting Phases

On April 27, 2022, the Genesis collection of 7,777 Ronin Zero NFTs began minting. 4,500 Ronin were created for Community sale, 2,500 Ronin for Pixels, 500 Ronin reserved for Pills, and 277 Ronin were held by Ragnarok to be used for airdrops, team, and marketing.

Community Sale (Phase 1)

On April 27, 2022, the public sale took place via a Dutch auction for 4,500 Ronin NFT. When the auction began, the price decreased by 5% every 20 minutes until it sold out.

Pixel Sale (Phase II)

On April 28, 2022, at 7 pm CET, the pixel sale took place. 2,500 Ronin NFTs were available for mint for 48 hours. Only one NFT was allowed per wallet.

Pill Sale (Phase III)

On April 29, 2022, the pill sale commenced. Only 500 Ronin were available for mint which sold out.

Public Sale (Phase IV)

On May 2, 2022, at 7 pm CET, the public sale of 58 Ronin NFTs took place at a mint price of 0.77 ETH which sold out in under 2 minutes.

Ronin Zero (Lore)

Nobody knows the true nature of the beginning, how it all started. It is a tale lost to time. What we do know is that there were some who escaped capture, who avoided a life of servitude and digital incarceration. These brave warriors possessed the strength to fight back against the Pixels, the skill and cunning to elude the evil forces that had put a blight on humanity. These are the heroes known as the Ronin Zero

NFTs Elements

Ronin Zero NFTs' genetic mix is made up of guys, girls, apes, punks, and cyborgs.

Ronin typesNumberPercentage

The Ronin Zero will be the only generation of Ronin who have:

  • Unlimited Breeding.

  • The cheapest generation rate for getting your new Ronin babies.

  • The lowest Synchronium recharge times, for the fastest Ronin production in the metaverse (Synchronium is the special Pixel power).


Each Ronin Zero NFT type has a number of traits that all contribute to its rarity. These traits include:

  • Skin

  • Background

  • Weapons

  • Eyes

  • Headgear

  • Mouth

  • Outfit

  • Hair

  • Pixel


Llmaverse x Ragnarok

On April 15, 2022, Ragnarok Meta announced its long-term partnership with Llamaverse. Llama holders will have a playable Llama character in-game. They also stated that Llamaverse would have its own city in the Ragnarok metaverse.

Anata x Ragnarok

On April 16, 2022, Anata and Ragnarok announced their collaboration. This stimulated the creation of 3 special Anatas with Ragnarok traits with 3 lucky Anata minters receiving a Ragnarök-themed Anata on the mint day April 21st.

Three Sigma x Ragnarok

On April 23, 2022, Ragnarok Meta announced the completion of its audit and revealed its long-term security partnership with Three Sigma. A giveaway of three whitelists was done in celebration of the partnership.

Notable Sales

Ragnarok NFT could be the next 10X.
Ragnarok Meta has attracted high volume, with over 13.6k ETH ($57.4 million) in secondary trade and an OpenSea floor price of 2.8 ETH as of the time of this writing. The reveal took place on May 9, 2022.

On April 29, 2022, 29 Ragnarok Meta was swept for 59.438 ETH ($167,500 at the time of purchase).

On May 2, 2022, Ragnarok Meta Ronin #7777 sold on OpenSea for 9 ETH ($25,700 at the time of purchase)   .

On May 5, 2022, Ragnarok Meta Ronin #4208 sold for 4.2 ETH ($11,600 at the time of purchase)   .

About Sasha Kim

Sasha Kim (Digital Artist)
Sasha started drawing when she was a little kid and hasn’t stopped since then. Her digital began in 2011 when she purchased her first graphic tablet.

I remember how I cried because I thought it’s gonna be like these new Wacoms with displays, and I just got this cheap Genius tablet! But it’s fine, actually, I still use a cheap, simple tablet, and I’m totally in love with it.

NFT Journey

In October 2021, Sasha made an accidental discovery of NFTs. She was fascinated by a tweet from one of her favorite artists about their NFT auction and decided to learn more. She expressed her delight in knowing more about the NFT world. This was so intense that she posted her first 1/1 NFT on Foundation (NFT Market) a few days later.

Her first major NFT project was the collaboration with the Ragnarok Meta team to create the PFP collection- Ronin NFTs.

Speaking on her inspiration for the Ronin NFT creation, she said:

I would say it was a mix of 80–90s anime aesthetics. Elements of Naruto (my fav), Demon Slayer (Fanfaron’s fav), tech wear culture, street culture, cyberpunk… The main inspiration was manga comic style, with bold outlines. My personal style has changed a lot through time, but anime has always been my favourite.


Ragnarok Meta includes a wide and experienced NFT team of 27 people who worked to create the NFT project and game, some of which include:

FanfaronCEO & Founder3x start-up founder. Crypto enthusiast since 2016. Coffee grinder level: Zuuimmm
SkwirrlStorytellerWriter and musician. Wandering vagabond, and tea drinker.
SashaPFP ArtistDigital Artist. Black lover. Fans love to argue with her, but she's always right.
JordartCharacter ModellerIntentional listener and exuberant supporter. Forever rocker and ideas champion.
Yung AlgorithmChief Vibes OfficerResponsible for pleasant ear vibrations.


Stage 1 — Q1 2022

Multiplayer Demo.
  • A proof of concept. They are building a kick-ass Web3 MMORPG. The Alpha demo gives you a glimpse of what's in store.

Stage 2 — Q2 2022

NFT Minting (April).
  • Launch of 7,777 Ronin Zero NFTs. Ronins are the holders' avatars, profile pictures, and playable characters.

Playable Character (May).

  • Animated In-game characters go live. Dive into the game, discover the first map and delve into the Ragnarok world. Hang out and have fun.
Breeding (May).
  • The Ronin Zero are the antecedents of all future generations of Ronin. this is an incredible opportunity, allowing you to play a part in the community's growth.
Marketplace (June).
  • The Marketplace will be their very own OpenSea. Here, users will be able to buy Ronin, rent out Ronin for breeding, and sell Ronin offsprings.
First Manga Chapter (June)
  • The first chapter of 77 will run alongside the game, giving the narrative of the lore with the coincidental release of new in-game features.
Combat Monsters (June)
  • With the introduction of combat, quests, and looting, users will start to get the experience of their gameplay. Time to test weapons, skills, and powers.
Level Up & Classes (June)
  • The introduction of full RPG mechanics Gain experience, acquire skills, and level up. Change classes, and begin your character's in-game progression.

Stage 3 — Q3 2022

NFT Items (July).
  • The first NFT items will be available to buy, and objects looted from monsters can be crafted into NFTs. Equip, buy or sell items in your inventory.
$RAG Economy (September).
  • The initial sale of the $RAG token, introducing game economics based around the currency, and the launch of the in-game DEX and staking system.
Combat Players (September).
  • The first layer of player-player combat will give them the opportunity to kick the heck out of their friends and strangers for fun and occasional prizes.

Stage 4 — Q4 2022

Buildings & Billboards (December).
  • Purchase and customize properties. Set up businesses or spaces to hang out, rent out billboards for advertising, and plenty more.
Pixel Dimension (December).
  • A new map, a new world, the Pixel world will be a whole new realm to explore! Alongside this, they will be adding more activities and events and interoperability to other NFTs.
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Ragnarok Meta NFT


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