Ripio Credit Network

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) is a global peer-to-peer credit network based on cosigned smart contracts that facilitates connections between lenders and borrowers across the world, on any currency. It enables people across the globe to access credit, and to provide loans. The RCN token is a typical ERC20 token[1][2].

This protocol has the smart contract technology embedded into the Ethereum blockchain which facilitates peer-to-peer lending without the hefty transaction fees that are charged in traditional banking processes. The protocol based on blockchain technology, facilitates connections among several agents like wallet providers, ID verifiers, scoring agents, cosigners and credit exchanges.


The RCN token functions at the core of the system. The inherent value of the token is directly correlated to the demand for its use in the network. The token is used to execute the smart contracts on the network by different participants in the Ripio Credit Network[3][4].

Each of these nodes play a role to offer the lender better tools to manage capitals and reduce the intermediation costs between a lender and borrower. This also provides increased credit access to borrowers thus, making more projects viable.

Ripio Credit Network is a protocol that uses smart contracts and blockchain technology together to build a framework with enhanced transparency and reliability in credit and lending.

It is a powerful credit network and intends to become a go-to global solution for lending and borrowing. While RCN plans to evolve as a one-stop solution for lending, loaning and P2P borrowing activities, the developers behind the network and constantly trying to improve the protocols’ infrastructure and technology.

Since RCN carries a vision of eliminating the inefficiencies of the current financial system, it is bound to grow and become popular with time. The vision, design and the implementation of the concept will put RCN as a strong financial influencer on the world map.


The team members of Ripio consists;

Sebastian Serrano - founder and CEO

David Garcia - SVP & Board Member

Eugenio Cocimano - Data Scientist

Antonio Ceraso - CTO & Lead Blockchain developer

Agustin Aguilar - Smart contracts Developer etc.

Partnership & Investors

By integrating the Decentralized Finance ecosystem’s top companies, the RCN network is able to deliver the highest performance to its users. The following are the companies in partnership with Ripio;

network, Decentraland, Metamask, , Civic, Zeppelin, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance[5].

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Ripio Credit Network


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