Rodney Yesep

Rodney Yesep is a Partner at , a venture capital firm focused on -native investments.[1][5]


Rodney Yesep studied for a Bachelor's Degree, BMOS, Finance at Western University. After this, he attended Korean University Business School (KUBS). He also attended Ivey Business School at Western University for a Bachelor's Degree in HBA. [1]


Rodney Yesep started his career in 2015 as a co-founder at Lux Trim Interior Design: a full-service luxury interior decor shop, located at Improve Canada. [2]

In June 2018, Rodney Yesep served as the co-founder of Gilga Venture Capital: a company that invested in startups and projects in Toronto, Seoul, and Singapore.

From January to September 2020, Yesep joined the Venture Team at (now known as WellFound). Here, he managed Naval’s rolling fund, the spearhead program, Y-Combinator demo day funds, etc. [1]

From September to December 2020, Rodney Yesep served as the Operations Lead at Angle Health. Afterward, he joined Dope Ventures as an Angel Investor, syndicating deals on until March 2021. [1]

Hack VC

In March 2021, Rodney Yesep joined as a Partner. Hack VC is a venture capital firm focused on -native investments. Hack VC supports founders at their earliest stages, becoming early network participants and foundational community members in the crypto protocols and companies. [4]

On the 25th of February, 2022, Hack VC launched its $200M Crypto Seed Fund to invest in , and  startups. The fund was backed by Sequoia Capital, Fidelity,  Marc Andreessen and , Accolade Partners, , and others. [3]

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Rodney Yesep


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