RootData is a platform within the ecosystem, designed to aggregate both on-chain and off-chain data pertaining to assets. It prioritizes data structuring and accessibility, aiming to serve as a useful resource for enthusiasts and investors alike.[1][2]


RootData gathers information on over 11,000 projects, 8,000 individuals, 6,500 investment and financing activities, and various physical addresses. The Beta launched in December 2022 and RootData 2.0 on February 22nd, 2024. Through the use of tags, ecosystems, and archives, it organizes data for its user base of over 1 million followers.

Founded by a team with nearly six years of experience in news reporting and industry research, RootData emerged as a systematic data platform for the industry. Drawing on their expertise in information gathering and analysis, the team aimed to establish RootData with a commitment to professionalism and thoroughness.

To uphold data accuracy, RootData compiles information from official project websites and credible reports, actively engaging its community in the verification process. Looking ahead, RootData aims to enhance its capabilities as a comprehensive asset-tracking tool, offering insights to support informed investment decisions within the community.[1][2][3][4]


RootData provides APIs for external integration, enabling third-party platforms to access its extensive dataset, which includes project investors, financing details, introductions, and social media links. This integration aims to streamline the process for partners, reducing the need for independent management of project data and enhancing user experience without significant resource investment.

Currently, RootData's APIs serve over 30 customers across various sectors, including task platforms, media, , and AI applications.[8][5]

Point System

To incentivize active user participation in database co-construction, RootData has implemented a points reward program. This program aims to acknowledge users' efforts and allow them to share in the platform's growth benefits.

Users can earn Periodic points by regularly engaging with the platform, such as bookmarking at least 3 projects weekly to receive 10 points. Contribution points are earned by users who contribute content, such as submitting feedback, suggesting unrecorded projects, or creating high-quality compilations, with points awarded upon approval. Details on point distribution are outlined in the table below.

In the future, points may be redeemed for various rewards, including partner platform memberships and whitelist spots. Users who accumulate a certain number of points will also have the opportunity to redeem with different privileges. While the point redemption feature is not currently available, RootData is actively planning additional benefits.[7]

Use Cases

RootData serves several purposes:

  1. Crypto Investment Analysis: Users utilize RootData to decipher investment insights through comprehensive financing data, aiming to gain a thorough understanding of market dynamics for informed investment decisions.
  2. Task/Recruitment Platform: It enhances project data, aiming to facilitate efficient project connectivity and support tasks and recruitment processes.
  3. Exchange/Wallet Integration: RootData offers detailed asset descriptions, aiming to assist exchanges and providers in decision-making processes.
  4. AI Conversational Agent Enhancement: It works on refining AI linguistic databases, aiming to improve AI's understanding of , thus enhancing the user experience.[5]

RootData List

Annually, RootData releases the "ROOTDATA LIST," a ranking derived from its extensive data analysis of user interactions within the landscape. The list aims for professionalism, objectivity, and industry respect, representing key players and developments in the sector.

Categories include TOP50, Investors TOP100, TOP20 Projects, TOP20 Projects, GAMEFI TOP20 Projects, and SOCIALFI TOP20 Projects, offering insights into notable contributors and trends within the industry.[6]


RootData finalized a $1.25 million seed funding round on April 5th. NLVC led the round, joined by investors such as Boyaa Interactive, Bonfire Union Ventures, Sending Labs, Skyland Ventures, GoPlus, Basics Capital, Rebase D. Ventures, UniSat, SeeDAO, and notable individuals like Gavin from Orbiter Finance, Shawn Shi from , and Jackson from 0xScope. These funds will primarily fuel RootData's product development and market expansion endeavors. [8][9]


  • ChainCatcher
  • BitouchNews
  • Token Pocket
  • 0xScope
  • Galxe
  • Web3Go[2]
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