Slangdog, also known as Brett, is the co-founder of . He functions as the primary front-end developer for the platform. [1][2]


Slangdog is an experienced UI/UX designer with approximately 20 years of expertise. He has been involved in crypto since 2017. Slangdog is responsible for Kujira's UI and UX design. Alongside , one of the founders of Kujira, he introduced a dynamic token-centric design for SONAR, significantly enhancing the mobile wallet experience. Notably, Slangdog is working on a non-mandatory method enabling users to create new SONAR wallets without requiring seed phrases, relying instead on advanced passkey technology. [1][3][4]


Kujira is a Layer 1 ecosystem developed on the blockchain that provides users with user-friendly investment tools. The ecosystem prioritizes: [5][6]

  • Cost-effective solutions
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Interoperability
  • Ensuring retail users have equitable opportunities, irrespective of market conditions.


  • Semi-permissioned: The Kujira network operates as semi-permissioned, requiring governance approval for projects to be launched, ensuring network sustainability, quality, and long-term viability while maintaining a healthy degree of decentralization.
  • On-chain scheduler: Its on-chain scheduler minimizes reliance on bots, enhancing efficiency and reducing transaction fees by curbing unnecessary transactions.
  • Built with Cosmos SDK: Leveraging the Cosmos SDK, Kujira benefits from the SDK's reputation for modularity, flexibility, and security, enabling diverse app development possibilities on its platform.


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