Sollamas is a collection that is stored on the  . It consist of 8,888 uniquely generated, cute, and collectible llamas with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain[1][2].


According to the Sollamas website, the project was created by “a small bunch of mates from Melbourne, Australia all with the same vision and goal. Their core principles have always been to deliver the best possible Non-Fungible Token (NFT) user experience from launch as well as creating collectible art with utility[3]

Each algorithmically generated llama has 165 different attributes based on rarity that is from hats, glasses, necklaces, back blankets, beards to even the odd poop[4]

Despite the issues with the airdrop, some who got llamas seemed pretty happy with them.


Their team from Melbourne sold out US$2.5 million worth of llama JPGs within a few minutes on the night of the sale but the error-plagued launch has left some users fuming, with one complaining the llamas are destroying their soul.

The NFT avatar project on the Solana blockchain involved the minting of 9,900 l lamas, with another 100 reserved for the team. They cost 4 SOL each, or 3.9 SOL for those who bought a three-pack during the 11pm AEST launch window.

With Solana tokens trading at US$65 apiece, that’s US$260 for a 576 by 576 pixel llama JPG, which many users were no doubt hoping to flip for a tidy profit. Other NFT avatar projects have exploded in value in recent days.

Trading hadn’t yet begun this morning on the leading (and perhaps only) secondary marketplace for Solana NFTs.

With all 9,900 llamas sold, the team would have made at least US$2.5 million in SOL tokens on the launch, less costs, depending on how many users opted for three-packs.

There are currently 8,888 algorithmically generated, cute and collectible Llamas with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain.


Not just a pretty face

Each Sollama is as special as the next, but some Sollamas are rarer than the others. Sollamas come in different rarities ranging from the ultra-rare 'Artifact' to the common 'Unusual' Sollama. The rarer the attributes, the rarer their Sollama will be!

Different attributes of each Sollamas

No two Sollamas will be the same. Each Sollama is generated with attributes based on rarity. From hats, glasses, necklaces, back blankets, beards to even the odd poop.

Rare Alien, Zombie or Robot Sollama for grabs

Each Sollama minted has the chance of being an ultra rare Alien, robot or zombie. How lucky will one be.

Built on Solana blockchain with ownership

All Sollamas live on the Solana blockchain. This allows collectors to buy, sell and trade Sollamas with collectors from around the world.


The Sollamas team have reserved 100 Sollamas for giveaways, competitions and owner airdrops. Most of these will be given out after launch and will not occupy the early token ids. The Sollamas have different breeds, attributes and backdrops . They have over 165 unique attributes to style their Sollamas.

AlienWar PaintBuck TeethDesert FlowerSide Cap
RobotStringyPurple LipstickDesert CactusBlack Mohawk
ZombieCurlsRed LipstickFarm FenceBucket Hat
LamaBlack StripeNilBarn FenceFringe
NilBlack StreaksNilShooting StarBullseye
NilBlack SocksNilSnowing MountainTop Bun
NilWhite SocksNilMorning SunWide Hair
NilBlack SpotsNilFlower MeadowParty Hat


  • Sollamas NFT Roadmap ; Sollamas is more than just an awesome generative NFT project

01 Gen 1

  • First generation of Sollamas NFT
  • Launch all 10,000 algorithmically generated Sollamas to our awesome community.

02 Gen 1

  • Llamassacre
  • Tucos here and he's out for blood. The Llamas they knew are dead, all dead and nothing but gravestones remain.

03 Gen 2

  • Llamas are back
  • New Llamas have moved back into town. Blissfully unaware of Tuco and his madness.


  • Marketplace integration
  • Buy, sell and trade Sollamas on a This will be released soon after launch!


  • Exclusive Airdrop for all Gen2 holders
  • Holding a Gen2 Sollama NFT puts users in the running to receive an extremely rare and exclusive Solana edition NFT! The more they hold - the more chances of receiving one.


  • Tuco and the Gravestones
  • Gravestones remain... for now. Tuco has a trick up his sleeve.


  • Sollamas NFT merch
  • Who doesn't want a hoodie, tee, cap or sticker set with an ultra rare alien or robot?


  • Next generation of Sollamas NFT
  • They are going to keep this one a secret while they are hard at work building out the system but here’s a hint… Llamas are cutest when they’re babies. Expect some news!


NFT project Sollamas has had a rough start, encountering several major issues. The developer’s decision to destroy minted llamas has angered the Sollamas community. The Sollamas NFTs launched yesterday, promising a collection of 10,000 uniquely generated, cute, and collectible llamas with proof of ownership stored on the Solana blockchain.

Some users who tried to mint Sollamas paid but didn’t receive them, while others received more llamas than they had paid for. Issues may arise during such high demand launches but the major issues people complained about is how they bought llamas and they were sent to random addresses. Someone bought 2 3x packs and received no llamas that was very disappointing

However, the NFT mint did not go smoothly, encountering several major issues that have compromised the project’s integrity. As the mint started, reports came in from users saying that they were receiving more llamas than they had paid for. In contrast, others reported not receiving a llama, despite shelling out 4 SOL ($280) to mint one. Additionally, it appears that some people overpaid for their llamas and that the 10,000 cap was breached, with more llamas minted than the project originally promised.

To rectify the issues with the drop, the Sollamas development team appears to be “killing” llamas from the first generation by changing the NFTs picture to that of a gravestone. The Sollamas team posted to Twitter promising that everyone who minted a first-generation llama would receive another from the second generation. However, many are unhappy with the resolution, as their rare first-generation llamas are now being replaced with common second-generation ones.

The decision to “kill” the llamas already minted and paid for has raised serious concerns about whether the project is decentralized. A founding principle in earlier NFT projects such as  is that the NFTs are immutable and cannot be changed once deployed on the blockchain.

Sollamas is not the first NFT project deployed on Solana to face issues. Last weekend, another NFT avatar project, , launched to a similar level of hype. When minting started, many could not access the website due to the sheer number of people trying to secure an ape. Some of those who could mint had their transactions processed after all the NFTs were sold, paying SOL and not receiving anything.

Over the last week, Solana has been attracting more NFT projects due to the low cost of minting NFTs on the network. However, launching NFTs on Solana is not as well established as on Ethereum. As the hype for NFTs on Solana builds, developers will need to take care not to repeat the same mistakes as Sollamas and Degenerate Ape Academy.

The Sollamas team have introduced a buyback program for people who are unsatisfied with their gen 2 llama replacements. The program is running for 24 hours from Aug. 20 and will allow anyone who minted a Sollamas NFT to exchange it for the SOL they originally paid.

That said, the issue of refunds and free llamas given to users who didn’t pay for them complicates matters.

“I’m becoming depressed knowing I have someone else’s llamas unjustified and I am causing them so much pain I can’t look at my llamas without feeling hurt my I used to love my lammas now they are destroying my soul,”

one user wrote this morning on the team’s Discord channel.

The people who got free Sollamas are going to resell them for mint price or even less because its literally free money, the floor price is going to go nowhere and will take months to do so and in that time way more SOL projects will come out and this won’t be special. The team also receives a five per cent royalty on all llama sales, which they have pledged to use for future development.

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