Somnium Space

Somnium Space is a virtual reality world on the   (or metaverse), where players can buy land, build or import , explore, and trade. Participants can instantly join from any device via the Somnium Web client or download the Somnium application locally on their computer to immerse themselves into persistent worlds via virtual reality (VR) headsets like Oculus, HTC, VIVE, HP, and others[1][11].

On Somnium Space, users create environments that are fully programmable, customizable, and independent VR experiences within a larger, connected world. This is made possible by its four key offerings: an SDK for the creation and customization of avatars and property; virtual reality experiences; a builder module for creating environments and structures; and an NFT marketplace for trading game-based assets[12][13].

By integrating blockchain technology, Somnium Space allows users to monetize these VR experiences and empower them to create a world in their own image in which they are the main creators and recipients of value[2].


Somnium Space is a Virtual reality (VR) world built on the Ethereum Blockchain. An open-source platform, Somnium Space allows users to buy digital land, homes, buildings, and myriad in-game assets of value in its online multiverse. The immersive dynamics of Somnium Space allow players to build, script, and monetize environments - all while exploring the creations of other participants. While a user might go swimming, visit a museum, or dine in a restaurant built by another player in the Somnium Space metaverse, the extent to which Somnium Space users can build unique experiences, worlds, and assets is essentially limitless[3][14].

Unlike traditional multiplayer VR games where users are divided into sub servers and mirrored-instanced rooms, Somnium Space hosts all players in one vast world. Within that broader VR universe, users can create Somnium Space environments that are fully programmable, customizable and independent VR experiences. Further, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and assets from within the Somnium Space are compatible with VR metaverses and platforms throughout the broader Blockchain ecosystem.

Thus far, the Somnium Space offering is broken down into four elements: an SDK, which allows for the creation and customization of avatars and property; virtual reality experiences; a builder module for creating environments and structures; and an NFT marketplace for trading land and NFT-based assets. Somnium Space has deeply incorporated NFT technology, allowing players to bring NFTs from around the decentralized ecosystem into the Somnium Space universe[4][5].



Somnium Space is available on all major Virtual reality headsets.

Available on all major VR headsets

Users can Create and adjust their own layout setup for fast in-game interaction.


Integration of Blockchain allows true ownership of digital goods, avatars, items, and virtual land. We are creating a long-lasting economy that will allow instant monetization for our in-world creators.

Persistent Social VR World

Unlimited scalable world built by users within one instance.

Virtual Land Ownership

Users can Buy and customize their own land. Build anything they envision.

Monetize Your Space

Anyone can take advantage of a fully programmatic VR advertisement plugin. Capture and analyze gaze tracking, engagement, and conversion rates[6].


Somnium Space has developed UnitySDK to allow more advanced users to upload full-body Avatars and complete scenes onto your land parcels inside Somnium Space. The platform's advanced SDK allows players to work with complete scenes, scripting nand animations to fully enhance their experience. Finger tracking is also supported inside Somnium Space for further immersion. Full-body tracking, lip & eye tracking are available inside our VR world. Features such as smell features from hardware such as multisensory masks or fans are also planned to be supported soon.

Its in-house developed unique server architecture allows thousands of players to be all in the same time inside persistent Virtual reality world without splitting users into sub-servers or mirrored instances. This provides the ultimate level of immersion and allows true Ready Player One experience without ever experiencing a single loading screen[5].


On traditional gaming platforms, users generate value that flows to the game developer. Players, either purchase games, or with the popular freemium model users play for free but purchase upgrades, customizations, and access a la carte once in a game’s ecosystem. Typically, players can't transfer in-game assets or use them outside of a specific game environment. For example, if a player pays to upgrade their armor, unlock a new vehicle, or access new worlds, that value remains locked in the game.

Blockchain-based games and VR metaverses like Somnium Space reverse this flow of value to benefit players through tokenization. As an Ethereum application, Somnium Space allows players to tokenize their in-game assets such as land parcels, avatars, collectibles, and wearables. This dynamic decouples the Somnium Space company from the value generated by players and allows players to access the value created in the Metaverse throughout the wider Cryptocurrency and token economy. The Somnium Space economy is comprised of three different types of token assets which includes:

  • Somnium Space’s Cube Token (CUBE)
  • Somnium Space Land Parcels (PARCELs)
  • Somnium Space Avatars (AVATARs)[4][5]

Cube Token (CUBE)

Somnium Cube (CUBE) is an token that serves as the Somnium Space platform's native utility token. The CUBE streamlines in-game transactions between players and can be considered the equivalent of buying game tokens at an arcade. With an Ethereum (ETH) wallet, players can hold ETH, CUBE, and NFTs (ERC-721 tokens). CUBE serves as a bridge between these assets to facilitate in-game, e-commerce transactions. As the Somnium metaverse expands, the CUBE token will develop in-world utility and allow players to exist more deeply in the VR metaverse.

Before entering Somnium Space, Cube tokens will be useful to have when entering Arcade and amusement parks or using race cars and teleporters. Artists can sell tickets for CUBEs and allow visitors to enter user-generated museums or attend concerts. Producers will build and develop interactive arcade games to accept CUBE tokens from customers.

Disclaimer: Somnium CUBEs (CUBE) are an in-game currency and not meant to be, or are designed as a tool or financial instrument used for speculation or investment. Somnium CUBEs (CUBE) is a currency that fulfills needs for exchanging services and goods in a working economy inside a Virtual Reality World.

Max Total Supply: 100,000,000 CUBE

Holders: 1,228

Contract Address: 0xdf801468a808a32656d2ed2d2d80b72a129739f4

Somnium Space Land Parcels (PARCELs)

Somnium Space conducted two of what it calls Initial Land Offerings (ILOs) when issuing Land Parcels (PARCELs) to platform stakeholders — both on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. If players want to build an independent Somnium world they must first obtain one of these land parcels. Players can also place any @NFT on their land parcel and explore it in VR[5].

Somnium Space Worlds

Users can effortlessly enter parallel virtual worlds, each offering unique, immersive experiences built entirely by players. Interact, socialize, play and do business. Seamlessly jump between worlds without ever leaving virtual space.

Depending on what parcel they own, anyone can link & deploy Small, Medium or Extra large worlds, the latter giving them 500 MB of storage for instance.

What is truly revolutionary is that each Somnium Space World is a Blockchain token (NFT). Once purchased, users get an ability to upload certain amount of content to the platforms servers depending on the size of the token they own:

  • Small (S) WORLD — 75 MB
  • Medium (M) WORLD — 200 MB
  • Extra Large (XL) WORLD — 500 MB

Placing a world on A parcel is as easy as placing any other object or NFT item. Users who will enter your parcel will automatically see a portal. They enter and voila! They’re in a users world. Alternatively users can use Teleportation HUBs to directly teleport into your or any other Somnium World.

Once a user own a token, they become NFT assets like any other virtual Blockchain asset inside Somnium and can be traded freely via OpenSea marketplace. That means that when they purchase an “empty” world, they get the ability to create one from scratch. Build anything they like such as interactive games, entire parallel worlds, experiences etc. When a users uploads their World via UnitySDK it is automatically linked to their World token. Image and Name of the world will automatically change on the token and OpenSea, based on his/her inputs. They can place their World for sale or transfer it to another player anytime they wish to do so.

Create your own WORLD and make it a permanent part of The Metaverse!

Somnium Space WEB

Somnium WEB is a truly revolutionary update that allows anyone to join any parcel LIVE from any device. Every PARCEL inside Somnium will have a permanent link and will be accessible from the web.

When a user finish building their creation inside Somnium PC Builder they simply click Save & Upload as usual, but this time, all these data are also automatically transformed into Web compatible format. Once they hit the upload button their creation will appear inside VR client and WEB experience within 5 minutes.

Somnium WEB will allow full interactivity including video & audio live-streams, Web3 implementation for native interaction with Blockchain tokens on the parcel and much more.

Somnium Space Blockchain Avatars (AVATARs)

In November 2020, the Somnium Space team took another step towards expanding the utility of the CUBE token by introducing avatar (AVATAR) tokenization. Players can now mint their own full-body VR avatars onto the Blockchain using CUBE. To participate, players purchase an avatar using CUBE and it becomes part of their inventory. These avatars are compatible with virtual worlds across major digital platforms.
wikiSomnium Space Avatars

The CUBE token also allows players to buy another user's avatar as a Non-Fungible token. CUBE in the buyer's wallet is exchanged for the Non-Fungible Token in the seller's wallet during the transaction. The ability to build avatars within the Somnium Metaverse highlights the growing utility of CUBE tokens.

Somnium Space will only thrive if creators prosper and can securely monetize their creations. With Avatars on the Blockchain the platform gives all the control to the creator. The creator will upload his amazing creation and decide how many copies will be created. For example, if an Avatar is one of a kind in a limited edition, the creator can expect to sell it at a premium. All avatars source files are secured with double encryption which makes it virtually impossible to copy someone else's avatar even from run-time.

For a buyer of a full body tokenized AVATAR it is a very easy process. Simply purchase a token of avatar and from that moment on it will appear in their inventory and will be ready to use[7][8].

Getting an Avatar:

  1. Users can Upload their Custom Avatar via our UnitySDK
  2. Open Avatars Menu inside PC client
  3. Choose custom category and click on your uploaded Avatar
  4. Fill in Avatar description and press Pay & Mint Tokens.
  5. Tokens will be automatically minted and sent to your Blockchain Wallet
  6. Users can now sell them on OpenSea for a price and currency of their choice. (CUBEs, ETH, DAI etc.)

Placing an Avatar on the Blockchain is the most important step as this will prevent counterfeiting because all the data is transparently and securely written on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain.

Since the minting process costs gas fees, Somnium takes a fee for minting tokens. This fee will be payable in Somnium CUBEs - Its in-world blockchain currency[9].

Somnium NFTs

The Somnium Space economy is meant to be peer-to-peer to benefit from blockchain technology. With that in mind, two avatars can meet each other for the first time in virtual reality, complement each other on their avatar, clothing, and car, then decide to barter NFTs by trading them in-world or to buy each other’s NFTs with Cube tokens face-to-face. There’s no reason to move land NFTs to Polygon, but if a user owns, collect or create several NFTs that they plan to sell in the Somnium platform, it might be best to have them on Polygon to avoid fees when selling or trading them with other avatars (also owned by the same ETH address). Likewise, when their fungible tokens like ETH and Cubes are ready on Polygon, their avatar can purchase all NFTs on Polygon as well without paying gas fees.

  • Wearables: will be created by users for Cube tokens just like Avatars. They’ll be shaped and molded to the user’s best ability and taste, to be sold in Somnium to other avatars. Click a button to mint the wearables as an NFT on Ethereum or Polygon, then drop the NFTs into your land while showing them off in your VR store. You can also remain on the land as a customer service representative waiting for customers to arrive and see your NFT wearables for sale.
  • Tickets: can be created as NFTs as well, where only those NFT holders can access a certain land parcel. To everyone else that doesn’t own the NFT ticket, they will simply see and hear nothing on the parcel while others enjoy an extremely fun concert or crypto art auction.
  • Cars and other types of vehicles: are NFTs and already activated for use inworld, owned and operated by their owners only. If avatars can walk at 4 mph, cars travel at 25 mph and teleportation happens instantly, there’s a certain cost that can be applied to each service based on convenience and travel speed. There are currently 50 teleporters NFTs and 5 car NFTs that work in Somnium. Everyone else walks at normal human speed. Imagine a few idle car NFTs sitting in Somnium not being used, where you can click to use the car for X amount of time for X amount of Cube tokens. Not only does the car become more valuable, the avatars have fun for the money spent while getting to their destination much sooner. Creation of other vehicle types as NFTs via our SDK will be enabled soon for a more enhanced experience and other venues of monetization for creators.
  • Teleportation HUBs: are NFTs owned by users who can place them on their land parcels as Public or Private. Public teleporters charge cubes for each use or for a monthly charge. The fees are pooled together and allocated each month to the 50 owners with the most activity and type of teleporter. The more valuable teleporter is called the Indiegogo Founder’s because it was sold during the Indiegogo campaign. These 25 teleporters receive 200% revenue boost while ILO teleporters receive 50% revenue boost. Private teleporters are considered those that aren’t yet placed on a land parcel to be used by the avatars, so they won’t receive any of the pooled tokens.
  • Treasure hunts: can be mystery games or mazes that lead avatars to QR codes of ETH or Cubes. Once the avatar finds the QR code they can accept the token reward. Your avatar can also attend the event to personally hand the reward to the winner of a particular game.

Somnium Marketplace

The marketplace is a centerpiece of the Economy as it gives power to creators, developers, and all users. Users can share and monetize their creativity, scripting and programming skills. Their creations are securely stored at the platform's servers while crucial digital information alongside ownership proof is stored on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Each creations of a user is a unique token on the blockchain that they personally own and sell to other Somnium citizens. Payments are directly transferred to the owner without a middleman.

Karma Levels in Somnium Space

The Somnium Space Karma level represents how VR citizens perceive each other. Somnium calculates the Karma level of a player using key metrics:

  • Ratings: How virtual citizens perceive them based on their interactions on the platform.
  • Engagement: The value of each player's economic activity, time spent gaming, land ownership, and world discovery rate.
  • Other Factors: Building activity, public participation, and event organization.

Players earn CUBE rewards based on their resulting Karma level, as do those who provide value to the community by acting as tour guides and instructors[10].

Somnium Partners


OpenSea is the largest general marketplace for crypto collectibles, with the the broadest set of categories (120 and growing), the most items (over 3 million), and the best prices.

A core part of our OpenSea's vision is that open protocols like Ethereum and interoperable standards like ERC-721 will enable vibrant new economies where users truly own their digital items. An open, liquid marketplace will help power these new economies. As such, OpenSea has tools that allow any developer to build rich, integrated marketplaces for their digital assets.


Somnium blockchain partners Polygon (formerly Matic Network) and OpenSea offer the best technology in their specific fields. OpenSea’s online platform is the largest marketplace for online collectibles, while Polygon’s unique second layer brings speed and closes to zero transaction costs to our users for our in-game transactions.


GEMINI is the most trusted and secure digital currency exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store digital assets. It is a New York trust company that is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and was founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.


Somnium is one of the first CEE startups that was accepted and became part of Microsoft for startups program which allows us to quickly scale our server infrastructure and have access to an amazing talent pool of Microsoft corporations.

Blockchain Game Alliance

Somnium became a member of Blockchain Game Alliance to contribute towards building a true and decentralized Metaverse.


Somnium is working together with Admix to bring advertising revenues for our players. It's the best and the fastest way to monetize your property, measure, analyze how your audience interacts in VR.

Team Members

Artur SychovFounder And Chief Executive Officer
Tatsiana SychovChief Financial Officer
Fernando GonzalezLead UI Designer
Sasha LeBaraonCommunity Manager
Vadim KupchinskyLead Blockchain Developer
Alexander IsaevLead VR Developer
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Somnium Space

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