Songbird (SGB) Token

The SGB Token, serving as the native within the Songbird network, fulfills essential roles, including covering transaction fees, participating in network governance decisions, and facilitating interactions with Songbird's applications.[1][2]

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The SGB Token, with a total supply of 15 billion tokens, operates independently of Governance and follows an inflation schedule: 10% in the first year, 8% in the second year, and 5% from the third year, capped at 750 million tokens annually. In December 2020, a snapshot captured XRP holdings, with users receiving 0.1511 SGB for every 1 token and a corresponding amount of . In September 2021, the entire SGB supply was airdropped to eligible users. SGB's value is expected to gradually decouple from and within the Songbird network.[1]


Distributed to all recipients, this token assumes a crucial position in governing matters, particularly with regard to the integration of additional chains, pricing mechanisms, and FAssets within the FTSO and FAsset protocols.[1][2]


Songbird serves as the lower chamber in 's bicameral governance system, allowing community proposals and voting. Approved Songbird proposals can be considered for implementation on the network by the Foundation. To streamline decision-making and prevent overwhelming the community, Songbird acts as a filter for governance proposals. There are four governance proposal periods annually on Songbird, where candidates can be submitted. Users stake SGB on these candidates, and the proposal with the most stake becomes an FIP if valid, subject to holder voting.
Songbird Test Proposals (STPs) are automatically approved unless specific conditions are met. Initially, the Foundation proposes STPs, with future provisions for community participation. Proposals undergo a notice period, followed by a voting period. After voting, results can be automatically implemented. Different proposal types with unique acceptance criteria are supported by the portal, intended for future use.[3][4][5]

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Songbird (SGB) Token

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