Sparsh Jhamb

Sparsh Jhamb is the CEO and Co-Founder of , a platform specializing in mobile applications tailored for and management.[1][2][6]

Education & Early Life

Sparsh Jhamb's journey into the world of and began when a friend suggested investing in , sparking his curiosity. Making some profits from these initial investments, Jhamb developed a keen interest in

During his college years, he ventured into development, initially working as a freelance developer. Over the course of four years, he contributed to more than 15 projects. Jhamb pursued his formal education at Maharaja Surajmal Institute Of Technology and graduated in 2018.[3][1][4]


Sparsh Jhamb currently serves as the CEO & Co-Founder of , a position he has held since November 2021. In this role, he aims to drive innovation within the sector. 

Prior to this, Jhamb worked as a Developer at EasyFi Network and KoinFox, located in India, for a year until 2021. At these organizations he aimed to develop his expertise in technologies. 

Before that, he served as a Developer at Blockbrew Engineering from 2018 to 2021, also in India. [1][4][5]

Plena Finance

, led by Sparsh Jhamb, strives to democratize access to technology, prioritizing user-friendly solutions. Jhamb's strategic direction focuses on bridging the gap between complexities and everyday users, ensuring accessibility for both enthusiasts and newcomers. The Crypto Super App symbolizes this commitment, offering a user-friendly platform for digital asset management. 

Emphasizing accessibility, security, and efficiency, Jhamb aims to empower users to confidently participate in . collaborates with industry leaders like DAO Maker to leverage innovative technologies, such as Account Abstraction, to enhance the experience. Through collaboration and forward-thinking initiatives, Jhamb aims to create a more inclusive and accessible future in .[1][3][5]

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Sparsh Jhamb

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March 25, 2024


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