Stride (ST)

ST is the native cryptocurrency of , a blockchain that provides liquidity for staked tokens. Using Stride’s liquid staking, you can earn staking rewards from tokens without having to stake them in the traditional way. Holders of STRD have the ability to stake their tokens, earning rewards composed of both STRD and rewards derived from liquid staked tokens. The token also lets users participate actively in on-chain governance processes, including voting on matters such as validator selection and chain upgrades.[1]

Token Allocation

The ST token's tokenomics were planned with three outcomes in mind - to effectively distribute Stride governance power across the communities Stride serves, to facilitate social coordination to promote Stride liquid staking, and to build and maintain value for the ST token, all of which contribute to Stride's mission of serving the Cosmos community with the best liquid staking results possible.

Token emissions will be emitted either during block-by-block emissions, incentive distribution, or token vesting to core contributers and partners.[2]

Block-By-Block Emissions

In the first year, 9,450,000 ST will be emitted via block-by-block emissions. These emissions will be allocated to four categories: staking rewards, strategic reserve, initial security budget, and staking rewards. Every year block-by-block emissions will be reduced by 50%, until they asymptotically reach zero. A total of 18,900,000 ST, or 18.9% total supply, will be emitted via block-by-block emissions.[2]

Incentives Distribution

The Stride incentive pool becomes accessible immediately upon launch, rather than being distributed incrementally with each block. The Stride DAO, overseen by ST token holders, will determine the allocation of this incentive pool. However, to ensure more predictability in ST token emissions, the DAO is bound by an emissions quota for the first year. In this initial period, the DAO is required to issue 20,000,000 ST tokens, leaving 9,000,000 ST tokens allocated for distribution in subsequent years.
In total, 31,000,000 ST tokens, which constitute 31% of the total supply, will be distributed as incentives.[2]


ST tokens allocated to Stride's core contributors and partners undergo a vesting process spanning two years, with an initial one-year cliff. During this period, neither the core contributors nor the partners receive any ST tokens. However, one year following the launch, they begin receiving ST tokens in a linear manner on a monthly basis, continuing for an additional two years. These vesting tokens serve the purpose of staking to enhance network security but are not eligible for staking rewards. This approach ensures robust network security without compromising staking rewards.
A total of 16,700,000 ST tokens vest to Stride's partners, while 24,200,000 ST tokens vest to Stride's core contributors.[2]

Terminal Supply

ST has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 ST. The token's terminal supply will be allocated as such:

  • Initial Security Budget: 2.2%
  • Partners: 16.7%
  • Community Reserve: 2.0%
  • Strategic Reseve: 8.9%
  • Community Airdrop: 6.3%
  • Staking Rewards: 5.2%
  • Community Incentives: 31%
  • Dev. Team: 24.2%
  • Community Growth: 3.5%


ST tokens can be  traded on decentralized exchanges and centralized crypto exchanges. The most popular exchange to buy and trade Stride is . Other popular options include  and Kujira Fin.[1]


Stride can be used to liquid stake one's tokens from any Cosmos chain, earning both staking and  yields from across the Cosmos IBC ecosystem. Users can receive staked tokens immediately when the liquid stake, and rewards will be accumulated in real time to staked token holders. These staked tokens can be freely traded, and can be redeemed with Stride at any time to receive back native tokens plus staking rewards. Currently, Stride supports liquid staking for: Cosmos Hub (stATOM),  (stOSMO),  (stINJ), Stargaze (stSTARS), Evmos (stEVMOS), Terra 2 (stLUNA), Umee (stUMEE), Juno (stJUNO), Comdex (stCMDX), Sommelier (stSOMM).[3]

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Stride (ST)


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