Winter Bears

Winter Bears (NFT) (Launched 2021) is a  art collection of 10,000 polar bears minted on the Ethereum . It is a unique NFT collection developed using over 150 individual features. The utility token of the Winter Bears' NFT collection is $BEAR.[1][2]


Winter Bears is an NFT collection of 10,000 polar bears created by Nushi. eth- described as the father and creator of the Winter Bears NFT.

Winter Bear NFTs were created on the Ethereum blockchain. The Winter Bear NFTs are currently traded and collected on the  and Rarible (RARI) NFT marketplace. The Winter Bear is entirely unique, created using over a hundred and fifty specific features.

The rarities of each Winter Bear are described as 'special', with some others, being more special than the rest. The winter bears NFTs consist of five rarities cadres including-

  • Aurora
  • Avalanche
  • Blizzard
  • Frost
  • Snow.

From 'Santa hats Bears' to 'Sleeping Eyes Bears', all Winter Bears attributes have a different rarity score. The combination of features each bear has builds its' total rarity score and overall rarity tier. Aurora tiers are the rarest bears, showcasing the most unique features.

According to the Winter Bears NFT official website, these adorable polar bears will have a crucial role in the coming DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization created by DeFi trailblazers.[1]

Staking BEARs

The team behind Winter Bears NFTs purchased 20 bears from OpenSea to launch a vault called- NFTX vault. Users can now stake their Winter Bear to earn Ethereum

Features of this vault include-

  • staking Winter Bear to earn ETH
  • selling Winter Bear without a buyer
  • buying a Winter Bear (NFT) without a seller
  • swapping one Winter Bear for another
  • owning a half a Winter Bear, a third, or any other fraction, so that none is priced out of the community.

Guide to Staking

Users are to:

  • Connect their wallet.
  • Tap ‘Mint and Stake’ to deposit $BEAR and ETH
  • Sign the transactions prompted by their wallet


The native token of the Winter Bear(NFT) platform is $BEAR. Winter Bear launched NFTX to provide utilities such as 'users allowance to deposit a Winter Bear NFT into a vault and receive 1 $BEAR token. This token is a fungible , which can be swapped easily, split into fractions, and ‘staked’ to earn ETH.

All the Winter Bears in its vault are available for anybody to come along and buy, but the only way to get one is by getting 1 $BEAR token and redeeming it.

Users can purchase $BEAR token with ETH from the  Decentralized Exchange (DEX), providing yield stakers earnings through its trading activities. Swapping $BEAR for ETH and vice versa comes with a small fee that is distributed to all stakers.


Winter Bear together with its NFTX vault has secured a strategic partnership with PieDAO, with its community, being paid to manage their NFT index. PieDAO partnered with Winter Bears because the product will be made up of NFTX tokens, which can be redeemed for real NFTs.[3]

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Winter Bears

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