IQ Holders Achieve a Milestone of Over 4 Billion HiIQ


Tue Aug 01 2023

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IQ holders have locked up a record 1.2 Billion IQ, resulting in a total of over 4 Billion HiIQ! HiIQ has grown exponentially within the past few months with the integration of AI technology on and in anticipation of our upcoming new AI product. The new tokenomics further incentivize early adopters with greater IQ incentives. To mark the occasion IQ Times, a community-run media organization dedicated to covering the IQ ecosystem, is raffling 20 Korean-Pop-Revolution NFTs to IQ stakers using Chainlink VRF on Polygon!

Within the last few months, IQ integrated Lens Protocol’s Lenster along with Lens Account Integration on Bond Protocol embedded contents in several multimillion-dollar bond markets on Bond Protocol. Moreover, BrainDAO achieved a Milestone with Over 3000 ETH Staked through Frax Finance's LSD, Frax Ether. This will bring revenue to BrainDAO as all earnings generated from Frax Ether validators are distributed to sfrxETH holders like BrainDAO. 

HiIQ was created to incentivize IQ holders to become long-term holders who lock up their IQ tokens. The HiIQ system allows IQ holders to choose how long they want to lock up their IQ, the more IQ and the longer users lock up their IQ for the greater their voting power and incentivization. For example, if the user stakes 100 IQ for 4 years, they will receive 400 HiIQ. Most importantly, HiIQ holders will be able to determine’s course of action in the future by participating in governance.

This news comes at a perfect time as BrainDAO is currently working on an advanced AI tool designed specifically for the cryptocurrency community to answer queries related to blockchain. We are collaborating with numerous leading companies and projects in the industry, who have joined us as reliable source providers and official partners. Chief Brain Navin Vethanayagam recently spoke about and our upcoming AI product in interviews with The Crypto Coin Show and Show Me the Crypto. Stay tuned for more updates around our AI product in August!

About IQ

The IQ token powers a knowledge ecosystem including applications such as, the world's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain encyclopedia. IQ is a DeFi and governance token with native staking enabled through HiIQ. The token is governed by BrainDAO which also includes BrainDAO's treasury of digital assets.

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