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Checks VV is a collection of based on the Twitter verification logo created by a British-born designer and entrepreneur based in the United States. Checks NFTs are unique digital art pieces that represent different personal development concepts, such as "Solve for X" or "Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable". Each features a visual representation of the concept, along with a written explanation and a set of actionable steps for implementing it in one's life.


The series of s consists of digital art pieces in the form of checks, which are stylized images that resemble bank checks. Each check features a unique design and different message or concept related to Butcher's personal philosophy on life and business, such as "Invest in Yourself," "Create More Than You Consume," or "Find Your Voice."
described the Checks series as a "visual exploration of philosophy, strategy, and self-improvement."

Checks launched on January 3rd, 2023, with a symbolic mint price equivalent to the Twitter Blue Tick subscription cost. [2]

The goal of the "Checks" project is to provide people with a unique and interactive way to engage with personal development concepts, while also giving them a collectible and tradable digital asset.
The project gained a lot of attention and popularity within the NFT community, and some Checks NFTs have sold for significant amounts of money on various NFT marketplaces.

The Checks collection isn’t like other Profile Picture (PFP) projects where characters featuring unique features assigned by generative art systems offer holders a cool image and use cases. Instead, every Checks has the same 80 multi-colored ticks. Initially, the lack of uniqueness made the art a powerful social commentary on online exclusivity and identity. 
For example, Checks #11634 and #8409 are identical, with 80 ticks in the same color and position on the grey background. Even though all the Checks are the same, some have been sold for well above the floor price.
It appears that the Checks with lower numbers are the most valuable. For example, Checks #2 sold for 52 in February, 2023, and Checks #6 went for 13.5 in January, 2023.


Checks NFT is a platform that allows creators to mint, sell, and trade s that represent checks. Here is an overview of the architecture of Checks NFT:

  1. : The smart contract is the backbone of the Checks platform. It is deployed on a network (such as ) and is responsible for managing the creation, ownership, and transfer of Checks NFTs. The also includes the business logic for the Checks NFT platform, such as setting the rules for the sale and trade of Checks NFTs.
  2. Metadata: Each Checks NFT contains metadata, which includes information about the check that it represents, such as the payee, amount, and date. The metadata is stored off-chain, typically on (InterPlanetary File System), a decentralized file storage network.
  3. Front-end: The front-end is the user interface of the Checks platform, where users can browse, buy, and sell Checks NFTs. The front-end communicates with the to perform transactions on the , such as minting a new Checks NFT or transferring ownership.
  4. Wallet: A digital wallet is required to hold and manage Checks s. Users can use any -compatible wallet, such as or MyEtherWallet, to interact with the Checks NFT platform.
  5. Blockchain network: The Checks NFT platform is built on a network, which provides the security and immutability required for the creation and transfer of digital assets. Checks NFT uses the network, which is the most popular blockchain platform for NFTs.

The architecture of Checks NFT is designed to provide a secure and decentralized platform for the creation, sale, and trade of NFTs that represent checks. The use of a , off-chain metadata storage, and a network ensures that the platform is transparent, secure, and resistant to fraud.

Collections & Derivatives

Humanity Check

Following the devastating earthquake that affected vast swathes of Türkiye and Syria, announced the launch of the Humanity Check collection.  This charitable collection is being used to raise money for Doctors Without Borders, who are supporting people in the two countries where the death toll has exceeded 10,000 just days after the quake. The NFTs resemble the genesis Checks but instead have a red cross design and a mint price of ETH 0.0066.[2][4]

Checks - Squiggle Edition

These checks imitate the Art Blocks Chromie Squiggle collection. [2][5][6]


Dawn of Check

Beeple’s take on Checks, combining Pepe and Planet of The Apes themes. 


Persistence of Status

The legendary style of the Spanish artists Salvador Dali and Checks.[7]


Burn Mechanism

developed an idea loosely based on Damien Hirst’s ‘The Currency’ that allowed users to get their hands on physical art by burning s. [1]
On January 8, 2023, a few days after launch, Butcher Tweeted,

“To extend the premise of the original piece — the question we are trying to answer is: are checks more desirable if they are harder to get?” and then added, “We can find out by incentivizing a reduction in supply.”

The Checks team has developed a mechanism whereby NFT holders can burn a set of Checks to get a new NFT with fewer ‘ticks.’ The process is illustrated on the website and involves halving the number of ticks with every burn. 
For example, if someone owns two original Checks with 80 ticks, he/she will be able to burn them to get one Check with 40 ticks. Then if he/she burns two 40s, he/she will end up with one 20. Following this process, eventually, he/she ends up with just one tick.

Butcher explained in a Tweet,

“What this does: rewards every collector, creates new, original, on-chain work, and every interaction either maintains or reduces supply.”

Theoretically, with every burn, the supply is reduced, and arguably the value of the s will increase. It’s also possible that users will pay high prices to purchase extra NFTs that they need to carry out the following burn.

There wasn’t an official date for the burn mechanisms launch, but a cryptic Tweet from from the 9th of February suggests it could begin on February 10th, 2023. [3]

On February 12, 2023 after weeks of anticipation and the introduction of Checks migration, Butcher initiated phase two of the project by introducing a burn mechanism. A common feature among OEs, burning refers to the destruction of an or multiple NFTs through which either a new token is created or a different incentive or reward is yielded by the user whose token was burnt.

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