0x0 is an open-source (AI)-powered protocol designed for developing (dApps) on the blockchain. It analyzes vulnerabilities, errors, and issues in code to prioritize privacy while employing advanced AI-based safety tools to ensure transaction security. The revenue-sharing approach of 0x0 redistributes 100% of generated revenue to token holders. This strategy propels financial gains and fosters a sustainable ecosystem.[1][2][3]


Launched in 2023, 0x0 is a platform that aims to revolutionize privacy and security within the network. Its privacy solution features a variety of AI-based safety tools that assist in redistributing 100% of revenue to 0x0 token holders. The platform's ecosystem strives to be a hub of innovation and collaboration in the (DeFi) space, making the 0x0 token the foundation of the ecosystem. Users can leverage its utility and explore opportunities for passive income. 0x0's safety tools range from an AI-powered smart contract auditor and a privacy mixer to a privacy DEX aggregator, a hub for custom smart contract development, and an AI bot that actively detects and prevents suspicious transactions. These tools aim to protect users from scams and
maintain the integrity of transactions. [4][5][6][7]


0x0 offers a comprehensive privacy solution incorporating a range of AI-based safety tools, including the following: [5][8]

AI Smart Contract Auditor

0x0's key feature is its AI-driven audit functionality. The tool employs advanced algorithms, like machine learning techniques, to scrutinize , detecting possible vulnerabilities or issues that could result in scams or other security risks. With this, users can trust the smart contracts they are interacting with, as well as build trust in the space and encourage more widespread adoption. [8][9]

In addition, the AI auditor allows for a much faster and more accurate auditing process, saving time and money as users don’t have to pay high fees or wait for extended periods. The 0x0 auditing tool also assists developers in identifying and resolving issues in their code, enhancing the overall security and reliability of the DeFi space. [9]

Privacy mixer

A privacy mixer, also known as a coin mixer or coin tumbler, is a tool that can be used to make transactions more private and anonymous. It works by pooling multiple transactions together, mixing them, and then redistributing them to the intended recipients when is sent to the mixer. This process makes it difficult for anyone to trace the funds' original source, enhancing the transaction's privacy and anonymity. [8][10]

The mixer also has a feature that allows users to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. The flash loan feature allows users to borrow a significant amount of cryptocurrency temporarily from the privacy mixer, which can then be used to conduct an trade and repay it with interest, all in a single transaction. [8][10]

Privacy DEX

The privacy DEX aggregator is a tool deployed on the network that pools liquidity from multiple DEXs into one platform. This enables users to explore a broad selection of trading pairs and opportunities while ensuring the privacy of their transactions. In addition, all transactions made on the DEX are secure and private. One of the key advantages of utilizing a privacy DEX aggregator is that it enables users to preserve their confidentiality when trading cryptocurrencies. [8][11]

Anti-rug AI

The AI anti-rug bot, currently in development, aims to protect users from scams. It operates by utilizing advanced algorithms to examine transactions and identify dubious activities, such as excessively high taxes or liquidity removal. If, for instance, the bot identifies any suspicious activity, it will promptly execute a transaction ahead of it, thwarting users from falling victim to rug pulls. [12]

The AI anti-scam bot offers an extra layer of security to users in the DeFi space, providing a significant advantage. Those who use the bot can conduct transactions with enhanced confidence, as they are assured that they are protected from potential scams. [12]

AI developer hub

The AI developer hub is a platform where users can create custom using artificial intelligence technology, even if they don't have coding skills. It offers a simple and user-friendly method for users to deploy their personalized smart contracts, which is one of its key advantages. The AI developer hub guarantees that any contract deployed through the platform is entirely secure for investment. This is because it employs advanced auditing and security protocols to meticulously assess all contracts generated by AI, ensuring they are carefully reviewed and secure for use. [8][13]


The key components of the 0x0 ecosystem that help to enhance individuals' DeFi experience are as follows: [6]

Privacy-centric ecosystem

0x0 operates on zero-knowledge-proof systems that prioritize user confidentiality and data protection. It incorporates advanced privacy technologies and protocols, guaranteeing secure and private transactions for users within its decentralized ecosystem. [3][6]

Passive income opportunities

Holders of the 0x0 token can earn passive income through the redistribution of utility fees, which enables them to enjoy a sustainable and dependable source of income. [6]

Robust security measures

0x0’s goal is to prioritize the security of their users' assets and data. The platform employs robust security measures, such as encryption, authentication, and audits, to protect user funds and establish a secure trading environment. [6]

0x0 Token

The total supply of 0x0 tokens is 1 billion. The token is launched on the network and plays a crucial role in the ecosystem by providing a unique use case, allowing holders to earn passive income through the redistribution of utility fees generated by the protocol. It is the sole token within the 0x0 ecosystem, representing a distinctive and compelling long-term investment opportunity. This offers individuals the potential for token price appreciation and the additional benefit of receiving passive income from utility fee revenue. [14][15]

Through the buyback and burn token deflation strategy, which reduces the token’s supply by 10.875%, a 5% tax on transfers is imposed on every token launched through the 0x0 developer hub to sustain the project's financial operations. The 5% fees collected from the transfer tax are automatically converted to ETH and placed into the project's marketing wallet. [14][16]

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