3Landers is a 10,000 collectible  collection created by Thai digital artist Pom on the Ethereum . The project which was launched on February 19, 2022, is comprised of twelve different base DNAs, hundreds of unique traits, and eighteen legendary 3Landers NFTs.[1][2][3]

Holders of the 3Landers NFTs gain access to a world and community dedicated to fostering meaningful long-term relationships through collaboration, exploration, building, creating, and dreaming.[4][5]


3Landers is a collectible NFT project built on the Ethereum blockchain that centers around community, adventure, and collaboration.[6][7][8]

Each 3Lander NFT is uniquely generated from over 100+ possible traits, including accessories, head, body, mouth, DNA, DNA type, vision, minimon, and backgrounds. There are twelve different base DNAs and eighteen legendary 3Landers NFTs.[9]

The 3Landers are stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. The 3Landers NFTs were minted via a Dutch auction, and the lowest mint price was 0.15 ETH.[10]


On February 19, 2022, at 9:00 am EST, the pre-sale took place. A total of 6,800 out of 10,000 NFTs were available for pre-sale at a mint price of 0.15 ETH which all sold out.[11]

Each allowlist spot enabled individuals to mint a maximum of 2 NFTs per wallet.

Public Sale

The public sale took place on February 20, 2022, at 10:00 am EST, an hour after the close of the presale. A total supply of 3000 NFTs was available for public sale at an initial mint price of 0.75 ETH.[12]

The descending Dutch auction was used for public sale. Starting at 0.75 ETH, the price dropped by 0.1 ETH every 20 minutes until it reached 0.15 ETH. Each user's wallet was allowed to mint a maximum of 5 NFTs.

200 NFTs were reserved for the team’s treasury. These will be used for community events, future plans, and their core/dev/mod teams.

Global Reveal

The global reveal for 3Landers took place 48 hours after the NFT project's public launch at 10:00 am EST.


The 3Landers collection is based on more than 100+ unique traits which include:

  • Accessory (8)
  • Background (24)
  • Body (56)
  • DNA (13)
  • DAN Type (50)
  • Head (59)
  • Legendary (19)
  • Minimon (31)
  • Mouth (52)
  • Vision (63)[13]


3Landers is an NFT project that was launched on 19th February 2022.[14]

With its core value centered on community growth, the project partnered with several NFT members from communities such as Doodles, Cool Cats, World of Women, and others which received presale mint access as a result of the collaboration.

The community partnerships were key to the successful launch of the collection which has already amassed over 30K ETH in secondary sales volume on OpenSea.[15]

Charity Auction

From March 11 to 14, 2022, the auction for 3Lander NFT token #1, “Moa” took place with the proceeds going to Women's Aid to promote awareness and combat domestic abuse.[16]

3Landers earlier announced their partnership with Women's Aid which will see them host an NFT event and auction one of their 1/1 pieces.[17] Pom said:

The vision for token ID #1 will be attached to a non-profit auction. We will be holding a fundraising event to raise awareness for abuse, and will be collaborating with Women’s Aid to auction this NFT to the public and give all proceeds to the non-profit.

3Land Story

The NFT project, which began as an imaginative concept with the tagline "Let's Go Dreamers" has taken off and is being termed "the next blue-chip on the blockchain" by crypto enthusiasts.[18]

According to the 3Landers creator:

Our initial objective is to establish a gathering space for such a community. We have a lot of exciting plans for the future. We’re looking into the interaction of Web3 and the actual world, as well as the metaverse and other Web3 art endeavours.

Speaking about the project's adventure roadmap, Pom said:[19]

As we set out on this adventure, we aim to create an exciting and engaging community full of depth and meaning! We are an art-focused and community-driven project, and we plan to retain this core identity while building! As we cover initial roadmap plans and context, we’ve chosen to articulate our efforts into 4 “lanes” which will all move together towards common goals in unity.

These four lanes include:

  • Community/Story/Worldbuilding.
  • The long-term 3Land adventure.
  • Metaverse integration.
  • The intersection between the NFT space and the physical world.

Notable Sales

On March 2, 2022, 3Landers #9379 sold on OpenSea for 75 ETH ($221,000 as at the time of purchase).[20][21]

On February 26, 2022, 3Landers #6572 with reptile vision and Lfg Tee body sold for 22 ETH (or $61,167 at the time of purchase).[22][23]

On February 25, 2022, 3Landers #6643 which is among the eighteen legendary NFTs sold for 48.99 ETH.[24][25] Also on that same day, 3Landers #3057 with bubble x vision, and lime bubble background sold for 36.66 ETH.[26][27]

On February 22, 2022, 3Landers #7893 sold on OpenSea for 35 ETH ($92,549 as at the time of purchase).[28][29] Also on that same day, 3Landers #7462 which is also a legendary NFT sold for 34.99 ETH (or $92,331 at the time of purchase).[30][31]

On April 3, 2022, 3Landers #9602 sold for 39.95 ETH ($140,723.48 as of the time of purchase).[32][33]

3Landers Natives

In the 3Land world, there are twelve unique DNAs and eighteen legends under which all 3Landers NFTs are divided. Some of which include:

Time Wizards

The Time Wizard has no beginning and no end. The Time Wizard has the ability to rearrange the order in which events take place, but cannot stop events from happening altogether.

Their life, their eternity, is making sure that catastrophe is not seen for many generations to come.


Humans have the biggest imagination of all DNAs, but require collaboration to bring their creativity to life, forming strong alliances with Golems throughout history. Humans are dreamers, inventors, and scientists at heart, who explore the furthest lengths to which they can push innovations in order to achieve their aspirations.

Historically Humans were known explorers under “Rander the Invincible”. The name ‘Rander’ is referenced as their king over many lifetimes, which would typically be strange considering the average life expectancy of humans during such times. There is no name referenced before “Rander the Invincible” in human documents, perhaps wiped away by generations of voyaging.


The Devils are masters in forgery and refining fine metals, and are also known for being the only DNA with the ability to summon lost souls from ‘The Void’. The people of Heldion are quite devilish by nature, but inferno tends to keep his people in check.

Prior to Inferno, the Devils were known to cause problems due to their infatuation with lost souls from the void. The Devils would summon whoever, and whatever they wanted for the sake of "fun".


Skeletoon has always been known as Skeletoon, even before the event which caused his physical transformation. Some may call it destiny, or a simple miscalculation in the original portals which caused his name to Manifest into reality.

By volunteering, Skeletoon helped Mēmo create the first functioning portals. Prior to these portals, all other portals were singular, meaning only one person could travel through them at a time.


3L-Bots are a mystery to all other DNAs, but especially themselves. It is unclear who built the 3L-Bots, but what we do know is it was several years before “The Frost Wars” took place. 3L-Bots are incredible planners, and function at the highest levels of intelligence but lack the practical skills to actually create.

They are in constant pursuit of creation and their creator, sometimes causing disasters in 3Land due to experimentation. The most notable disaster was what caused the "Frost Wars" in the days of "Ziom".


Apes are spontaneous and impulsive in nature. They are one of the strongest friendships to have within 3land due to their lack of regard for consequences in pursuit of something greater.

Apes historically held the greatest armies known to the land because of their nature and quick comradery, crafting alliances with the first DNA that offered them treasures and visions of grandeur. Now these sound like bad things, they are quite the contrary. The ape Kings and Queens of old believed in one simple rule; "You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours" making them the most honorable of all nations, who would never fail on a commitment or duty.


The Aliens are obsessed with creatures they deem "Adorable", and UFO-3 is just that. After spotting him on an interstellar mission, they immediately brought him home and began to worship the small bear. Building him a personal spaceship, and crowning him emperor of The Aliens.


Mummzy is the only known Legend to have been consumed to "The Void" and made it back with his mind fully intact and without any help from the Devils. According to Mummzy, he spent multiple eternities within The Void, before finding his way out.

According to historical documents, however, Mummzy was only missing for several years. Meaning that time within the void is not entirely relevant to our understanding of time. Since returning from the void, Mummzy has hardly been seen. There are many stories from the Golems, claiming that a shrouded figure roams their deserts, keeping watch over the night.


The Sealanders are native to 3Land and have the most historically documented culture second to that of the Bubbles. With their home being beneath the waters, an invasion is nearly impossible and their ever-expanding empire unstoppable. The wealth of their kingdom is unmatched according to the bubbles, with endless treasures concealed beneath the sea. Although originally unknown by the first human settlers, the Sealanders are entirely peaceful and quite hospitable.

The Sealanders give us a grasp on history, due to their documentation of leaders through large events that have taken place in 3Lands.


3Landers x TOYLAXY

3Landers has announced TOYLAXY as their official Toy Factory partner. Toylaxy is a high-quality toy producer company based in Thailand with a massive selection of toys.[34]

TOYLAXY is currently working on the production of the first line of 3Landers toys which is set for release in Q2 2022. Community partners will potentially get their own line of toys made through 3Landers / TOYLAXY upon its release.

3Landers x 0xStudio

On February 25, 2022, the 3Landers team announced that 0xstudio will continue to build with them as a long-term project partner. 0xStudio has been instrumental in the success of the project's launch and reveal. They contributed to tech, the collection curation, community expansion activities, and collaborations on ideas and initiatives.

In the future, 0xStudio will play an important role in co-shaping the future of 3Landers as a project.

3Landers x Barriers

3Landers has been working to bring together the bridge between the NFT space and the physical world, and they recently announced their first fashion partnership with Barriers.[35]

The goal is to build a lifestyle brand that represents their values of creativity, collaboration, and freedom of expression. The first merch drop will be in April 2022.

3Landers x DesignerCon

On August 15, 2022, 3landers announced its official partnership with DesignerCon. DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that has been running for 17 years with the purpose to smash together collectible toys, custom plushies, designer apparel and so much more with urban, underground, and pop art. 3Landers merch, toys, and exclusives will be available to be won as prizes in the convention that will hold from November 18 to November 20, 2022.[42]

About Pom

Pom is a Thai artist living in Japan with his family and working full-time as a digital artist to bring the world of 3Land to life so that others can share his journey.[36]

Pom started drawing at an early age for the pure enjoyment of it. Akira Toriyama, a Japanese manga artist, was his source of inspiration.[37]

I was a kid who didn't have many friends and didn't have many toys to play with because we didn't have enough money to live on. I started to draw. I created characters so I can have more friends. One day one of my few friends showed me a Japanese manga called “dragon ball” that was my first manga I have read. I was so surprised I’ve found another world that I have never seen it in real life.

NFT Journey

Though he has been a digital artist all his life, His NFT journey started with the release of his first NFT collection 3Landers in February 2022. The collection was inspired by the concept of a place called 3Land in his head. It is a land of peace, love, and adventure. He wants people to come to play with his monsters in the world of his imagination.

Also speaking about his NFT collection, He said:

3land has always been my playground. I have been there a lot going on adventures every day, going deep inside my heart and I feel the freedom I feel like I actually have everything here. I feel like I can talk to myself when I draw, I can go travel inside.


3Landers community partners include:


1.3LandBoy (Pom)Artist & Co-founderPom is a Thai artist who is currently living in Japan with his family and working full-time as a digital artist to bring the world of 3Land to life so that others may be invited into his story.[38]
2.AJ. (Stubby)Creative Director & Co-founderHe has a background and Master’s Degree in Fashion Design, and is currently living in the U.K. AJ’s passion is to bridge the gap between digital and physical communities, and bring people together in unity. AJ’s connections through his experience in the fashion industry will be incorporated into the future of 3Landers as a brand.[39]
3.EvoTheCuratorProject ManagerSpecialized in Web3 community architecture with a deep background in international communications. He is also a jpeg curator.[40]
4.0xStudioWeb3 Enabler TeamDriving technical aspects of the project from idea to launch. 0xStudio is a web3 team comprising developers, collectors, and artists.[41]


Stage 0 — Q1 2022

  • Lore building is underway. Each DNA and Legend will have a role in 3Land.
  • Tools for Adventure are needed and confirmed, Pom posted art of a satchel.
  • Snapshot confirmed for March 12. One per 3Lander held.
  • Merch collab with Barriers NY confirmed.

Stage 1 — Q2 2022

  • n-house merch to follow.
  • Toys are confirmed, and production/concepts are underway.
  • Pixel 3Landers confirmed. led by 0xStudio.
  • Worldwide Webb Penthouse purchased.
  • Metaverse integration is in the initial stages and will be built upon the foundation of pixel 3Landers.

Stage 2 — Q3 2022

  • IRL meet-up during NFT NYC confirmed.
  • Token #1 charity auction.
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