Age of Rust

Age of Rust is a one-player first-person adventure game with quizzes and action. It is similar to both Firewatch and Alien: Isolation. Age of Rust includes  assets using  on Ethereum for game stuff held outside of the game in the player's wallet.[1]


In Age of Rust, users take on the role of a rogue bounty hunter in search of crypto treasures, which requires them to travel to far-flung worlds to investigate abandoned spacecraft, intriguing caverns, and ruins.[2]

Age of Rust is set in the far future of 4424, and it begins with the relatively common sci-fi idea of a colony ship in stasis gone wrong.[3] In game mode, the player awakens in an unrecognizable universe where rogue machines have taken control and development has halted.[4]

Age of Rust is a single-player, first-person mystery adventure with a heavy focus on mind-bending puzzles.   are employed in a variety of ways, from conferring unique skills to unlocking hidden regions.[5]

Gamers explore, analyze, experiment, and unlock additional stuff to experience in their quest for answers.[6] In the dystopian environment of Age of Rust, three sorts of puzzles will put both abilities and wits to the test:

Adventure Progress

These are for the purpose of advancing the plot (e.g., finding a hidden lever to open a door).[7]

Crypto Puzzles

Require a specific amount of blockchain-based inventory and can give out incentives. There are 4 and 35,000+ ENJ / NFT bounties available.[8]

Crypto Treasure Hunt

The ultimate objective is concealed behind hints scattered throughout the game, resulting in a 20 Bitcoin (BTC) prize.[9]

Age of Rust will be released in three seasons, totaling 100 hours of story-driven gameplay. The ultimate reward of 20 BTC will be uncovered in the third season, along with another 4 BTC and 35,000+ smaller bounties and NFT treasures.[10]


The Age of Rust has certain unique elements built into its platform that make it one of the most popular ways for gamers to earn money while playing adventure and puzzle games. Some of these features are described below.


The game includes puzzles that will reward players with assets or bounties that they may claim as they go through the game. [11] Although the puzzles are challenging, they are all entirely solved with the help of in-game tips and instructions.[12]

Intense Combat

Bounty hunters and ordinary folks alike are on the lookout for players for their own sinister motives. When confronted with these situations, the only alternative is to shoot for safety using one of the several weapons kinds available.[13]


Players will be able to explore precisely depicted locales such as forests, caverns, space stations, and exotic worlds in an open-world scenario. The scenery may be as dangerous as it is beautiful. [14]


Age of Rust is a  game that employs NFTs. Players can earn a  for completing some of the puzzles. NFTs in the Age of Rust take on many forms and can be bought, sold, and traded on secondary marketplaces. NFTs from other games, as well as Enjin's Multiverse NFTs, such as Epochrome, Forgehammer, Stormwall, Shadowsong, Oindrasdain, and APG-M55, are used in the game.[15]

NFTs offer players anything from gaining special abilities and weapons to unlocking additional levels and content to experience. Unique weapons and abilities assist players in reaching areas within the game they otherwise wouldn't be able to reach.

There are over 37,000 NFT tokens throughout the three seasons, and the in-game Rustbits currency can also be bought, sold, and traded on secondary markets.[18]


The game started out as a straightforward tech adventure helmed by a single developer. Then it grew into one of the most eagerly anticipated and in-depth games in the industry. Age of Rust was accepted into Enjin's Early Adopters Program in 2018. As players unravel the story's strands, combat and stealth features are combined with NPC interaction to keep gaming new, while blockchain enhances the gameplay experience by allowing specific tokens to unlock more gameplay options, such as higher-tier puzzles.[16]

Inspired by games like Alien Isolation, Myst, and Firewatch, Age of Rust immerses players in a mystery world and allows them to figure out what's going on, resulting in a thoughtful, intellectual, and gratifying gaming experience with graphics often reserved for AAA big-budget releases.

Players will take on the role of Quinn in the game. He's one of the most prolific weaponized cipher-hackers of the twenty-first century, with his exploits sequenced and archived for the future. Now he's being resurrected because AI robots have evolved into vicious machines. To continue in the game as Quinn, players will have to employ their complex puzzle-solving abilities. The story is set in a period where machines have transformed into humans and are out of control. As you search for solutions to the mystery, Callisto's voice will act as a guide for the hero (Quinn). As a result, her character is similar to a non-player character (NPC) whose main job is to deliver instructions.

Puzzles must be solved, huge areas must be explored, and crypto or Non-fungible tokens (NFT) riches must be found from time to time. Certain locations visited are either exploratory, where clues to riddles and mysteries that unlock additional regions may be found, or where hints to the game's riches can be found. Some of these riddles are intricate and challenging to solve. Others are progress-based, with the player unlocking a door to go somewhere they haven't gone before.

These locations are intertwined throughout the game's narrative. More of the tale is revealed when the player visits and investigates each of the sites. These locations may be found all around the Age of Rust realm. Planet surfaces, caverns, space stations, and abandoned spacecraft are all available for exploration.

Other levels, on the other hand, are more combat-oriented, requiring gamers to battle their way through in order to continue and unlock another region. Weapons and other game-related items will be required to do this. A weapon that a user owns on the blockchain can also be used. This might be a weapon users acquired in another game, or it could be a new weapon.

Apart from the excellent visuals and story, the game is gaining increasing popularity to its usage of  and . Players are not obliged to purchase tokens in order to play, but they may earn free cryptocurrency in the game. It's also worth noting that finishing high-level puzzles will necessitate the use of certain tokens.

The beta version of the game on Steam was released with a $1 million in-game bounty hunt for Bitcoin and Enjin. At the outset of creation, the game had 24 BTC and 370,000 ENJ tokens concealed in it, but as values have soared, they are now worth a lot more.

At the conclusion of the game's third season, the opportunity to claim the major component of the treasure, which is worth 20 BTC, will be unlocked. Meanwhile, if players can solve the riddles related to the 4 BTC and ENJ tokens, they will be accessible on an ad hoc basis.


Age of Rust's core tokens are Rustbits. They're made up of radioactive rust scraped from the hulls of abandoned spacecraft orbiting a fading star. The star is so radioactive that it destroys ships and kills anybody who approaches it too closely. It's tough to get rust off of stranded ships, but it's valuable. The rust has a quantum cryptographic signature and is stored on protected linear chips which are also compatible with Earth-based Enjin wallets.


Equipment cards are used to acquire unique equipment in the game that can assist in solving puzzles, unlocking mini-games, and defeating specific enemies. Collecting and utilizing these objects is critical to completing missions, particularly ones with rewards.

Crypto Sensor

In Season 1 of Age of Rust, this is a Utility item. Crypto Sensors were resurrected technology used to identify persons with crypto implants before the Great Wars. With the assistance of a crypto sensor, crypto implants are frequently retrieved from the reluctant or deceased. A typical target is sleeper colonies stranded on floating ships.[17]

Armored Skin

In-game this method of injecting nano-materials into the skin, which was formerly considered forbidden in off-world colonies, became popular for a brief period of time prior to the Mechs' rebellion. Finding someone qualified and knowledgeable enough to safely complete the procedure after the war has been lost is rare. It is possible to withstand significant harm without dying once the nano-materials attach to your skin. However, it still relies on the human body's natural regeneration mechanisms.

FOMO Prison Key

Before the Age of Rust, criminals were forced into a mind-altering state of awareness in an attempt to rehabilitate them. Even though captives were only linked to the outside world for a few minutes, their brains were isolated for decades or millennia. Using a virtual coded encryption key constructed of elements found within the jail, one hacker was able to reset the control system.


This is a puzzle prize in Age of Rust Season 1. It was developed into an alloy for protecting engine cores after it was formerly a hazardous and unstable metal. It's seeded into titanium after being processed into a fine powder and then refined again until the Ununpentium develops through the titanium. The alloy is subsequently carved into forms that are utilized in very large ship engine cores. The method of refining has been lost to time, yet fragments of Ununpentium can still be unearthed in obscure locations.

Mech Source Code

This is a trophy in Age of Rust Season 1. The source code for all mechs was standardized and encrypted for human access only to make them usable aboard any ship or at any colony. For service technicians and other emergency circumstances, many offline copies were prepared. These were lost during the conflict. Since the beginning of the Age of Rust, no one has seen the source code or the loading device.

Arjens HOLO Drive

This is a trophy key for Age of Rust Season 1. Arjen has buried a strange crypto treasure somewhere in the galaxy. While no one knows what is on the holodisk, it is very valuable if it was in Arjen's hands.

E-Mag Crossbow

This is a crossbow that may be used in Age of Rust Season 1. This crossbow's secret is its ability to shoot an electromagnetic bolt, which has earned it a reputation for being light, small, and powerful. The bolt fires a strong charge that may deactivate or impair large industrial machinery.


Season 1 of Age of Rust, illuminates gloomy places. Although it is a remnant of the past, it is nevertheless highly useful when exploring perilous regions. Flips open to reveal a flame-resistant to the dampening fields that may render flashlights, night vision, and thermal imaging useless.

Portable Fold Gate

During the battle, these would be discovered from a fallen mech supply shipment on Taphao. Each one has a quantum entangled companion, which is kept in a secure place and allows anybody with one to travel quickly in one direction. They quickly overheat and should only be used in emergency situations. Because they only have enough power to travel a limited distance, they can't be utilized to transport anything across planets or solar systems. No one knows why the Mechs have them, but it's something that has to be looked into in the future or in the past.

Mission Tokens

The LastLight and Origin cards are bonus Gold Card Mission tokens. There are eight core Mission cards and two bonus Gold Card Mission tokens. The Origin card is the community's founder token, and it grants access to all missions and upcoming games. The gold cards also grant access to a private Discord channel where you may get early screenshots, developer information, and other exclusive content.


In Season 3 of Age of Rust, this mission ticket unlocks Mission 9. On some planets, a strange vault is partially exposed. The location is a mystery that must be investigated and found. According to rumors, there is some bitcoin buried within this vault. You must have one of these cards in order to get entry to the vault.


This completes Season 2 of Age of Rust's Mission 6 in the game. On Taphao, heavy resistance warriors fought the mechs in a long-running battle that lasted decades. In the Valley of the Siege, where they made their final stand, humans joined together to strengthen themselves. Soldiers and colonists joined forces to launch a crushing assault on the Mech battalions, pushing them back and gaining a fresh footing. The Mechs, on the other hand, had a fleet in low orbit and started a fire on everyone on the planet, both humans and mechs. The mission to wipe mankind from the face of the earth has begun.


This completes the game's Mission 10 in Season 3 of Age of Rust. A dreadnought deep space cruiser arrived on planet Kanbar long ago to secure the planet for settlement. Construction of bases, roadways, and housing quarters for the colonists began with the deployment of mechs. On a habitable exoplanet, a paradise was constructed for the first inhabitants of Earth. However, reports of mechs breaking down and turning on people began to stream in from all across the globe years later. Only dust and archaic technologies are now spread throughout the planet's surface. The foundation of the arid, broken, and lonely planet-scape is where the Age of Rust began.


This unlocks Mission 3 in the Age of Rust Season 1 game. Nobody knows how or why a group of Rangvok R11 mechs became the galaxy's most ruthless and merciless bounty hunters. They were allegedly betrayed by a mercenary outfit that sought to hack and reprogram them. It's thought that the hack went wrong, leading to them seeking a bounty that will never be captured or claimed. They roam the galaxy, kidnapping and killing civilians and engaging in firefights with other mechs. They may throw any scenario into shambles because they are unpredictable and overly pushy.


In Season 2 of Age of Rust, the Ghost mission token unlocks Mission 4. When the Age of Rust began, most of the colony ships that departed Earth had been destroyed for supplies. As mechs began looting the spacecraft and ripping passengers from their cryopods, a few individuals awoke to a new horror. Some of them were able to flee or make it to their ships' bridges in time to fight back. Some of the colony ships were abandoned with individuals still sleeping in the captain's chair while the pilots were dead. These "ghost pilots" spent years onboard fatal spacecraft still drifting into the depths of space on autopilot, earning the moniker "ghost pilots."


It unlocks Mission 7 in Age of Rust Season 3's game. The human race has suffered as a result of the great conflict against the mechs. The violent and primitive culture of survival has led to rage and despair as civilization has deteriorated. Humans, whether genetically modified or not, have sought vengeance on those who mistreat colonies or the defenseless.


This unlocks Mission 5 in the Age of Rust Season 2 game.

Runners are called after a mystery sort of mech that disguises itself as a human and is frequently spotted escaping from attacked or destroyed ships and bases. They will flee and often escape by whatever means necessary to avoid being apprehended. Several have been known to jump into reactor streams or unlock airlocks and eject themselves. They are frequently observed carrying out sabotage assaults in whatever manner they can, including interfering with weaponry, reactors, and environmental systems' safety controls. They have no methods of communication or the ability to convey any messages when captured before self-destructing, which is equally puzzling.


In Season 3 of Age of Rust, the Devastation mission token unlocks Mission 8. The losses took their toll centuries after the Great Wars, and mankind lost the desire to fight back. The A.I. was too swift, the robots were too powerful, and the weapons was too powerful to be stopped. Then, over time, pockets of resistance emerged, gathering intelligence and stockpiling fresh weapons, and resuming the battle for independence. The resistance's initial retaliation was an attack on a mech repair facility, which resulted in massive destruction.

In-Game Wallet

The Enjin platform is used to host Age of Rust. Users must first download the Enjin Wallet on their mobile devices in order to play Age of Rust. Players will be able to link their wallets to the game after it has been installed. This confirms the user's ownership of the game objects and allows them to quickly browse, sell, trade, and buy them. The Enjin Smart Wallet, which was launched in January 2018, is meant to provide simple  storage, high-level security, and compatibility for a variety of digital currencies. Users may not only transfer and receive Ethereum (ETH), , Litecoin, and other  tokens, but they can also manage their blockchain-based gaming assets with Enjin.


Age of Rust X OpenSea

Age of Rust has announced a partnership with  marketplace. While an Age of Rust item is on sale, players can organize an auction for it and retain it in their own wallet via the OpenSea website. In that manner, things from the Age of Rust can be utilized even when they're on the market.

Age of Rust goods may be advertised without paying gas or waiting for blockchain confirmation after creating an OpenSea account. Users need to configure the listing and sign it using  when selling an Age of Rust item. The customer files a transaction after purchasing the item, and the transaction is completed. Other users can bid on an Age of Rust item without the owner's permission (even if it's not on sale). The owner can accept these offers right away and get WETH in return for the Age of Rust item. However, if you move soon, other token holders may be able to accept the offer as well.

System Requirements

The Age of Rust has basic system requirements that enable smooth and seamless gameplay for this game of adventure.

Minimum System RequirementsRecommended System Requirements
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating systemRequires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OSWindows 10Windows 10
ProcessorIntel Core i7 or Ryzen 7 2700XIntel Core i9-9900K Processor or Ryzen 9 3900X
Memory16 GB RAM32 GB RAM
GraphicsNvidia GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX Vega 56Nvidia RTX 2080 or AMD Radeon VII
VersionVersion 11Version 11
Storage24 GB available space24 GB available space
Sound CardWindows 10 CompatibleWindows 10 Compatible
Additional Notes1920 x 1080 resolution2560 x 1440 resolution


SpacePirate Games was founded in June 2017 by Chris Loverme. SpacePirate is been tagged as a "Blockchain game development company." [18]

Chris Loverme is the Chief executive officer and Founder of SpacePirate Games in California, and the creator of Age of Rust, a dark sci-fi adventure game set in a dystopian interplanetary environment. Age of Rust was the fourth game to join Enjin's Early Adopter Program and the first to aim to use Enjin's smart contracts to build a blockchain-based peer-to-peer rental market.

Chris, a former NASA network engineer, has over 20 years of IT expertise in the aerospace, entertainment, and telecommunications industries. He is active in numerous blockchain gaming and cryptocurrency initiatives, including working as an advisor to Blockade Games, the firm behind Neon District and Pineapple Arcade, in addition to Age of Rust.

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