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Alien Worlds is a decentralized metaverse (i.e. extensible platform) running on the Ethereum, WAX, and  . The metaverse currency - Trilium (token symbol TLM) - incentivizes explorers to play games and must be staked by users to participate in governance. Planets within the metaverse are decentralized autonomous organizations that receive daily Trilium from the central metaverse .[1][2]

Explorers engage through mining, acquiring and renting land, voting for Planetary governance to impact Trilium and payouts and other strategic actions which are likely to proliferate over time as Planets offer their own games and NFTs.

Explorers accumulate and use rare and unique NFTs in their quest to earn more of the native token of the game, Trilium, and grow their influence.

More Planets can be created; this is intended to be done in a manner so as not to penalize existing Planets. Planets are the means by which blockchain communities can onboard onto Alien Worlds, get their own token and , offer games and services into the ecosystem, and trade NFTs.


Alien Worlds runs on the Ethereum, WAX, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains. Ethereum is a useful blockchain for storing and accessing Trilium, whilst WAX is a game and NFT-focused blockchain. BSC is an attractive consumer-centric chain with a growing user base and inexpensive transactions.[3]

On-chain components include:

  • Trilium token
  • All Non-fungible tokens
  • All core gameplay including the mining game, fighting game, and further game actions such as quests
  • DAO governance and voting including staking
  • Database of Planets

Off-chain elements include:

  • Graphical elements including NFTs (avatars and other gameplay modifying NFTs)
  • User interfaces (Pack opening & DAO management interface)
  • Mining and fighting game interfaces
  • Additional games and activities that are not part of the core distribution of TLM and/or NFTs

Integration with Coinbase Wallet

In August 2022, Alien Worlds announced its integration with . Alien Worlds players can now use Coinbase wallet as a non-custodial wallet to hold the Trilium and they receive from going on Missions. More players can now enter the Alien Worlds gaming metaverse through this Coinbase Wallet integration.[4]


It’s 2055 — some of Earth’s inhabitants have discovered a way to escape the raging pandemics on Earth.
The most advanced bitcoin mining community — the Federation — noticed a pattern in its algorithmic solutions. An advanced Alien race was sending messages through bitcoin mining algorithms, and the messages led to a big discovery.
A wormhole that allowed humans to travel to far-flung exoPlanets….

Metaverse Elements


Planets are the main locus of activity within Alien Worlds - they are where mining and gameplay occur, and where governance happens. Each Planet sets its own resource strategy and games, and players vote for their own Planetary government with the power of their staked Trilium.

  • At inception, there are 6 Planets.
  • A Planet is represented by a WAX account and its corresponding smart contract.
  • New Planets can be created by the Federation. The terms and conditions of the Planet award will be negotiated between the community and the Federation. This may include, but will not be limited to, Planetary (DAO) Tokens, Land, and other NFTs.
  • The Federation will also provide the Planets with smart contracts to run their mining and fighting games.
  • Planets receive a daily flow of Trilium from the Federation which the Planets’ Custodians choose how to allocate down to users.
  • Planets within Alien Worlds are Decentralised Autonomous Communities (DAOs). Each Planet is a tokenized DAO with a dedicated member client portal for Planet token holders to vote for their Governors and allocate Trilium and NFT flows.


  • Comprised of Founding Team (Dacoco)
  • Permissions NFTs and approves new Planets in the Federation. Can remove Planets from Federation in order to comply with legal/regulatory
  • Counts each Planet’s staked Trilium daily and allocates Trilium to Planets
  • Runs and upkeeps game front-end

Core NFTs

Core NFTs are the NFTs created by the Federation (Alien Worlds’ creators) at inception.

1. The Core NFTs within Alien Worlds are:

  • Land
  • Avatars
  • Artifacts
  • Tools
  • Weapons
  • Minions
  • Missions

2. The Core NFTs within Alien Worlds are:

  • Its name.
  • Its attributes (including its visual representations and powers).
  • Who owns it?
  • Its history of ownership.

3. NFTs in Alien Worlds are depicted as trading cards; these elements are described in the UI codebase.

Pack opening

Assets are created (ie created on the blockchain and attributed to an account) at the point at which the user opens the pack within which the assets are contained. The user opens a pack of NFTs by calling the on-chain action "open". When the user opens the pack, the NFTs in the packs are created (sometimes called "minted").

Trilium (TLM)

Trilium is the native token of Alien Worlds and is used to stake to Planets and participate in core games. It exists on the Ethereum, WAX, and BSC blockchains so that users can store Trilium on either chain subject to their preference and use it for the games constructed on WAX and BSC. Trilium is the cross-chain / BEP-20 / WAX fungible token that connects the Metaverse and allows for the transfer of value and voting in Planet DAOs. Alien Worlds players can earn Trilium in the mining game and stake Trilium to a Planet DAO to vote in that Planet’s elections.[3]

Amount of Trilium

  • There is a finite supply of Trilium at 5 billion Trilium with inflation at 9% of supply in year 1, 7.64% in year 2, and declining year on year
  • Inflation funds the Daily Trilium Allocation to Planets and the Daily Trilium Allocation to Landowners

Uses of Trilium

  • Trilium must be staked by users to receive Planetary DAO tokens and participate in Planet governance.
  • Trilium can be used to acquire NFTs.
  • The Federation (and if they chose, Planets) charges Trilium fees for gameplay such as the fighting game.
  • Trilium is burned (that is, NFTs sent to explorers for mining on the Planet or fighting on behalf of the Planet) when users shine NFTs.
  • Trilium is required to participate in Nebula Events whereby users can obtain Legendary and Mythical items. Trilium fees go to Treasury and a proportion or all may be burned.
  • Trilium is required to participate in Quests.

Core Games

Mining Game

The mining game is a set of smart contracts available to Planets that they can offer to their explorers. It allows explorers to mine for Trilium and NFTs on Land on a Planet.

Each time the explorer calls the mining action, the explorer receives a Trilium payout. Additionally, sometimes, an NFT is paid out. The amount of Trilium and NFTs paid out depends on:

  • First: How much Trilium is in the Planet’s (where the Land is located) Current Mining Pot at the time of mine (described below under "The Planet’s Mining Pots")?
  • Then, a formula that considers the type of Land and Tools being used (described under "Amount of Trilium Paid Out").
  • Finally, unless the miner is mining on Land he/she owns, a Trilium commission is paid to the Landowner, and the rest is kept by the miner (described below under "Commission to Landowner"). All NFTs are kept by the miner.
  • Additionally, there is a minimum time between mines which is a function of the Land and Tools being used (described below under "Land and Tool Attributes - Impacts on Mining Frequency and Rewards").

Missions Game

A missions game will be available on BSC whereby users can send spacecraft on missions of varying durations and receive a TLM and NFT reward. The number of TLM offered as a reward for a given mission will depend on the number of other spacecraft going on the mission. One NFT will be awarded per spacecraft per mission to a maximum of 5 NFTs per account per mission. Mission durations will be 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, and 3 months. During this time the TLM fee is locked and inaccessible to the user.

Sending a spacecraft on a mission incurs a TLM fee which is returned at the mission end. Mission rewards must be actively claimed by the user when the mission has ended.

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Alien Worlds

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