Alpha Centauri Kid

Alpha Centauri Kid is a crypto visual artist and musician. His work has been acknowledged by figures such as XCOPY, while famous collectors like GMoney and Punk #4156 have been supporting him. His debut “ctrl + alt + generate” captivated the space and set a new genesis record for the platform at 165.29 , or more than $600,000.  [1][2][5]

Early Life and NFTs

Alpha Centauri Kid (ACK) was born in 1986 in San Antonio, Texas. Since middle school, ACK has been actively engaged in artistic pursuits, particularly in oil painting on canvas. As he grew older, his artistic journey expanded to include experimentation with Photoshop. At the same time, he always had an interest in making music. However, it was in March of 2021, when he stumbled upon the world of NFTs. The catalyst for this discovery was a significant event in the NFT space, involving the sale of an artwork called "People's Big 5000 Everydays" for a sum of approximately 69 million. This revelation lead them to explore the concept of NFTs. Recognizing the potential of this emerging platform, he realized it presented an opportunity to share their music and artwork while also weaving captivating narratives. [3][4]


He had his debut in 2021 on with “ctrl + alt + generate”. After a series of high biddings on this project, ACK left his government day job, which he had been working in for fourteen years, to become a full time artist. Some of his works include , A Space Odyssey, and The Broken Keys. [3][5]

Art Style

Initially, ACK's creative focus revolved around Photoshop, where he aimed to attract attention and produce content that told stories. He found joy in capturing significant moments within the evolving landscape, relishing the process of documenting historic events. However, he soon realized that the tools available in 2D platforms like Photoshop had their limitations. In April, he acquired Cinema 4D, diving headfirst into the process of learning and experimenting through trial and error. After becoming familiarized with this technology, he started producing NFTs in both 3D and 2D formats. [4]

ACK's artistic creations are driven by a sense of divine inspiration. According to him, some ideas possess such overwhelming force that he believes they originate from a higher source, which he refers to as "the Muse." In 2022, ACK produced a portrait symbolizing this celestial power, which was subsequently sold at Christie's auction for the amount of 107,100 USD. Although the ethereal being remains nameless, it possesses a distinctive visage, representing an ever-present guide whispering thoughts and ideas to him. [3]

Sometimes I just get an idea that’s so powerful that it comes from somewhere else, and that’s what I call ‘the Muse’.

Throughout ACK's artworks and videos, there is a recurring theme of illusion and enigma. He incorporates hidden surprises, known as easter eggs, within his works for collectors to discover. Moreover, ACK started making interactive pieces, which broadens the horizons of his art. [3]

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Alpha Centauri Kid


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