ARC, founded in 2022 by , is a tech company, focusing on revolutionizing Web3 through its -powered Reactor, comprehensive ecosystem, and store.[3]


ARC started with an idea: to create a platform that would make it easier for developers to create and deploy . ARC's dApp is a portal democratizing security and access to safe, utilarian smart contracts and token projects, perform swaps and an interface to farm ARC tokens. The product features, Swap, SwapsAI, Bridge, Farms, Fiat on-ramp. As the team worked on the project, they eventually created the ARC Reactor, the culmination of that vision.[6]

The team of professionals in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and software development has created a solution that empowers developers, enhances security, and new possibilities for decentralized finance.


$ARC is an Token. $ARC’s Utilities include:

  • Rewards & 
  • Staking $ARC earns a share of rewards that were generated from partnership deals involving tokens, , and the Reactor
  • To access the ARC Reactor, $ARC must be staked to allow access, thus removing liquidity from circulation
  • Gas Fees for Reactor
  • Governance
  • Staking $ARC in a Farm 2.0 generates the $stARC token - the reward sharing mechanism reflected as a perecntage of the staker’s $ARC of the total .



$stARC is a synthetic token with no value outside of the $ARC ecosystem. The price of $stARC is set and will not fluctuate. $stARC is a reward token and can’t be purchased. The volume of $stARC issued will be directly correlated to the volume of funds in the , not by the price of $ARC. $stARC will be attained after staking $ARC.


Conversion Process

  • When a user stakes $ARC in Farms 2.0 they start to accumulate $stARC tokens as a reward.
  • $stARC will be used as a reward token, and the amount issued to individuals will be in direct correlation by the following factors:
  1. The volume of revenue being generated and deposited into the liquidity pool.
  2. The amount of tokens held by a specific user in farms.
  • $stARC can not be farmed or and it can not generate yield. The only way to earn stARC is to stake ARC.
  • Equity investors will be paid dividends in $ARC up until their allocation has been depleted. After the $ARC tokens have been depleted, equity investors will be paid in stable coins.
  • When $stARC goes live it will be the sole reward for staking in Farms.
  • $stARC can't be compounded or staked, only burned for $.

200m tokens in total are staked in the Farm 2.0. User A controls 1M of the tokens. User A will command 0.5% of all $stARC issued on a monthly basis $stARC is issued in correlation with ARC’s revenue that month.

Converting $stARC to ETH

When the user wants to convert their $stARC rewards into $ETH, they can sell their $stARC which will burn the synthetic token and exchange the value of the tokens for the amount equal in $ETH.

As $stARC has a fixed value, it acts as a reward on company performance and the sale of the $stARC tokens will have zero price impact on the $ARC Utility Token. As the Reactor and DeFi ecosystem expands in size and scope, so does the liquidity sent to the LP.  This growth increases the volume of $stARC issued, which in turn, increases the reward amount.

DeFi Ecosystem & Tech

ARC Reactor

ARC Reactor is a tool for building applications with ease and flexibility. Its AI-powered technology enables seamless integration with blockchain networks, allowing to create decentralized applications with security and efficiency.[16]

The ARC Reactor simplifies the development process and enables developers to create and deploy applications faster and more efficiently. With its interface and features, the ARC Reactor adapts to various project requirements, making it an essential tool for developers.
ARC Reactor also ports codebase ($GMX), the decentralized perpetual exchange, to the ($FTM).[15]


SwapsAI is a DeFi tool that allows users to swap tokens on the blockchain. It is a non-custodial exchange, meaning that users retain control of their own private keys. It is powered by ARC's proprietary technology, and offers fast, secure and anonymous token swaps.[3]


In spring of 2023, ARC acquired Lychee Al, a NASA award winning Al engine. With over 500 stars on GitHub, this engine is helping power the Al across all the ARC's products. LycheeAI is said to be the ChatGPT of web3. The LycheeAI Engine is a peer-to-peer self-improving Artificial Intelligence that can write, debug, analyze, improve and understand software & .

LycheeAI allows to explore and develop tools such as AI Generated Code Suggestions and Edits, Plain Text dApp Generation and AI Assisted Debugging. The LycheeAI system stands to reduce Smart Contract development time enormously. In addition to revolutionizing the Smart Contract development experience, LycheeAI allows to explore concepts on ARC's DeFi ecosystem such as Free Market , and On-chain AI Tools.

LycheeAI has competed directly against human teams in international NASA competition in 2015. LycheeAI made it to the finals, and was awarded Peoples Choice award, for it's game- representing the ISS through challenging event changes and survival zone simulations, generated within 24 hours.


LycheeAI, unlike ChaptGPT, serializes all components within the engine. The data is able to be interpreted in a manner which allows the AI to understand user goals as well as the development environment which gives Lychee a distinct advantage on technical applications like code generation or debugging.

Core Features

  • Automatic Smart Contract Generation
  • AI assisted Error Detection and Solution Generation
  • Text-to-Smart-Contract
  • Exploit Detection & Solution Generation
  • Isomorphic (Cross Platform)
  • Serialization System allows Re-Simulation on any Platform
  • Incredibly Lightweight
  • UI and Layout Generation


Features of the Engine

  • Automated Code Refactoring, Bug Fixing and Code Improvements
  • Automated Design Tracking, Layout and Flow Optimization
  • Automated Packaging for Embedded, Console, Mobile, Desktop and Server Apps
  • Automated Deployment via git and Live-Updates
  • Automated Reactive/Responsive UI/UX Components
  • Automated Debugging, Network and UI/UX Flow Analysis
  • Automated Testing and Integration with the AI
  • Automated Networking (Peer-to-Peer HTTP1.1/2.0 and WS13 with Local/Global Discovery)
  • Automated Network Services and Traffic Balancing/


The Technical Stuff

  • Graphical Asset/Entity/Scene Design Tool (lychee.js Studio)
  • Graphical Server Management Tool (lychee.js Ranger)
  • Cross-Platform Compiler Bootstrapping Library (lychee.js Crux)
  • Command-Line Continous Integration Server (lychee.js Harvester)
  • Command-Line Wizard for Projects and Libraries (lychee.js Breeder)
  • Command-Line Builder and Cross-Compiler (lychee.js Fertilizer)
  • Command-Line Fuzz-Tester and Code-Refactorer (lychee.js Strainer)

Due to LycheeAI’s new applications and its focus within the Web3 space, this technology was renamed to closely align with ARC’s business, reach, and depth of capabilities as 'Archimedes'. Drawing inspiration from the historical ingenuity of the inventor of the screw pump, compound pulleys, and defensive machines, the name embodies the drive to advance and secure Web3.[17]

ARC Apes

On October 27, 2022, ARC’s community-centric NFT collection, The ARC Apes, with a supply of 111 NFTs having a fun combination of utility & rewards, were released.


The ARC Apes are designed by 22-year-old artist Juiceddd, a trailblazing figure in the NFT Space. Residing on the East Coast of the USA, Reed, aka, Juiceddd, has been pursuing art since the age of 11, and became involved in the world of Web3 around 2021. Beginning with a mixture of painting and sketching, Reed naturally gravitated towards digital arts, culminating in a complete focus on graphic design.

Whole profit generated from the collection went into $ARC staking in the farms. The most loyal $ARC holders will be rewarded with sustained growth. Buying and holding an ARC Ape allows to enter into a prize pool, which gives the chance to win exclusive ARC Merchandise, $ARC token rewards and also a private look at ARC’s Reactor.

Events & Conferences

ARC has attended many AMA events by featuring various blockchain based tech companies, where they shared the insights of the company and discussed topics about interoperability of the projects.

On May 7, 2022, ARC hosted an online event 'Ethereum Towers AMA', to talk about the community-centric vertical metaverse and to win very own apartment NFT.[7] On March 20, 2023, the entire development team has attended at Paris Blockchain Week. On March 28, 2023, co-AMA was hosted with $ARC & $KOIN on Twitter Spaces. In July 2023, AMA with CICchain, where elucidated the transformative feature of $ARC. Exclusive AMA between ARC & SecretNetwork was also taken place in the same month.

On June 22, 2023, a workshop was conducted 'Building on ARC' with Twitter Spaces by Developer DAO.

On September 19, 2023, $ARC attended 'The original startup conference', at TechCrunch's 'TechCrunchDisrupt'.



$ARC was listed and traded on MEXC official page and went live on July 28, 2023.[8]

ARC x Google Cloud AI

On August 11, 2023, ARC, creator of SwapsAI & Reactor, has been accepted into Google’s AI Startup Program, awarded with $350K in partner credits & access to Google’s suite of tools. TJ Dunham, Founder and CEO of ARC, shared his excitement, stating:[8]

We’re at the intersection of excitement and gratitude. Partnering with Google Cloud validates our commitment, and we’re eager to explore how our ambitions align with their expertise.

ARC x Gotbit

ARC joins forces with Gotbit, a Market Maker for Centralized Exchange Listing. Fortifying Price Stability: Taming volatility, fostering a stable & predictable trading environment and Elevating Market Efficiency: Fair pricing & improved efficiency for an equitable trading arena has taken place in this partnership.[5]

ARC x LunarCrush

$ARC was listed and went live on $LunarCrush in the same year, 2023.[8]

ARC x Polygon

On October 6, 2021, 'ARC x AMA' was hosted on a Twitter spaces to discuss about the integration. ARC’s Revolutionary Trading Terminal came to Polygon. From this integration, ARC’s trading terminal integrates Polygon’s full-stack scaling solution to provide users a safe haven for low-cost, scalable trading, farming and NFT flipping.[9]


ARC selected as one of the first major to link up to revolutionarily intuitive aggregator interface.[10]

ARC Exchange uses Price Feeds as the primary price reference service for crypto-based financial products. This integration gives ARC access to secure and reliable market data sourced from numerous premium data aggregators, secured by Chainlink’s battle-tested network architecture and decentralized oracle network.[11]


ARC's first NFT partnership with StarCard Sport Games(SCSG). From this integration, both the ARC project and ARC token holders enjoys a share of the revenue generated from SCSG’s transactions. SCSG will share 10% of gross revenue across their entire platform with ARC. The ARC token will also form a core part of the SCSG product and help to facilitate in-game transactions, with mechanics built in to create buying pressure for $ARC. ARC community also benefits from an of 5 million $SCSG which will be distributed among top $ARC holders.[12]

ARC x JUP Apes x Jupiter Project

On May 4, 2022, AMA with 'Jupiter Project' was hosted.[8] JUP Apes, over 300,000 $JUP was given away to celebrate the launch of the ARC NFT marketplace and partners- JUP Apes and Jupiter Project.[13]

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