ARC is a workflow engine with a semantic programmatic GUI to facilitate efficient cross-chain data and product deployment in the ecosystem, addressing challenges such as slow deployment speed and reliance on services. [1]

(CEO) and (COO) are the co-founders of ARC.


ARC is a comprehensive security package for Web3, containing various technologies, such as SwapsAI, Reactor, and Archimedes. Its purpose is to safeguard individuals from cyber threats such as hacks, scams, and by delivering instant risk evaluations for every token present on the .[1]

Decentralized GUI

ARC’s Decentralized GUI is a semantic, programmatic interface enabling users to create, manage, link, and deploy front-end interfaces and smart contracts across the blockchain. Unlike traditional block explorer tools, this decentralized GUI provides a transparent means to access and interpret code, offering users a clear view of on any EVM chain via a web browser. This approach enhances efficiency and redefines the typical concept of a block explorer by making code more accessible and understandable.[14]


Arc Reactor

The ARC Reactor is a no-code platform created to develop smart contracts and decentralized protocols. It is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) compatible with all EVM chains. The platform includes a design studio with a diverse set of over 100 widgets. It can map and index (dApps), generating enterprise code efficiently. [6]


Archimedes, formerly known as LycheeAI, functions within the Web3 AI ecosystem as an orchestrator of various Large Language Models (LLMs). It is an AI chatbot that can provide real-time security insights, ensuring a safe and secure experience in the Web3 world. Its role as a manager distinguishes it from conventional language models, as it utilizes the strengths of different LLMs for Web3 AI solutions without seeking to replace existing models. Archimedes plays a role in ARC’s Reactor software, including writing, debugging, analyzing, improving, and comprehending design and code logic. [7][8]


The ARC technology stack comprises several components, with the ARC virtual machine (VM) being essential. The VM is known for its speed, which surpasses that of other VMs by over 90%. This speed makes it well-suited for handling large transaction volumes, particularly in applications like decentralized finance (DeFi) and gaming, where high throughput is essential. [9]

The exceptional speed of the ARC VM happens through advanced optimization techniques, such as just-in-time (JIT) compilation, optimizing code during execution for specific input data and environments. Its lightweight and flexible architecture ensures efficient operation across diverse devices, from high-performance servers to low-power IoT devices catering to various applications. [9]


Launched on July 11, 2023, SwapsAI is a (DEX) aggregator that allows users to find the best prices for their token swaps across multiple DEXs. Emphasizing security and inclusive audits, SwapsAI delivers token insights, security measures, and portfolio management. Its noteworthy feature is generative audits, offering ongoing token analysis and heightened security. The AI Token Overview provides efficient access to essential token information for informed decision-making. Swaps AI also introduces an advanced wallet system, ensuring cost-effective transactions and integration with wallets like .[10][11]


In January 2024, ARC released the ARC+ subscription service. This service provides continuous portfolio monitoring and 24/7 security alerts, featuring smart contract safety checks to enhance security for subscribers. Integration with Telegram or Discord allows Security DMs from Archimedes to facilitate interactive conversations to keep subscribers informed about potential threats, market shifts, and the structural integrity of their digital assets while offering insights into market trends and asset performance. [12]

“The introduction of ARC+ marks not just the release of a new service but the beginning of a new era in asset management. ARC+ combines advanced security features with unparalleled market insights to support subscribers. The objective is to furnish subscribers with essential tools and information for a confident and secure approach to managing digital assets.” - , CEO of ARC

ARC Token

The ARC token ($ARC) is a that provides access to the ARC suite of tools. It can be staked to reduce fees and unlock benefits within the ecosystem. [3]


Staking $ARC enables users to generate $stARC, a learning-to-earning ranking mechanism important for ARC’s AI model training. This staking mechanism is a prerequisite for accessing the ARC Reactor, with a specified amount of $ARC needed for entry. Additionally, holding $ARC provides the privilege to operate a node within the AI database. [3]

By participating in $ARC staking, users contribute to training the ARC AI system developed in collaboration with Google. The $stARC ranking system allows users to rank within the ecosystem and presents an opportunity for potential rewards based on their feedback. Holding $ARC also provides governance to users, allowing them to vote on future decisions within the ARC ecosystem. [3]


The $ARC token has a total supply capped at one billion tokens, with the existing circulating supply amounting to 638,100,000 ARC. As outlined in the official whitepaper, the token distribution is structured as follows: [1]

  • 33% allocated to seed, private, and public investors
  • 12% held by the team
  • 20% earmarked for rewards and incentives
  • 15% designated for CEX, MM, and partners
  • 20% dedicated to funding the ongoing development of the ecosystem
  • Additionally, 50% of the total supply was locked in Unicrypt for 12-24 months, reflecting the company’s commitment to a long-term perspective.

ARC Apes

On October 27, 2022, ARC introduced The ARC Apes, a community-oriented NFT collection of 111 Apes. The profits generated from the collection were designated for single-sided $ARC staking. Owners of ARC Apes were entered into a prize pool, offering the opportunity to win exclusive ARC Merchandise, $ARC token rewards, and more. Additionally, ARC Ape owners gained a preview of ARC’s Reactor before it was released in Q4 2022. [4]

“When it comes to web3 I’m here to stay, as I fully believe in the ethos and use case of blockchain technology. I’ll always be here to build and deliver a quality product. Every single time. That’s why working with ARC felt right, I can’t put into words how excited I am for everything, and a massive thank you to everyone at ARC” - Juiceddd, the artist behind the project.


Google Cloud AI

On August 11, 2023, ARC was selected to join Google Cloud’s AI Startup Program, gaining $350,000 in Google Cloud Partner credits. The collaboration provided ARC access to Google’s tools and resources. Google Cloud’s support significantly impacted ARC’s flagship initiatives, emphasizing its commitment to expanding Web3 tooling and reshaping the security landscape. [5]

“We’re at the intersection of excitement and gratitude. Partnering with Google Cloud validates our commitment, and we’re eager to explore how our ambitions align with their expertise.” - TJ Dunham, CEO of ARC


On July 24, 2023, ARC announced a partnership with Gotbit, a market maker in the Web3 industry. This collaboration aimed to explore decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions within the Web3 ecosystem. The partnership aligned ARC’s mission to enhance Web3 safety and accessibility through token utility solutions with Gotbit’s expertise in reshaping token markets, potentially impacting the Web3 industry by offering tools and services to make DeFi more accessible, secure, and efficient for users.[13]

“The tailored long-term strategies catered to individual needs offer immense value, and the expert trading desk’s round-the-clock risk management will ensure robust practices year-round, providing a solid foundation for ARC’s markets.” - TJ Dunham, CEO of ARC

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