Atlas Protocol

Atlas Protocol is a  application layer protocol aiming to build infrastructure for on-chain interactive advertising and marketing. It operates on the  and has a total supply of 4 billion ATP.[1][2]

On the 7th of September 2022, Atlas announced that it will form a strategic partnership with Blockless, the first customizable execution layer for Web3, providing better web services for the future.[13]

Atlas operates in Asia, North America, and Europe with plans to expand in other regions. It is one of the world’s largest application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) companies.


Headquartered in Singapore, Atlas is a global infrastructure-as-a-service group that drives the evolution of Web3. The company offers a broad range of value-added services including distributed high-performance computing, node infrastructure, networking, hardware, API support, and storage for the Web3 ecosystem. [3][14]

(Nebulabs) and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA) together developed Atlas Protocol (ATP) to build a Blockchain local interactive marketing infrastructure thereby enabling the free flow of information on the chain and also discovering new ways of on-chain interactions.[6][15]


Atlas Protocol uses a native media for value ranking and circulation via advertising. ATP work is to connect advertisers, publishers (e.g, DApps), and users with on-chain interactions via Atlas Ads.

Atlas Protocol components include:

  • Transaction Interactive Element (TIE): Interactive elements build on top of Blockchain transactions. For users who are interacting with different parties besides mere transactions.[10]
  • Atlas Targeting Rank (ATR): Value ranking mechanism based on on-chain activities . It helps navigate the advertising information in the Blockchain and ensures this information reaches the users who need it.[11]
  • User Data Protection & Incentives (UDI): Mechanism to protect user privacy from abuse as well as include users into the value circulation by rewarding users for engagement on-chain interactions.[12][16]


Atlas offers a one-stop blockchain enterprise solution to users, circulating value using tokens.

On-chain Interactive Advertising SDK

Atlas provides an On-chain Interactive Advertising SDK Powered by intelligent technology, enabling more possibilities for on-chain ads and better on-chain interaction experiences for users.

On-chain Campaign Management Platform

Creating diverse on-chain interactive campaigns, getting started quickly executing ad campaigns and measuring performances.

On-chain Data Analytics Platform

Atlas Protocol provides an on-chain data analytics platform for addressing statistics and analysis, and analyzing audience behavior to improve your on-chain advertising campaigns’ ROI.[17]


Star Atlas is working with best-in-class worldwide partners to revolutionize the meaning of immersive experiences.


Duran Liu, Co-founder, Growth - Previously Head of Nebulas Labs and a former Senior Software Engineer at Google HQ, leading multiple machine learning application projects in Google Play and Cloud Firebase.

He was a Former Senior Software Engineer at FreeWheel, where he initiated the first-generation mobile video advertising products. He was also a former software engineer at IBM China Research Laboratory. He obtained his Master’s degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.[7]

Cheng Li, Co-founder, Engineering - He was a former Senior Software Engineer at Google NYC, he worked on speech recognition/biasing, assistant query understanding and knowledge graph in Google Play.[8][9]

He was the former Director of Engineering at FreeWheel NYC with more than 7 years of experience in building advertising systems for the Internet and running engineering teams in both Beijing and New York. He graduated from Peking University with a Master’s degree In computer science, with a specialty in information security.[19]

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Atlas Protocol


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