Augmint built on blockchain technology, augmint uses that offer sophisticated cryptographic security. It is a targeted to EUR (1 AEUR ≈ 1 EUR). A-EUR is the first Augmint token implemented. A-EUR is targeted to EUR.

Users can Buy and sell AEUR for ETH or fiat currencies, get a loan in AEUR by depositing their ETH. Lock their AEUR to earn a premium.[10][11]


Augmint is a platform for launching asset-backed .  It is a quick execution-driven Multiprocessor Simulator for Intel x86. Architecture s. It depends on MINT, however, gives a UI like that of Tangolite.

Augmint is based on the idea of naturally changing the supply of each Augmint token along these lines as current fiat Money however in a straightforward, , and secure Fashion.[1]

Augmint tokens are possibly given when another, guarantee-based advance is made. Tokens are scorched on reimbursement. If there should be an occurrence of credit default, the guarantee goes to Augmint strength saves, oversaw by keen agreements. Everything occurs in a robotized, cryptographically secure, and decentralized way. Boundaries for the new advances, the utilization of the stores for advertising intercessions are chosen by straightforward and Governance processes.

The Augmint Project is a free relationship of partner people, gatherings, and associations with the regular reason for making and keeping up an open, decentralized, and appropriated record-based stable cryptographic money framework.[2][12]

Augmint multiprocessor simulation toolkit

The most freely accessible recreation devices just mimic RISC models. These devices can't catch the guidance blend and memory reference patterns of CISC models. Yet, Augmint, as an execution-driven multiprocessor recreation toolbox that fills this hole, bolsters Intel x86 designs. Augmint additionally bolsters follow-driven simulation for uniprocessors just as multiprocessors, with minor exertion with respect to test system designers. Augmint runs m4 large scale expanded C and C++ applications, for example, those in the SPLASH and SPLASH-2 benchmark suites. Augmint underpins a string based programming model with shared worldwide location space and private stack space. Augmint bolsters a test system interface good with that of the MINT recreation toolbox for MIPS models, along these lines permitting the reuse of most engineering test systems composed for MINT. Augmint reproductions run on x86-based uniprocessor frameworks under Unix or Windows NT. [3]



With tokens targeted to their respective fiat, Augmint has low volatility and offers the stability cryptocurrencies typically lack.


Augmint operates in an open and transparent way, free from government, institutions, or banks.


Built on technology, Augmint uses Ethereum smart contracts that offer sophisticated cryptographic security.

Augmint Working Mechanisms


The essential establishment of dependability is the nonstop flexibility of Augmint tokens by means of advance beginning and a comparing interest for repaying advances on development. Further explicit highlights of the Augmint framework will progress in the direction of keeping up security by smoothing the interest and flexibly pinnacles and troughs. [4]


On the off chance that An EUR cost going amiss from equality, at that point credit boundaries are changed in accordance with make it pretty much convincing to get An EUR advance for a specific computerized resource. This affects An EUR demand/supply.[5]


Augmint can intercede from its stores aggregated from expenses, defaults and interests. Augmint stores can be utilized on held uniquely for showcase intercession.[6]


Clients can generally purchase or sell your A-EUR for cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Bitcoin and so on.) on a decentralized trade. Auxiliary trades will offer direct fiat changes to/from A-EUR too. As the Augmint ecosystem develops you will require less and less to trade Augmint tokens to fiat money.[7]

Augmint Governance

The principal rules, understandings and assets are kept up and implemented by smart agreements - cryptographically changeless algorithms running on the Blockchain.

The organization mean to deal with the same number of "choices" as conceivable with shrewd agreements yet it's not plausible to get ready for each case with computerized smart agreements, for example, money related boundaries, trusted price oracles, new digital assets, contract discharges. These choices are made by stakeholders - governance token (GDC) holders. Augmint's governance model guarantees that all choices are law based and straightforward.

Access to GDC is available to any individual who is eager to store A-EUR tokens. To incentify holding and casting a ballot with GDCs the benefit from expenses is circulated among GDC holders.[8][9]

Team Members

  • Péter Petrovics - Co-founder, technologist
  • Károly Szabó - Co-founder, economist
  • Viktor Szathmáry - Strategic Advisor
  • Barnabás Debreczeni - Cryptocurrency specialist, Shinrai founder
  • Júlia Erő - Frontend developer
  • Brigitta Forrai - Frontend developer, designer
  • Ádám Ridovics - Frontend developer, designer
  • Róbert Szalóki - Frontend developer
  • Zoltán Treer - Blockchain developer[13]


Phase 0 - Concept and MVP development (Q2 2017 - Q4 2017)

  • Whitepaper and peer review
    Model simulations
    Core system
    Loan and lock functions
    Internal exchange
    Initial security reviews
    System testing

Phase 1.0 - Limited Pilot (Q1 2018 - Q2 2018)

  • Pilot with 20-50 users by invitation
    1st fiat exchange integration
    2 webshop integration for test
    Token migrations and contract upgrade tests
    Project legal framework
    Further security audits.

Phase 1.1 - Further pilots (Q2 2018 - Q3 2018)

  • Multiple pilots with 300+ users
    1st ATM in operation for test
    Security audits and bug bounties
    New site with advanced UI
    New additional collateral (tokenized ERC20)
    Extended monatery board

Phase 2.0 - Go public (Q3 2018 - Q2 2019)

  • 1000 users
    3 fiat exchange integrations
    10 ATMs in operation
    3rd party wallet app integration
    2 new, tokenized collateral
    Extra audits
    Setup for B2B use
    Ability to spend A€ without ETH balance

Phase 2.1 - Online commercial (Q2 2019 - Q1 2020)

  • 1000 transactions /day
    Introducing A-USD (A$)
    Acceptance on a respected fiat exchange
    E-commerce plugins
    Own mobile wallet app(s)
    Fast and cheap transfer and transactions
    Introducing margin type loan
    Non ETH crypto collateral added
    Introducing ATC tokens
    Earning distribution contract

Phase 3 - Offline commercial & fully trustless operation (Q2 2020 - Q2 2021)

  • Worldwide expansion
    5000 POS & 500 ATM
    Accepted on major fiat exchanges
    Trustless DAO operation
    Introducing public voting tokens (GDC)
    Trustless voting, elected monetary board
    Fully trustless rates feed

Phase 4 - Worldwide token (Q3 2021 - )

  • Own blockchain
    Augmint has alternate to top 5 fiat currencies
    Liquid democracy style voting
    Ambassadors in at least 100 countries.[14]

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