Banca is a  community platform based on AI and big data. It is The wall street of  created by Wall Street and Silicon Valley companies, based on Big Data and AI Management offering automatic Data analysis and forecasts to lower the risk of investment and help new projects.[4][5]


Banca is The wall street of  created by Wall Street and Silicon Valley company, based on Big Data and AI Management offering automatic Data analysis and forecasts to lower the risk of investment and help new projects. [1]
Banca launched to product Coinai as a Quantitative research engine for Crypto and Coin-ultra for AI Assisted Information. Aiming to give all-in-one Blockchain information with real-time information flow and time-tested Analytical Tool.

The Banca platform serves the global community. They are building Banca's dynamic eco-chain using AI and an expert-based system that includes automatic management. The Banca platform analyzes Big Data and delivers precise services tailored to the specific needs of its users. [2]

Banca Vision

To provide a one-stop solution for the global  community, they set up a lineup of products that are complementary to each other and serve different needs of the users.

By combining time-tested analytical tools from traditional finance and real-time information flow, they aim to level the playing field for retail cryptocurrency traders, who usually are at an informational disadvantage.[6]

Banca Token

Banca utility token fuels their community. Whenever Banca community members obtain services from the Banca platform, they pay for those services using Banca tokens. Banca token also helps us establish a reward mechanism to encourage active contributions and participation. [3]

It operates on the Ethereum blockchain and has a total supply of 20,000,000,000 Banca, it can be traded on exchanges like  and .

Banca’s Products and Services

<strong>COINAI</strong>: (COINAI Beta Version Online ) CoinAI is the world's leading quantitative research engine for cryptocurrencies and a realized user case for Banca tokens. Users can create their crypto portfolios and compete with other community members. VIP subscription allows access to holding details of top traders.

Community Portfolio Ranking

Purchasing VIP with a Banca token enables access to details of the top traders’ portfolios. You may use them as a reference for your trade. Or simply enjoy the fun of competing against the brilliant minds of the community.

Portfolio Tracking and Analysis

All users can create their customized crypto portfolios. CoinAI provides dynamic tracking of daily performance, coin weights, and institutional level of quantitative analysis, including portfolio optimization, risk-return analysis, AI forecasting of future returns, etc.[7][8]

<strong>COINULTRA</strong>: (COINULTRA Beta Version Online ) CoinUltra is designed to be an AI-assisted information market for cryptocurrencies and the beta version will be the second realized user case for the Banca token. Users can gain access to real-time information flow from news media, social media, and the market right at the same moment. VIPs can have access to deeper analysis of information and listing timer.

Live News Feeds with AI Tags

Their proprietary Convolutional Neural network model and Natural Language Processing technology automatically tag the cryptocurrencies that are mentioned in each piece of news and also score the overall sentiment of the news. As early adopters of such technology in the industry, they help users figure out where to concentrate at an instant glance.

Listing Timer for Major Exchanges

This is another groundbreaking invention from the Banca team. Newly listed cryptocurrencies usually enjoy the best trading volume and opportunities. They lay it all out on the same page with carefully designed web crawling frameworks. By VIP subscription, users will find it a very important source of information, which they cannot find anywhere else.

<strong>COINSHELL</strong>: (COINSHELL Alpha Version Online ) As an AI Powered trading assistant platform for cryptocurrencies, CoinShell aims to level the playing field for retail crypto traders by covering all major trading pairs and enabling side-by-side comparisons across different trading pairs.

Innovation with Machine Learning

They apply machine learning technologies, including deep learning technology, to traditional technical and statistical signals to generate strength scores for each of the factors. They also combine simple factors into more complicated factors using machine learning.

Short-Term Trading Oriented

Crypto market is a highly volatile market with momentum frequently showing up in the short term. CoinShell helps traders navigate such an environment. With its short-term focus, it adds to the brilliant lineup of BANCA applications.

Partners and Media

  • Otum
  • CoinTong
  • Coinspeaker
  • HI-COM
  • Finance Management
  • IDEX
  • Proxy
  • HotBit
  • Cryptovest
  • AMB Crypto
  • Blockonomi.[4]
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